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WhatsApp Plus APK (Latest Version) For Android

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Additional Features

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WhatsApp plus is an extra intelligent alternative version of WhatsApp. We are a few days away from entering 2023. The world is progressing faster than you imagine. Why not you go with the flow and move with time? You need better communication with the world. Fast communication is only possible with WhatsApp Plus.
It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It works more efficiently than you could imagine. With this modified application, you can enjoy all the premium features. Moreover, they give special attention and consideration to privacy. This application makes sure its user’s private information remains safe. There are features like fingerprint, pattern, hide seen, status, and many more to make it happen.
So, if you are also bored of using that old and slow version of WhatsApp, download Whatsapp Plus today. It will make communication with family and friends easier, fast, and more enjoyable.

What Is Whatsapp Plus APK?

A cloned version of WhatsApp but offers many new features. It has been active since 2012, hinting that it is a secure application. Otherwise, authorities would have already let it down. There are currently over a billion satisfied users using this application.
If you also want unlimited premium features, then download this application now.

Is Whatsapp Plus a Legal Application?

As you know, it is not an original Whatsapp but cloned one. That’s why there are some doubts about the legality of this application. Whatsapp developers are pretty reluctant to make any official statement on this matter. But at the same time, the vast audience also shows that it is a secure application.
Moreover, Whatsapp plus privacy and terms are way too strong to harm any of its users.

Is Whatsapp Plus An Online Application?

Yes, Whatsapp plus is an online application.

How To Download Whatsapp Plus Without Any Trouble?

Unlike other versions of WhatsApp, this one is straightforward to download. Of course, you can download it from the play store. Use the link to download it on your android.
Once your download is over, download the APK file. It is also easy to download.
If you want to continue with the original Whatsapp, then go backup setting and back up all your chats.
Now, you uninstall it and use Whatsapp plus. Like the original version, add your number and verify, and you are set to use Whatsapp plus.


You can trust an application unless you are aware of its feature. So here we have listed down some fantastic WhatsApp plus features:


The very first thing every WhatsApp user enquires about is privacy and security. And you are right to ask it. The good news is that this application has a very strong and reliable privacy policy. It keeps personal info safe and allows you to block numbers. The fingerprint feature doesn’t let anyone access your account except you. There is also a feature that can freeze the internet connection time.


There is nothing more intriguing than a customization option. It lets you customize font, theme, background, wallpapers, and many more. Now you can change your WhatsApp according to your liking.

Share Unlimited Content:

If you are an old WhatsApp user, you can tell how annoying it is to share limited data in one go. But not anymore because this application lets you share images or 700 MB above videos. Moreover, it also retains the resolution and pixel of your photos.


There is no better way to express your mood than emojis. That’s why Whatsapp plus has a wide variety of emojis. They have improved them and brought more emoticons to help you express yourself.


This feature keeps track of your interaction and activities on the application. It is the best way to find what you were up to on that day and time. It is a beneficial feature in case you need to prove something. If you have lost any confidential business information or text. You can always search for it through history.

Hide Option:

It is alright if you only sometimes want to talk and communicate. Making time for yourself is great, and you could also be busy but don’t want to let others know. To help you out here, there is a hide tick and status feature. It allows you to hide your status from others; only chosen people can see your rank.
And it also makes your double tick disappear. Now even if you have read the message, this feature will show that your message is not delivered.

Easy Interface:

With so many features, it must be challenging to use this application. Well, it is easy to use Whatsapp plus. In fact, it has the most effortless interface. This user-friendly application lets you have access to everything without any difficulty. You can go through all the features, even if it’s your first time using this app.

Auto Reply:

Too busy to reply to someone? Well, no worries because the plus application has got you. The auto-reply feature lets you send auto-replies to your friends. It offers you suggestions for messages. It saves you from thinking and then typing a message.

Guarantees High Resolution:

What’s the point of having an application like this if you can’t share good images? A lot of complaints have come to our attention about image resolution. It either disrupts the pixel or decreases the resolution, making the image look bad. The plus version developers have made a special effort. To ensure your image maintains high resolution. It even increases the high resolution of any multimedia.

The Drawbacks of Whatsapp Plus:

No matter how efficiently this application works. There are also some drawbacks. Before downloading this application, you should also look at these disadvantages.

Notify Updates:

Keeping yourself up to a day with trends is crucial, so why not your WhatsApp? That’s why in case you forget the notification, notify the new updates. You can also disable this feature.


It is not an official application from the company. So there is a high risk of getting banned and losing your account. It does not offer end-to-end encryption because of not have copyrights.


It receives later than the original application. You will have to wait for modification and to update this cloned version.

Privacy Risk:

It is a third-party application which increases the privacy risk.


You can likely download a virus on your device while downloading. Or while using this application.


Those who want to change old ways and Whatsapp. We all need to use something new and more enjoyable. It is only possible if we leave old things behind and adopt new trends. If you also want to enjoy new innovations, then try Whatsapp Plus. It has many exciting features that make you go back and forth to the application.


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