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Ueldo Mesquita TV APK (Unlimited Islamic Books/Latest Version) For Android

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Additional Features

Ueldo Mesquita TV APK Latest Version

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Ueldo Mesquita TV APK Unlimited Islamic Books

Ueldo Mesquita TV APK Free For Android

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A practicing Muslim follows the basic guidelines. There are so many apps that act as a reminder to Muslims. But you must pay to get the information and learn about various issues. But this is not the case in Ueldo Mesquita TV APK.
Every person is on the journey of learning. Every day we face some misinformation. So how do we solve this problem? You can solve this if you get an source that delivers correct information. It can be an app that guides you.
There is so much such information to learn in ueldo mesquite. This app has a design that empowers you and guides you to a righteous path.

What is Ueldo Mesquita TV?

ueldo mesquita apk is a Tv application. This app has a design for Muslim guidance. It has basic teachings about the Quran, Hadith, and famous Islamic books. This app can help you to practice Islam.
Among its features, many tools, videos, and reminder notifications help its users. While performing a routine activity, you get advice daily. These tools help you on the right path and make learning easy.
Also this app can also be a helping tool for children. This provides complete guidance for children. They learn how to live their lives according to Islam via this app. This app works best for users to learn the basic principles of religion.
What is more useful than getting complete religious help on your mobile phone? I assure you that it is the most useful app for daily guidance.
So if you want to make your life follow Islamic rules, get this app. Download the Ueldo Mesquita apk and get the benefit of its amazing application.

How Ueldo Mesquita App Work?

In this world, everything is in control of technology and guidance too. Mobile phones are a source of learning nowadays. So a handy application that provides a step-by-step guide is helpful for you.
All the guidance and information are one click away. You open this app and step into a pool of information. You can learn about verses of the Holy Quran. You get complete information about various Hadith types. Complete guidance about Hadith Nabwi and Hadith Qudsi is available.
Various stories of Prophets are there in this app. As well as, there are daily reminders of Namaz, which keep you alert about it. The best thing is it has a GPS locator which sets the time of the prayers according to country timing.
The Azan feature is available. You listen and say Azan if you are far away from the mosque. Many articles about Islamic teachings are available. You can read as many as you want. Moreover, it gives you the right direction of Qibla for Namaz.
In Ramadan, there are special features of Sahoor and After. And other prayer notifications are an intuitive part of this app. This app has a gallery page where you get many photos of different mosques.

What is Ueldo Mesquita TV MOD APK?

This modified ueldo Mesquita TV has so many updated features in itself. Get this app which assures you to provide complete guidance. It provides information about various aspects of the religion. And it acts as a tool to make you a practicing Muslim.
By downloading this mod version, you get updated features with errors resolved. And this app is completely safe. You don’t have to worry about security. It is because this guarantees safety. Why are you waiting? Download it now to become a better practicing Muslim.


Quran with Translation:

A user can read Quran on this app. And the translation of the Quran is also available. Now you get the benefit of learning the Quran with this app.

Read Quran

Make a habit of reading the Quran daily. In this single app, you get this tool where Quran is so easy for you to read and learn.

Prayers Reminders:

You can get the payer’s reminder through this app. You don’t have to worry about setting alarms now. This ueldo Mesquita app has taken this responsibility. Moreover, it has a GPS that sets the prayer timing according to your region and country.

Azan Tool:

If you are far away from the mosque and unable to listen to Azan, this app can help. You can listen to Azan and even say Azan whenever you want.

Islamic Books:

There are so many Islamic books available. In this app, you receive a sea of Islamic information. Indulge yourself in this sea and learn as much as you can.


All the basic information about Hadith is available. There is a complete section of Hadith where you can get Haith of the day.

Islamic Articles:

Many Islamic articles are available on this app. These articles inform you about various perspectives of religion. Read these articles to increase your information.

Ramadan Feature:

There are special Ramadan features of this app. It assists you with your Ramadan routine. It gives notifications about sahoor and after as well.

Moral Guidance:

This app provides you with the right guidance about religion. It ensures your learning. It helps to be practicing Muslim through various stories, Hadith, and Quran teachings.

MOD Features:

There are no bugs at all
There are no viruses in this mod
There is no threat of any malware
Became a friendlier interface with no errors
Auto update is available


The Ueldo Mesquite TV APK is a reliable app for learning the basics of the Quran and Hadith. This application is a complete ray of light and guidance. For practicing Islam in the right manner, this ueldo Mesquita TV app helps a lot. Moreover, it has the best notification features, which help perform Islam rituals.
Download this amazing application to correct yourself toward a righteous path.


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