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Grand Theft Auto V is considered the most-played game worldwide. Although many years have passed, its popularity has never declined. But with the passing years, we have noticed that users crave different upgrades and modes. Among them, there is always a demand for a game that fulfills the main character’s energy. The wait is over now. We have found a game for you with such an incredible mode. It is none other than Subauthor GTA 5 APK. Create your own stories. Start playing GTA as you want.

As the name suggests, you will be the sub-author in the game. Subauthor means you can write the story as per your own will. Turn the story around you. Be a protagonist. The app is free. So, it would be best if you tried it out. You need to build characters and move the game forward. More updates are on their way. So, stick to the game as new features are more exciting.

What is Subauthor GTA 5 APK?

Subauthor GTA 5 APK is the PC version of the traditional game of GTA 5. Experiment with every feature of the game. Design every bit of the GTA world as you like. It is a sequel to the 2013 traditional game Grand Theft Auto 5. The game is a single-player where you need to move forward the story with three protagonists. Protagonists include a bank robber, a street gangster, and a drug dealer. The game revolves around the crime city. It follows a high action and adventure. Get ready to double the fun.

What is Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK?

The mod provides none other than advancements to the existing features. Its simple user interface makes it easy for players to understand the game well. You will have control of the game. So, prepare yourself to focus on stuff in the game. With this feature, you can enjoy a flexible game. There is no need to follow rigid gameplay where one only plays what the game offers.

How to Download Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK?

To download it on your pc, first, change the settings of your PC. If you have switched to safe mode since it does not allow you to download from unfamiliar resources. After enabling it, all you have to do is to click the downloading link. It will take a while. Once it downloads, go to the folder and start exporting the file to local storage. Open the app. Create your account. Start playing. Choose your character among three available protagonists. The game is all set to play. Explore the game and play it in your way.

Features of Subauthor GTA 5 APK

Following are the features of Subauthor GTA 5 apk. Get to know the app well.

Simple User Interface

The game has a simple user interface. It enables players with the smallest knowledge of Grand theft auto to play well. With the animated world of GTA, you can explore thousands of digital features. The app does not create any unnecessary hindrance. So, you can play the game with convenience.

Select Your Controls

The game lets you select the controls at your convenience. On your pc, you can choose the keys that are workable for you. You can also connect the joystick to play the game more. You can also use the touchpad to control your character on laptops. In this way, the game makes it workable for you to play it as you want.

Design Your GTA World

Use your creative skills and imagination to design your crime city. Make hurdles in your style. Add many twists to the game. Turn the game in your favor. It is the specialty of Subauthor GTA 5 apk.

Control Every Character

You can either be Michael De Santa or Franklin Clinton. There is another option of Trevor Philips available. Michael is a retired bank robber, while Franklin is a street gangster. If you want to experience a real thrill, you should be Trevor, a drug dealer, and gunrunner.

Complete Missions as You Want

Skip the missions you don’t want to complete. Get rid of monotonous tasks. Add missions of your choice. The game enables users to customize tasks.

Features of Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK

Following are the characteristics of Subauthor GTA 5 mod apk. They distinguish it from existing mods.

Unlimited Scripts

The game lets you follow several scripts. It is your choice to choose any script. With such a feature, you can end the game in your style.

Free Money

With Subauthor GTA 5 mod apk, you can use unlimited money. You do not have to work for this. This money is free in the mod. So, what’s stopping you from downloading the mod?

Activation of All Hacks

With the mod version, you can activate all hacks. It includes unlimited vehicles, guns, and health. It will prevent you from dying in the game. You can end the game with convenience.


You have gone through the major highlights of this creative game. It is a fun, exciting, and fantastic game. Download the game. Try its features by yourself. We hope you will like it. Recommend it to your friends. Allow yourself to design your GTA world.


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