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Temple Run 2 APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems/All Maps Unlocked)

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Imangi Studios
Aug 8, 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Temple Run 2 Mod APK Unlimited Coins/Gems

Temple Run 2 Mod APK Free Shopping

Temple Run 2 Mod APK All Maps Unlocked

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Temple run 2 apk is the predecessor of the most famous escape game of the century, Temple run 1. After the immense popularity of Temple Run 1, developers updated the features of the game and launched Temple run 2 apk. If you are also obsessed with Temple run like us, you should get your hands on the new version.

Temple Run 2 Mod APK Unlimited Coins/Gems
Temple Run 2 Mod APK Unlimited Coins/Gems

Temple run 2 apk

The game is the updated version of an endless runner series. Its previous version has more than 170 million players. The game is much similar to the original version. However, some exciting features are added to it. New rewards, daily missions, hurdles, and graphics are some features. If you have not played the original version yet, here is a short description of how you can play the game.

Temple Run 2 Mod APK Free Shopping
Temple Run 2 Mod APK Free Shopping

After selecting a character from the game, you must escape jungles, pass hurdles, and run through several caves. You must maintain your pace on the delicate pavements in the dense forest. You can control the directions through the touch screen or keys. You can also shake your smartphone to move your character. Avoid obstacles in your way. In case you hit a block, there are chances of your failure. On your way, you have to collect gold coins. The more gold coins you order, the more items you will unlock. Similarly, the more distance you cover, the more points you score. Hence, you will lead the leaderboard.

The game is exciting and has a high user engagement. You can spend your free time without getting bored. Jumping, sliding, and dodging obstacles add fun to your dull day and make it exciting and thrilling.

Features of the game

Since you have gone through the description of Temple, run 2 apk. It would be best if you also looked at its feature, which makes it stand out from the previous version.


Temple Run 2 Mod APK All Maps Unlocked
Temple Run 2 Mod APK All Maps Unlocked

Temple run 2 apk introduces new characters. In addition to the default character, Guy Dangerous, various other characters are now part of the game. You can now unlock Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, and Karma Lee. You need a specific number of coins in exchange for these characters. Years after its release, the developers made Scarlett Fox free to support gender equality. Now, Guy Dangerous and Scarlett Fox are two default characters. In 2013, developers introduced a character to pay tribute to Usain Bolt. It was a limited edition. Other than Usain Bolt, Sana Claus was also a limited-edition character. Other limited-edition characters include Maria Selva and various football players belonging to National Football League.

Updated graphics

Temple run 2 apk updates the game’s graphics and enhances the animation. Users experience more realistic views and visuals in the new version. It also fixes bugs and removes glitches. Due to this, the game generated more positive reviews about the game. With the release of this version, many users preferred to stick to the original game. However, as they learned about the new game’s features, their tendency started to increase towards it. The visually pleasing graphics captivate players’ interest in the game.

Unique attributes for each character

Unlike the previous version, each game’s character has its special powers. These special powers will help you to boost your score. Sheild, coin bonus, boost, score bonus, coin magnet, and gem bonus vary from character to character. For instance, the instant shield duration is longer in Scarlett Fox’s case than in the default character Guy Dangerous. Other new attributes of the characters are increased coin value, shield duration, coin magnet, boost distance, power meter, head start, and save me.Temple Run 2 APK

More rewards

In addition to coin magnets, head starts, and score boosters, new rewards have also been introduced in the Temple run 2 apk. While running, you will find new bonuses such as artifacts. Artifacts are collectible historical items that will bring you further rewards such as numbers of coins multiplied by 2 and life savers. Artifacts will help you unlock new characters and bonuses. Other items such as totems, relics, fauna, 4th of July, charms, toys, fair animals, and safari are also part of the Temple run 2.

New hurdles

Temple run 2 apk introduces 44 new hurdles that can cause hindrance in the escape of the player. In addition to the hurdles, various challenges are also assigned to the player. The challenges of the new version include novice runner, pocket change, adventurer, sprinter, piggy bank, treasure hunter, stingy, high roller, gem collector, lump sum, cheat death, fort Knox, the spartan, marathoner, 10k runner, circum navigator, gold miner, and Midas touch, etc. After facing these challenges, you will be rewarded with various rewards.Temple Run 2 APK

Powerful enemy

A giant monkey will chase you whenever you make a slight mistake or bump into an obstacle. The enemy will disappear after some time. In the new version, developers have increased the monkey’s size and made it more sensitive to the player’s activity. The game will not provide you with a second chase. So, be careful on your journey. The visuals of the monkey have also improved. It appears to be more potent and more dangerous.


  • Free to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • More fun and interesting.
  • Better visuals and graphics.
  • More missions to accomplish.
  • Available offline.


  • The application contains some bugs.
  • It promotes In-app purchases, which are discouraged by users.Temple Run 2 APK


We have discussed the possible features of Temple run 2 apk. You can easily distinguish between the previous version and the new upgraded version. The game is simple, casual, and fun. Its remarkable features are easy to understand. We highly recommend that casual gamers play the game. It will increase your problem-solving skills and will boost productivity. The game is trendy. Temple run 2 apk needs a little storage space. You can download it on any of your smart devices, such as a smartphone, pc, laptop, and tablet. It works on every system, including android, iOS, and Microsoft. Download it now and enjoy escaping the dense jungle.



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