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Street Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) For Android

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Street Rush
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Additional Features

Street Rush MOD APK Unlimited Money

Street Rush MOD APK Unlocked

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It is a mobile simulation game where the gamer has to run as fast as possible to get coins and much more. There are a lot of exciting challenges that you will have to face throughout the gameplay. You will get a squad of different other players, and with each increasing level, the complexity of the game will increase. You will face various obstacles, and by dodging them, you will reach a new height of excitement. Get ready for a high-speed chasing game and enjoy all the way to the finish line.
You will get a chance to collect a lot of coins and gems on your way. And later, you can use these coins to buy different fun skateboards and much more. The colourful 3D graphics add more fun to this unique gameplay. So dodge the obstacles away and have an adventurous experience through this gameplay. Keep reading this article to learn more about this app and its features.

What is Street Rush Apk?

It is a runner’s game with endless fun and excitement that will make you fond of it. Here you will play the role of a street painter, and to save yourself from the guard’s pursuit, you will paint and run away from the place. There are a lot of fun levels that you will experience through this gameplay. You must run non-stop on the metro train track to save yourself. You will get a chance to visit many beautiful places.
Run away from the guards and be careful while you are on your way. There are a lot of obstacles that you will face in the form of trains, barriers and buses. You will also get a chance to collect free coins and other mystery boxes on your way. You can use those coins to buy exciting gadgets and characters later. So download this fun and thrilling game now and have fun while sitting on your couch.

What is Street Rush Mod Apk?

Street Rush MOD APK is the modified version of this gameplay that include a lot of fun and exciting features in it. You will get a chance to have unlimited money that you can use to buy different exciting equipment. You can purchase free Jet Ski, boosters, snickers and keys from the free game cash. You will face other, more exciting, challenging levels that will add more fun to your game.
You can only play with the best athletes from around the globe through this platform. You will have an intense experience with this game where you must stay alert to skip all the crashes. The mod version contains unique and fun graphics with a high-quality sound system. So kill the boredom through this game and download it now for your Android devices.

How to Download This App?

This app is available for both smartphones and desktop systems. You must search for this game on the Google play store and click on the download button to get this app for your phone. You can get it from the online website if you don’t have the Google Play store on your phone.

You must search for the app and click on the first link in front of you. Install it on your phone by clicking on the download button. There are no extra formalities that you will have to go through. You have to follow simple steps to get this app on your phone. So get it now for your systems and enjoy your off day by playing this game.

Features Of Street Rush Apk

This running gameplay comes with many exciting features that one can experience whenever playing this game. The following are those exciting features:

Running Gameplay

The storyline of this game is unique, and the game’s concept involves non-stop running. Save yourself from the grip of the cop running behind; the gamer will run as fast as he can. But it is not simple as it sounds. The path will have a lot of obstacles and barriers that will give a hard time to the gamer. Take care of yourself and don’t trip while you run. If you crash, you will have to start over. So run and win a lot of exciting prizes.

Jump Away From The Obstacles

When you will begin your journey, you will face a lot of barriers on your way. There are trains, obstacles, and walls that will become the reason for your crash. So swipe and dodge all those barriers, continue your journey, and have fun until you reach the finish line. Beat your high score and become an ultimate legend.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are one of the most exciting rewards that you will collect throughout your journey. These mystery boxes will contain coin bags, keys, and much more compelling prices.


The keys are a way to get a new life after getting hit by a train or trip while running. You will get a chance to collect them throughout the gameplay.

Free Jet Ski

You will get free Jet Skies to help you reach the finish line a little faster. You can even customise them in the main menu. It will give a smooth experience and let you enjoy the location a little more.

Choose Your Character

You can choose your own character that you like. You can customise its clothes and much more. So play with the feeling that attracts you the most and have fun.

Graphics And Sounds

The graphics of this gameplay are one of a kind that will give you a realistic experience throughout the game. The sound system of this game is also excellent, which will make you fond of this game.

Collect Coins And Much More

When you begin your run, you will get a chance to collect many gold coins that you can use to buy keys and exciting things. You will also get mystery boxes, sneakers, and much more to enhance your performance in the game.

Available For All Android Users

This game is available for all Android users. You can download this game on any of your android versions. And it is also available for download for PCs, so get it now and enjoy. The app size is 89 mega bites only, so it will not put a load on your device.

Easy to Download

This app is available on the Google play store and also on the online website. So follow the easy installation steps and get this app for your phone and desktop.


This app is available for free for all of its users. You don’t have to pay anything to get this app for your phone.

Features of Street Rush Mod Apk

Following are the features of the mod version of this gameplay:

Unlimited Money

The mod version gives its gamers unlimited money, and one can use this money to buy a lot of fun gadgets and unlock different levels and characters with it. So get the mod version now and have fun.


There are no ads that will disturb you during your game. So you will have a very smooth experience.


Street Rush MOD APK is an exciting runner’s game where the gamer will face different barriers. And by dodging all those barriers, the gamer will unlock different sides of fun. The graphics and sounds of this game are of premium quality that, adds more fun to this game. So get this exciting game now and get a chance to enjoy high-speed chasing,

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