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RTS TV APK (Live/ No Ads ) For Android

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Sports is a love for many. People who share the craze of it cannot stay away from the news. Sports fanatics want the news of every new happening. One cannot roam around everywhere with a TV. To make life a bit easier, RTS TV is here. This application provides users with a platform. On this platform, users can enjoy live TV.

Live TV, viewers can keep themselves up to date with all the news. Not only that, they can also watch their favorite shows or movies. The application brings its users all sorts of entertainment. If it’s the live TV that entertains you, then you can enjoy that. If you would rather watch movies or TV series, the application offers that too. Users can enjoy all of this for free using RTS TV APK. You can also install the same app Yalla TV Live APK

What is RTS TV APK?

An online application that allows you to stream live TV. This application doesn’t ask its users for a single penny. Any user can enjoy all the features for free. RTS TV APK homes 100 plus TV channels from around the world. Users can enjoy any sport they like. They can enjoy it by watching it live on their phones. The application brings live TV in HD quality for users to enjoy the matches and games fully. Cricket, hockey, golf, table tennis, wrestling, karate, and many others. All the sports you can think of and more. Viewers will be able to find and enjoy the broadcast of all their favorite shows. So begin your entertainment now by downloading RTS TV APK only.


Nowadays streaming services charge hefty amounts for live TV. RTS TV APK provides you with free live TV and many more features for free. Users can enjoy live TV in the palm of their hands. If you are not a fan of sports then you can enjoy movies from our application. The application brings you movies and TV shows from a wide variety. Users can enjoy shows from all around the world. The application brings you the feature of live TV and movies from every language. Users can freely enjoy their favorite channels for free. The application does not interrupt the viewers by showing them ads. Viewers can enjoy their experience without interruptions.

Why choose RTS TV APK?

This application is for viewers who pay hefty monthly fees to watch their favorite shows. And still do not receive the advertised quality. This TV app allows you to watch all your favorite channels for free. There are no advertisements, making the streaming experience enjoyable and enjoyable. You can watch all of your favorite sports tournaments and leagues. This includes LaLiga, World Cup, UCL, and others. Being a cricket fan you will also be able to enjoy big leagues like IPL, PSL, BPL, and others. If you enjoy wrestling or racing championships, you can rely on this app to provide you with channels. So you can watch everything you want in a single app for free.

Features of RTS TV APK

High-quality videos

RTS TV APK brings its users the most high-quality TV. Users will be able to enjoy live TV in HD. The application allows viewers to enjoy movies and TV series as well. Users can increase or decrease the quality of the media. They can do it to fit their bandwidth. The HD screening ensures enjoyment at its peak. Watching Ronaldo score a goal, or Babar Azam hitting, you can enjoy all this in HD using this application.

Channels from all around the world

The application brings you to live TV from all over the world. You can enjoy live sports and channels from anywhere. India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, or any other region. Users can entertain themselves by consuming media from everywhere.

Multiple languages supported

The application broadcast these channels from around the world. So the languages are from around the world too. RTS TV has many different languages. It brings its users English, Urdu, Hindi, French, Turkish, and many more. These languages represent the part of the world the media is coming from. It is almost fascinating how you can have insight from any part of the world using live TV.

Easy interface

The creators built the application in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Users can easily navigate through it. All you have to do is search through the channel you wish to watch. And then you can enjoy your live TV. If you wish to watch a movie or a TV show you can find it by searching. There are plenty of them available on the application.

No ads or interruptions

This is a free-of-cost application. It has no hidden charges. Users can enjoy the application for free. It also does not contain any ads. You can enjoy your live TV, movies, or TV shows without any interruptions. RTS TV APK is the right choice for anyone who wants to enjoy live TV without ads.

Supporting on every platform

The developers created the application so it can support android. It can smoothly work on any version of android and is easily navigated. RTS TV is free for anyone to enjoy. This TV app allows you to watch all your favorite channels for free.


With this RTS TV APK, you can watch all of your favorite channels for free. There are no advertisements, which makes the streaming experience more enjoyable. You can watch all of your favorite sporting events and leagues. Including LaLiga, World Cup, and UCL, among others. As a cricket fan, you will be able to watch major leagues such as the IPL, PSL, BPL, and others. This app will provide you with channels. Even if you enjoy wrestling or racing championships. So you can watch everything you want for free in a single app.


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