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Shoujo City 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) For Android

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Additional Features

Additional Features

Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money

Shoujo City 3D MOD APK Unlocked

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Shoujo City 3D MOD APK is a dating simulation and anime-style game. The game is about dating a girl. You have to make a good impression on the girl. Take her for an outing or shopping. The goal is to know and follow what she is happy about. You can also play with her or cook for her. You can make the conversation in the form of text boxes to know her needs. The game is developed by shoujo city. It is available to play on all devices, including android and iOS. With millions of downloads on Android, the game sounds quite popular.
It would help if you played the game; it is for adults and not good for kids. This is the yuri game and about the connection of two girls. Win the love of your girlfriend in 10 days. Invite her on regular dates. The choice of dialogue exchange between the two decides the intimacy score. You will see many places in the game. It features Japanese Tokyo city in a virtual world. You must touch the joystick button to move and interact with objects. If you are familiar with wandered simulator, the gaming mechanics is the same. The game is developed from a different perspective. You can learn the needs of your friends through this game.

What is Shoujo City 3D APK?

It is the android compatible application with the same features as the original game. Characteristics features are dating and polygonal graphics. The added advantage is you can download the game directly from the website. Also, apk file, once downloaded, remain in the device storage. So, you can retrieve the file from the storage device and Install it again.

What is Shoujo City 3D MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the shoujo city 3D game. It gives you unlimited money and a premium card. It unlocks the master key and gives you all maps unlocked. This and a lot more you will find in a mod menu of the game. Money is the primary requirement in the game. You can only impress your girlfriend by fulfilling her wishes. So you must play carefully and not spend much on the original game. Whereas in the mod version, money is limitless to spend anywhere.


Character Customization

Game start with character customization. Options available for customization are hairstyle and costume. Additionally, you can change the face and height of the character. You can name the character as well. Customize your characters with different costumes and hairstyles. Display yourself in a new refreshing look. She may compliment you on it if she likes. You can customize her if she wants a new hairstyle for her. Explore different varieties of dresses to bring yourself new every day. You can also work Part-time in a cosplay café.

Yuri Relationship

The game is not about linear relationships. It works on the concept of the yuri relationship, which means girl to girl. Once you choose your girl, you must make her happy by knowing her interest. Take her to places of her liking. Win her heart by different means. It all depends on what your partner prefers.

Go to School

Out of many activities you can do in a play, go to school because the characters are of school age. You have to attend school. Take part in sports activities like tennis or marathon. You are free to do anything outside school. Take music classes like piano or other instrument practices.

Shop for Her

Shopping is one of the features well maintained in the game. You can shop anywhere, like in restaurants or grocery stores. Go to the store. The menu will show on the screen. With the virtual money you have in the game, you can shop for anything. Every time will display with prices mentioned so you can opt for anything. Make sure not to upset your girl with the shopping. It will be better if she likes shopping and you can buy something for her.

Cook for Her

Girls like to cook, but girls like to eat delicious food too. Food is something everyone like. You can ask her about her favorite cuisine or any special dish she wants. Cook her delicious recipes using different ingredients. This is the one way to impress her.


Taking the customization game to a new height, cosplay your characters. Yes! You can cosplay your or your girlfriend’s character. Take different costumes for both and divulge in character. She can ask you if you have something particular for her, or she can pick it herself. Advise her if she asks you about the same.


Like any high-ranking popular game, the graphics are the key. The game uses 2D graphics in the beginning. By 2017 they switch to 3D graphics. The girls are going to interact with you in real-time polygonal graphics. Shoujo City 3D uses anime-style characters in 3D graphics. With 3D images, it looks more realistic. It acts as a camouflage for the real world. So you can relate more to the game and enjoy yourself.


The typical locations you will visit in the city are schools, a Shinto shrine, and a beach. Go to different locations on a date. Exchange dialogues. Your conversation choice will get you a good score on the intimacy board.

UFO characters

Catch anime-style UFO characters in a game. Display the mini characters on the balcony of your apartment

Mod features

unlimited money and premium card

Get unlimited money and a premium card by downloading the mod version. With unlimited money, buy different items for your girl to impress her and get rewards.

unlimited money and unlocked master key

Download the mod version to unlock the master key. With the master key, you can buy a lot. To know more features shoujo city 3D mod menu has, play the game. You will be able to adorn your girl in a minimum time.

Mod Menu

In the shoujo city 3D mod menu, you can get all items for free. Use these items to impress your girl. With unlimited items, you can go to any place and shop for anything. Different costumes or accessories you can buy.

Unlocks All Maps

Go to any location in the game because the mod version unlocks all maps for you. Visit any location your girlfriend wants without restriction. Also, the places that were previously not available to you.


It is a dating simulator game with anime-style characters. You will play in 3D graphics and painting-style sceneries. You will play a girl character who has a relationship with another girl. The game follows the philosophy of the yuri relationship. You have to impress your girlfriend’s personality and win her heart. Do different stuff for her like cooking, shopping, etc. You will be roaming in the virtual city of Tokyo city. Since certain features are not free, and you have to make in-app purchases to avail of them. I would suggest going for Shoujo City 3D MOD APK unlimited money and a premium card. With these mod features, you can play without worrying about money.

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