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Subway Surfers APK (Unlimited Coins/Keys/All Characters)

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SYBO Games
Aug 4, 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Subway Surfers APK Coins/Keys/All Characters
Subway Surfers APK Unlimited Everything/Mega Manu
Subway Surfers APK For Android Download

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The most popular game of the century is available just a click away, and it’s Subway Surfers APK. Explore different cities, themes, and cultures in the world of Applications. Unlock new characters, get rewards and enjoy gaming. We provide you with the most updated features of the game. Download the Application now!

Subway Surfers APK For Android Download
Subway Surfers APK For Android Download

About Application

If you are looking for a light, smooth and entertaining game, this application is what you need. Although it is not full of action, its adventurous ride will not get you bored for a minute. In the game, you pick a character and start surfing. On the railway track, a traffic police officer will chase you. You need to avoid bumping into trains and try to dodge them. While surfing on the tracks, you need to collect coins. Coins will help you earn different features and unlock several characters. You can also complete daily missions to earn bonus points. The more distance you cover, the more chances you will score high.

We have discussed some exclusive features of the game that make it stand out.

Unlock New Characters

Subway Surfers APK Coins/Keys/All Characters
Subway Surfers APK Coins/Keys/All Characters

Different characters include in the game. You can see the list in the ‘character’ section. New female and male characters have also been introduced. In addition, Characters from each country are also included. Subway Surfers APK world tour shifts from one country to another. The themes, graphics, animations, and characters are designed according to that country’s culture. Jake is the default character. It is available for free. Other characters are Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Yutani, Frank, Ella, King, Lucy, Ninja, Tagbot, Tasha, Zoe, Brody, Prince K, Zombie Jake, Tony, Carmen, Roborto, Harumi, and Coco. You will need coins and items to unlock features. The latest characters of Application of 2022 are Hasina, Tiger, Charlie, Pink, George, Dummy, Super Runner Jake, Super Runner Tricky, Pride Miss Maia, The Burger King, Super Runner Yutani, and Super Runner Fresh.

Find Mystery Box

As the name suggests, the mystery box reveals mystery items that are useful in the game. You can find them while running or buy one in exchange for coins. As per the 2016 update, the subway surfer doubled the rewards earn in the mystery box. Different varieties of mystery boxes include in the game. They are Super Mystery Box and Mini Mystery Box. You can unlock several items such as tokens, hoverboards, coins, keys, head starts, score boosters, and trophies. Special items in the Mystery box are Keys, score boosters and coins worth 5000. There is less chance to open such a mystery box in the game. With the help of prizes, you can unlock different characters.

Connect with Friends

The Subway Surfers APK allows you to connect with friends while playing online. For this purpose, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Enter the game while connecting to the internet. You will see high scores from all over the world in the top right corner. Once you cross a score, you will rank high on the leaderboard. However, playing with specific friends is still unavailable in the Subway Surfers. Unlike other games, you can’t invite your friends to enter the Subway Surfer or play multiplayer. But playing with your Facebook friends is available.

Complete Missions

Different missions were assigned to the players. It includes running several kilometers, using score boosters and head starts, riding hoverboards, etc. Various tasks, such as mystery Monday etc., are also introduced. Letter hunting is also part of the Application. After completing missions, you will earn rewards and trophies. Two types of tasks are there in the game. Daily mission and typical mission. The daily mission will skip if you do not complete them daily. You can complete them whenever you want and can earn rewards.Subway Surfers APK


You have seen the exclusive features of the Application. They serve as the basis for its immense popularity. We hope you like this casual yet entertaining game. We highly recommend you this game for people of all ages. Download the Subway Surfers APK now. Happy gaming!

Subway Surfers APK Unlimited Everything/Mega Manu
Subway Surfers APK Unlimited Everything/Mega Manu




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