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Additional Features

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 True People Search APK is an application to search for people. Many communication applications are available. But only a small number of them offer high levels of safety. Security that many people from all over the world need in today’s world. Spam calls have always been a problem. But there is now an excellent application to solve this problem. Everyone gets focused on finding the best communication application in today’s world. It places a great deal of importance on communication applications. On the Internet. There are many communication applications available. There is a lot of competition. Only a tiny percentage of applications allow for widespread downloads. This is a very great application. Users love this application.
Truepeoplesearch Mod Apk is one of the most. Outstanding communication apps you will ever come across. This app gives you a good way to communicate with your loved ones. But it also protects you from unwanted calls and visitors, so you can use it. It is free to call or send text messages to the person you get concerned about. Most people adore this application. Such applications are widespread. Yet, no other program offers the same features as this one.
The majority of people are so reserved that they avoid it. They were speaking to strangers on the phone as well. Because of this, they avoid a lot of numbers that aren’t familiar to them. Because they believe a stranger may be on the other end of the line. Yet, because of this behavior, we’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities in life. There is an app to address this issue. Its Truepeoplesearch mod apk has been released. By giving us a system that will enable us to determine who the owner of that unknown number is. The application is true people’s search. This application is the best of its kind. Many people love this application.

What is True People Search APK?

You can use this app to discover an unknown number’s real identity. This app will give you the name of. The company or the ID number that has got registered with the number. It is also a good communication app. It enables you to block undesirable contacts. And communicate with your friends via phone and video calls. The application has been downloaded over 500 million times, a very large number. Additionally, it has over 12 million fantastic reviews. This application is great to use. It has a very great interface for users to use. It can get downloaded free from here.

What is True People Search MOD APK

It is a well-known application version that offers users many advantages and benefits. The users of the Mod version receive a free Golden membership. Which raises their experience level and satisfaction. Additionally, the Mod version offers lovely graphics that the users adore. Additionally, it offers backups and helps users as much as possible. The true people search app now has many new features and has improved. You can now use a voice call launcher in it, for instance. Additionally, it offers call logs and messages in one location.



This app has a remarkable feature. That will enable you to stop receiving any more unwanted calls on your mobile device. You can use this to block the number of people you want to disconnect. Additionally, the application offers users a great way to block all spam messages and. Block anyone who bothers them. This feature gives users a safer way to block all spam messages and caller IDs. Many people adore this application. This is the reason for the application. Has a high rating. It is a very great application.

Caller ID

Additionally, the application offers a great caller ID feature. Thanks to this feature, the application is even safer and simpler. They can use applications without worry because. It gives them so much mental comfort and peace. By learning about caller ID and location. You can avoid receiving any spam calls. If you do receive a call from an unknown number. You will know who is calling and where they are calling from. This way, you can easily know who is calling. The caller id pops up with the call.

All in One

Because this application is so safe and secure. People feel very calm and comforted when using it. You can chat and call anyone. And it will also be a very safe thing to do. Users can have a great experience calling. Sending SMS, and chatting with one application. The users do not need to download others. Applications for a variety of uses because this is excellent. The application offers all the services under one roof. This is an all-in-one application. This is the reason people love True People Search APK.

Call Record

With the aid of Truepeoplesearch mod apk. You can record calls if you have any suspicions about a particular call. This will provide you with the evidence you may need in the future. The application has a very straightforward and great interface. Anyone with a basic understanding. You can use this application without any problems. Call recording can get done the way you like. Because most calls are not recorded. The application will support you if you want to. Record your important calls so you can keep a record of them and listen to them whenever you want. This is a very great feature introduced by the application. People love this feature.


This app has a very well-organized call log that will tell you. The time, date, and other information about the call you’ve received. You can also use the Incognito mode. Which will be very beneficial because it will make a variety of tasks much easier for you to complete. Suppose the application’s light mode is not appropriate for you. You can also use dark mode. The user can change the application’s mode way he wants. The features offered by Truepeoplesearch Mod Apk are very intriguing. Lots of people adore it.

Features of True people search MOD APK

No Ads

The application provides no ads. It is a feature of the modded version of the application.

Free Premium

Free premium without charges got provided in this version.


Suppose you are looking for an application. That lets you search names against phone numbers and much more. Then, download the True People Search APK free from here.

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