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Xender APK (Premium Unlocked/No ads)

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Jul 4, 2022
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Varies with device
Varies with device
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Xender APK Premium Unlocked

Xender Prime APK Extra/AD Free Download

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Sharing files is a lot easier now. Xender – File Transfer & Share APK gives you a platform where you can share files and data just a click away. Get to know more about this excellent app by reading the details below. We hope the following data will help you.

Xender Prime APK Extra/AD Free Download
Xender Prime APK Extra/AD Free Download

Why is Xender – File Transfer & Share APK necessary?

Your smartphone carries all your personal and professional data. The concept of taking a laptop with you is declining since developers have created smartphones with excellent internal space options. In such a situation, a mobile phone is your hand-size briefcase-carrying vital files, personal photos, and much more. Where there is data, there is a need to share it. Usually, mobile phones have built-in Bluetooth and airdrop, etc. In addition, various applications also allow users to transfer files, photos, or documents. However, the sharing software limits the file size or requires a stable internet connection. In such a situation where one needs to send a file of greater size, they need an application that can resolve this issue immediately. Xender – File Transfer & Share APK offers such services to its users.

About Xender – File Transfer & Share APK

Xender APK Premium Unlocked
Xender APK Premium Unlocked

As we have already discussed, it is an application that allows users to share their files and data. The software is compatible with various operating systems such as android, iOS, and windows. It doesn’t mean which operating system you have on your mobile phone. It works efficiently. It also manages your files and data within the application and backups online. It helps to prevent the loss of data. The application works similarly to Shareit but works faster than it.

How does Xender – File Transfer & Share APK work?

With the help of direct WiFi technology, it connects two different devices and aids in communication over WiFi. It is also referred to as peer-to-peer connectivity since one device works as the WiFi provider while other devices connect. In other words, the software runs by WiFi connectivity and exchanges files over the local WiFi network connected to one of the devices. The device that sends data must connect to stable internet. Receiving device does not require WiFi to accept files. It establishes a connection with the receiver just by taking the file request.

Why should I download Xender – File Transfer & Share APK?

We have discussed some of the exclusive features of this application below. These features help it to stand out among the similar options available on the play store.

Built-in file manager

The application has an already installed file manager, which organizes your shared files and data. It is like a history of the shared files and data.  The application keeps records and backups data online.

No need for Bluetooth

It does not require any Bluetooth or Airdrop to share files. Various applications require a USB connection to ensure that other devices receive the transmitted data. But it is not the case with Xender – File Transfer & Share APK. You have to make sure that both devices have downloaded the application.

Share files at ultra-fast speed

The sharing speed of the application is 20MB/s. It means it offers a higher sharing speed than all competitive applications. Due to its ultra-fast speed, users tend towards it. So if you are running short of time, you can easily share large files in a couple of minutes.Xender – File Transfer & Share APK

Allow users to send all file formats

The application supports all types of file formats. You can share Word, pdf, excel workbooks, photos, videos, music, and other apps. The different file formats such as jpg, png, jpeg, and other configurations are also supported. It does not reduce the quality of the photos and videos. Instead, it retains the quality of the file which is shared.

Smart Switch

The intelligent switch feature allows direct sharing of files from one device to another. The application will enable synchronous all data on the previous mobile phone. C contacts, text messages, search engine histories, etc., will back up on the new device.

Supports numerous languages

There are various language options in the application. You can switch to your native language or download it if unavailable. It will make it easy for you to understand the commands and run the application.

Social media downloader

Another exclusive feature of the Xender – File Transfer & Share APK is the social media downloader. Users appreciate this feature the most. It allows them to synchronize with their social media accounts and download their favorite videos on their smartphones. It is compatible with social networking sites such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Select the video you want to download and click on the downloading option. It will save on your device after a while.


You have gone through the features of this remarkable application. Get your hands on it to share the file of any format, size, and type. Suggest it to your friends to make this process of sharing easy and convenient.Xender – File Transfer & Share APK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of Xender – File Transfer & Share APK?

12.2.0 is the latest version of the application. It will give you access to all exclusive features and is compatible with every operating system—share files in just a minute.

Can I run Xender on my pc?

You can easily download the Xender on your personal computer or laptop. Open the settings. Allow downloads from unfamiliar resources. In a while, the application will install on your device. The sharing procedure is the same as it is on smartphones.

Do I have to pay to share files of Xender?

Xender is free and does not have any subscription charges. You can download it on any operating system and device. Share large files, photos, videos, movies, documents, and workbooks free of charge through the application.Xender – File Transfer & Share APK

How much space is required to download Xender?

Xender needs 18.6MB of free space on your device’s internal storage. If you’re running low on the device, download the apk version or clean your device’s storage.

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