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UC Browser Turbo APK (Secure/Fast) Download For Android

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Additional Features

UC Browser Turbo Download Ad Block APK for Android

UC Browser Turbo APK  Fast /Secure

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UC Browser Turbo 2020 is a minimalist version of the original browser from the UC browser team. It is a fast, secure, data-saving web browser for Android. The app comes up with fast browsing and a simple minimalist design. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate.
Some critical elements it endures are fast downloading and fast speed due to its cloud technology. It has no random news flow disturbance, unwanted messages, crowds, or notifications. The homepage is customizable. It has a personalization feature where you can use HD wallpaper. If you want to place your picture in wallpaper, this is possible with UC Browser Turbo.

What is the UC turbo browser?

UC Turbo browser is the minimalistic version available on the google play store. It provides you with safe, efficient, and data-saving facilities. With its optimization features, multiple facilities are given to users for multi-purpose browsing.

What is UC Browser Turbo APK?

UC Browser Turbo APK is the same browser available on websites for easy download. It provides you with some unique features just like the original one. It is available to download and install on all android devices.


Simple Design

UC browser turbo offers an innovative yet simple interface. No crowding of spam messages or notifications. Even for a first-time user, it is easy and convenient to use.

Data saving

UC browser turbo is also pocket friendly. It saves your data by 90%. Use it for browsing or downloading; it keeps the same data usage facility.

Fast and secure browsing

UC browser turbo works on cloud acceleration technology (powerful just as VPN) for fast and safe browsing. You can upload a website in a blink of an eye. It brings data from the closest servers for fast uploading.

Fast video downloading

With recent optimization, UC browser turbo offers high-speed video downloading. It works stable at high speed too. Watch HD videos at optimized speed because it has high download threads setting.

Offline video streaming

Download your video now, and watch it later. You can watch your downloaded videos while offline.

Watch the video in the background

UC browser turbo lets you watch your video in the background and in incognito mode. You can watch videos efficiently and even do your other chores.

Ad Blocks

With the ad block function, UC turbo block ads to maintain safe and effective browsing. Also, you can manually block same-style ads to stop future disturbance

Easy switch tab on the toolbar

It is a unique feature for quick browsing. Move your finger on the toolbar, and tabs will be switched quickly. From here, you can even use open and delete options too

Personalized HD Wallpaper

In the customization option, you can personalize your browser outlook too. You can choose from HD wallpapers available or pick your photo as wallpaper. Share your photo with other social media platforms with one click

Homepage customization

Customize your homepage, and bookmark your favourite websites. It has some websites already bookmarked by default. You can keep or change them by your choice.

Hide and secure your downloaded content

UC turbo browser Apk allows you to hide your downloaded files, images, or photos. Moreover, if you want more protection, you can secure it with an encrypted password. With this feature, you can have your own private safe, and secure space.

Complete toolkit

UC Browser turbo also provides a complete toolkit to optimize and enhance your browsing experience. It offers an internet speed test, social media status downloader, and an image search. Everything is handy and doesn’t need to install separately.

Incognito mode

Just like traditional browsers, UC turbo is equipped with incognito mode. You can browse through incognito mode without your data saving in history. It saves space and data simultaneously, giving secure browsing.

Multi-language support system

UC Browser turbo supports multiple languages you can select and change on your choice. You are breaking all barriers in making the browsing experience versatile.

Night Mode

The night mode feature in UC Browser Apk turbo allows your eyes to rest. Protect your eyesight, and work in night mode where appropriate.

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