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Zombie Catchers APK (Unlimited Money/Plutonium/No Ads)

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Deca Games
Jun 16, 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Zombie Catchers APK Unlimited Money

Zombie Catchers APK Undead Shooter Download

Zombie Catchers APK Menu/Plutonium/Zombies

Zombie Catchers APK No Ads

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Zombie Catchers Apk are the new villains. Human vs. Zombies is the main subject of many movies, series, and games. Usually, Zombies are more powerful than humans. Enter the Zombie world like a boss. You do not have to fear zombies anymore. Download the application and have fun with the zombies.

Zombie Catchers APK Undead Shooter Download
Zombie Catchers APK Undead Shooter Download

About the Game

The game revolves around the world of zombies. You have to overcome the zombies when they are ruling. The gameplay is different from typical zombie games. Instead of attacking them, you must draw the zombies’ attention and use them in their business. Slushies, snacks, and other food items can be made through them. Of course, this food feels disgusting, but the food is not for humans. Your customers will be zombies. How fascinating! You are selling zombies to zombies. Expand your business and earn coins. With the help of coins, unlock new items and use them against zombies.

What’s New?

Zombie Catchers APK Unlimited Money
Zombie Catchers APK Unlimited Money

The new update of the game is free of cost and provide new features to the users. These exciting features make the application more engaging and captivating.

New Mode

The most updated version introduces the swimming mode in which you must catch zombies under the water. Swim under the water and explore marine life. The theme and graphics of the new mode are also enhanced. We have seen there are improved animations in the new version. Developers have used captivating graphics and animation to engage players in the gameplay.

Fix Bugs and Glitches

Zombie Catchers APK No Ads
Zombie Catchers APK No Ads

The new update removes the glitches of the previous version and fixes bugs. We have seen that the new version’s video and audio quality are also improved. Users have complained about the glitches in the previous version. Whenever played in multiplayer mode, the game glitch and affect the gameplay. The problem is now fixed. We have observed the new gameplay in the updated version.

Updated weapons

There are new, updated weapons in the game. Through these weapons, you can attack zombies. Special guns, knives, and bombs have been introduced. Laser guns and missiles can attack zombies from a distance. It helps you to attack them without the fear of being caught.

Latest Achievements

The game will award you different rewards after accomplishing each achievement. Daily missions and tasks are assigned to add more thrill. Rewards such as coins, lifelines, and special items are provided to the players. You can also unlock rewards by inviting your friends. The game has several items to unlock special characters. You need to collect them before unlocking them.

New Languages

Although English is an international language, it is still unknown to many users. Some people do not know how to read and write English. Games that are only available in English are unappealing for those unfamiliar with English. In the older version, only English was available. It makes it hard for users who do not understand English. Therefore, developers have introduced new languages to make it easy for users who speak and understand different languages.

Pros of Zombie Catcher Apk

  • It is free of cost, and there are no additional charges.
  • It provides thrill and amusement to the users.
  • Strategic attempts in the game enhance decision-making skills.
  • Improve management abilities as you run a business by yourself in the game.
  • Explore a different world.
  • Swim into the ocean and discover marine life.
  • It helps to socialize with friends.

    Zombie Catchers APK Menu/Plutonium/Zombies
    Zombie Catchers APK Menu/Plutonium/Zombies

Cons of Zombie Catcher Apk

  • It may be violent for some users.
  • It can provoke aggressive thoughts in underage users.

How to Install?

The installation process of the game is very easy. Connect to a stable internet connection. Open the game file and cache. Click to download. Allow download from unknown sources. Go to the downloaded file and open the file. Click to install. The installation process can take a while. Do not turn off the device while installing the application. After installing it on the device, open the application. It will redirect to the home screen. Login to your account. If you do not have an account, sign up with the necessary information. You can also connect to your social media accounts with just one click. After logging in, enter the game arena and start playing.


We have investigated the game from every aspect. It appears to be the perfect fit if you search for a thrilling and exciting zombie game. Apart from attacking zombies, it has much more for its users. Download now and rule the world of enemies.Zombie Catchers Apk




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