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Real Gangster Crime APK v5.8.4 unlimited money and gems download

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Naxeex Studio
Aug 18, 2022
100.33 MB
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Additional Features

Additional Features

real gangster crime apk unlimited money and gems
real gangster crime apk old version
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real gangster crime apk unlimited money and diamond
real gangster crime apk unlimited money and gems download

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If you want to play a game that is a bundle of action, adventure, shooting, and gangsters, then Real Gangster Crime APK is the most suitable option. The criminal streets with no law and order and only ruled by the mafia are waiting for you. Earn your name by completing deadly missions. Start your ride of action and adventure in the pinnacle of mafia city.

real gangster crime apk unlimited money and gems
real gangster crime apk unlimited money and gems

About Real Gangster Crime APK

The game is a 3D third-person shooter game where you have to chase your enemies, knock them down, rob the banks, steal cars, and indulge in the streets of gang wars. Try your skills in the 3D world, where you are free to do anything. Although the game has no connection with the natural world and all the graphics, storyline, and weapons are animated, you can have a close-to-reality experience of shooting games. Explore the city and complete your missions in various parts of the city. Go ahead and download this exciting game to reveal who is the king of the gangster world among your rivals.

The plot of the game

The game starts in the modern streets surrounded by slum areas. In the center of luxury life and skyscraper buildings exists the mafia world. The people of the sinful tower never sleep and call out everyone who can provoke the stone jungle. As you progress in the game, you will encounter competitors, worst enemies, and challenging tasks to accomplish. In the beginning, you will pass the days in harsh street life. Accomplish tasks, get rewards, and level up your rank.

Try deadly weapons

real gangster crime apk old version
real gangster crime apk old version

The world of gangsters is full of flying bullets, powerful guns, and gang wars. Being a shooter, you are a part of that world. Concentrate on your shooting skills and get your hands on deadly weapons. You will not get bored with shotguns, rifles, AK47, M14, M16, and other rich arsenal. Improve your skills in shooting practices. Enhance your control over weapons, aim, precision, stamina, and agility. Start with the simplest weapon and after you master the art of shooting, get your hands on the fierce weapons.

Complete action-packed missions

The price of success in the mafia world is high. You must compete in several missions on your way to knock down your rivals. With the necessary game resources, start participating in the competitions and complete your targets. Get to know the rules of the mafia works while completing missions. If you fail a mission, your chances of success in the game start declining. You will either assign to chase your enemies to knock them down, steal precious gems, or help to escort people out. After every accomplishment, you will reward with coins and gems. Cash will help to make purchases such as weapons, luxury cars, and buildings. After buying buildings, you can also start your gang.

Customize your avatar

You can select any gender and then customize your character. Give it the appearance you want. Being a virtual warrior represents your personality. There is a vast wardrobe where you can choose any clothes, shoes, and accessories. Wear a stylish hat that compliments your personality. Some unique costumes have superpowers. Wear them on special occasions. The wardrobe is everything that a person might need. Style your avatar according to the requirements of the events. Add creativity to designing outfits.

Compatible with various devices

You can download the game on any of your smart devices. It is compatible with smartphones, laptops, pc, tablets, and Macbooks. The game’s software supports all operating systems, including Android, Windows, and iOS. So do not worry about switching to a different device to play the game. Login to your account to save your progress in the game. This open-world game is packed with action and adventure, is easy to play, and has a user-friendly interface.

Advantages of Real Gangster Crime APK

  • The file is reduced and can play on devices with low storage areas.
  • It has access to all premium features for free.
  • You will get unlimited weapons and coins.
  • Skip the missions you do not want to do.
  • Shooting games improve brain skills such as hand and eye coordination and concentration.
  • Your spatial sense and spatial focus will enhance through the game.
  • It also enriches your visual insights.
  • You will get better at decision-making skills.

    real gangster crime apk unlimited money and diamond
    real gangster crime apk unlimited money and diamond

Disadvantages of Real Gangster Crime APK

  • The game file causes security risks.
  • It promotes aggression and fighting.
  • It also causes dopamine addiction for users.
  • The content may have copyright issues.
  • Getting unlimited in-game items discourages competitive spirit.


Download the game now. Invite your friends and have fun. Get your hands on the exclusive shooting simulation features.

real gangster crime apk unlimited money and gems download
real gangster crime apk unlimited money and gems download



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