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Zoom MOD APK (Unlocked/Latest Version) For Android

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Additional Features

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Zoom is a well-known application. It is useful for communication and developed in 2011 with around 100M+ users on android alone. Make your video conferencing for business or academic meetings easy and convenient. Zoom gained popularity during the pandemic times when Covid-19 hit the world. Now, it has become a must-have app for internet users. It applies to learning or teaching small or big business owners. If video conferencing is your need, it has all the required features.

The Zoom app provides video and audio meetings, content-sharing tools, and more. The application is Easy to run on mobile, laptops, PC, etc. The zoom app is available to everyone in the world. It shows support on all devices, provided the internet is available. It has easy to use interface and no mid-session buffering problem.

What is Zoom APK?

Zoom APK is the downloadable version of the app, supported on Android devices version 5.0 and above. It is available on the google play store and other websites for easy download. The basic features are available for all. The premium features are locked and useable only after in-app purchases.

What is Zoom MOD APK?

Zoom MOD APK is the modded version of Zoom APK. It has all the features of the Zoom app without compromising the video quality or visual clarity. Zoom Mod APK is even supported on the former version of Android. The main feature you will have in Zoom Mod APK is that all the premium features of the Zoom app are accessible here. It means no in-app purchases; everything is free and suitable in your hand.


Video Conferencing/Meetings

Zoom Apk allows on-net video conferencing for unlimited times in a day. Every meeting session in the basic app allows 100 people to join for 40 minutes. The premium version can invite unlimited attendees for an unlimited time.

Audio Calls

Zoom Apk is helpful for audio calls like other audio call applications like WhatsApp. The quality of the call is not compromised. A Voice mail facility for sending recorded audio is also available.

Chat Box

Zoom Apk has a separate chat box option for participants. It can be helpful during meetings to avoid disruption for other participants. Any added or leftover information can be exchanged through the chat box.

Screen Sharing

Zoom Apk has a unique screen-sharing feature, where a screen can be shared with other users. It is incredibly usable during presentations, lectures, classroom activities, etc.

High-Security Virtual Meetings

High security is one of the vital elements that make this application extraordinary. There has to be something exceptional to withstand other competitors. Zoom Apk has a high level of security to make your experience unforgettable. The security is robust when all the meetings are now encrypted. Host permission requirements, passcode, and waiting rooms Are also available.

Quality And Compatibility

Zoom Apk is compatible with Android. It is available for download on mobile, PC, Desktop, or Laptop. It works without waiting for buffering. It works on slow internet speed and works fine on Wifi, 3G, 4G, or 5G.

Meeting Options

Meetings recording, scheduling, and synchronization with calendars can set reminders. It has easy-to-join meeting steps. Where participants can conveniently join, meet and collaborate. All is possible through set scheduled reminders from a desktop or any device. It has audio and video mute options too.

Waiting Room

Zoom Apk has a waiting room, ideal for viva taking process. Here you can opt for as many or as few participants as you want and keep the remaining in the waiting room.

MOD Features

Zoom MOD APK menu has to offer a bunch of different features to its users

Premium Unlocked a Feature

All the premium options are free and available with zoom mod apk premium unlocked. Zoom mod apk provides no in-app purchases for premium features; they are free. Add more than 100 participants for unlimited time.

Removes Host Feature

The meeting is live, and the host has to do urgent work midway. With zoom mod apk, remove the hosted feature, remove the host and replace it with other participants. It is possible without disturbing the other participants. The work can be assigned to others easily when required.

Download Available

There are no subscription or download charges for all the added features available. You can find the Zoom Mod Apk download option below for free download. It is also compatible with PC and available as a zoom mod apk for PC download.

 No Time Limit Option

With zoom meetings, every session automatically ends with 40 mins limit. To extend the time limit, you must purchase a premium version. Here you have Zoom Mod Apk no time limit option ready to use available. Plan and execute your meetings as long as required.

Voice Changer Option Available

Zoom MOD menu has this added advantage of changing voice features. You can change your voice with a zoom mod apk voice changer in the app menu.

High Security

Zoom MOD APK is more secure than zoom apk. It is a modified version with added security features. There is no advertisement interference so you can use it without disruption. It has an anti-banned feature. Just in case you are figuring, it can be banned because it is not a zoom official application. No, it’s anti-banned protected.

Quality Graphics

Zoom MOD APK has HD graphics quality with a high clear voice. Graphics used in zoom mod apk gives you appealing visual effects. You can present your presentations and can use whiteboards as well.

Virtual Background

You can add the virtual background in a meeting, especially if it’s a business meeting and the home looks like a mess. You don’t have to go anywhere to see a good location when you have the zoom app with a virtual background option in the zoom mod apk.


Zoom MOD APK is better than zoom apk because of all the added features. It is the modified version with improved security and high quality. All the premium version features of the zoom app are free and available upon download. It’s compatible with most devices and easy and convenient because of its UI interface.

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