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Ranch Simulator v1.1.4.5 APK (unlimited money/menu)

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Mar 6, 2022
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Additional Features

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Test your skills in turning the family’s land into a successful running ranch. Ranching is not an easy task. Being the builder, farmer, hunter, and trader, you will be the jack of all trades. Run a successful ranch and get rewards. Play Ranch Simulator APK and enjoy ranching.

Outside your home, you have a piece of land where you raise livestock and earn through it. Feed your cattle, raise them well, and sell them. The game follows a proper strategy where you have to flourish your business, manage a farm, raise cattle, and protect them from wild animals. You will develop the interest once you start getting rewards. Complete different tasks to earn coins. Enjoy the vibes of woods and farming. You need management skills to run a successful ranch.

Ranch Simulator mod APK

About Ranch Simulator APK

 As you know, the game is about ranching. So you have to maintain your farm and earn from the ranch you inherited from your family. Once you start the game, you will find no helpful item. You have to start from scratch. The land is in a terrible situation, with abandoned items, useless cars, and other garbage. Clear that land and start ranching. With time, start building on your farm. Invest in new buildings. Add fences, railings, cottages, and barns, and expand your business.

Story of the game

You inherit land from your ancestors. The family ranch has fallen with time. To revive your legacy, you have to work hard. Restore your family position and esteem. Through the challenging environmental factors, implementation of strategies, and imposition of various tasks, the game will test your management skills. Try to earn a prosperous livelihood out on the farm through Ranch Simulator APK.Ranch Simulator Apk

Make a plan and upgrade your ranching skills. To revive the family’s esteem, you need money and time. Raise livestock, buy vehicles, purchase hardware tools, and start putting together your ranch. Redo your house, raise cattle, and start fencing your farms to make them safe from wild animals.

Inquiries before starting the Ranch Simulator APK

The application asks you a few questions before starting the actual game. Questions are simple and easy. Developers introduce the questions before starting them to make users understand better about the gameplay. It will engage the players with gaming, and they get to know why ranching is essential for their survival in Ranch Simulator APK.

Tasks before entering the actual game

At first, you read your grandfather’s letter in which he talked about the place and its history. After reading the letter, search your sleeping bag along with the radio. In the attic, the game will ask you to search the chest with a gun, bullets, and a note.

After completing this step, you will rebuild the old car, similar to a golf cart. Drive the car and start navigating the places written on the map. It will provide information about where you can get cars, gas, groceries, and other materials. Construct a house and purchase two chickens. Feed chickens. The quest will finish with the destruction of the old house, and the real ranching will start afterward.

Next step

 After completing the quest, you are free to play the game on your own. Start implementing your plan to improve the ranching. Feed your livestock, do farming and start building houses and buildings, etc., enhance the ways you are ranching and save your farm from wild animals. Your precise aim is not only for hunting. It would be best if you used it to protect your cattle from wolfs. Losing cattle will degrade you in the game, and you will lose your rewards. Moreover, buying new cattle will take more money.Ranch Simulator Apk

Build your avatar

 In Ranch Simulator APK, you can create any look for your character. Give it skin tone, eye size, face features, and customized clothes. Style it according to your taste. The appearance of your avatar will not affect the gameplay. Changing clothes, shoes, and accessories will not cost you in the game. So you do not have to worry about it even if you change clothes twice a day. You can customize your character in the main menu. Once you start ranching, you will not be able to change the avatar’s appearance. To customize your character further, you must shut the game and enter the main menu. You will not lose gameplay if you close the game and change your character’s appearance.

Chickens and roosters

 Besides farming, you can also earn money through chickens. Start with buying three chickens and one rooster. Chickens lay eggs in the presence of roosters, and the eggs will fertilize. They only eat wheat and drink water. So you do not have to spend much to raise them well.

There are three color varieties of chickens, white, brown, and black. However, you can only choose two colors for the rooster. Buy an egg basket and a freezer to collect eggs and meat. If you want to fertilize the egg, start checking it continuously with the help of an egg checking machine. Separate the eggs you want to fertilize. Otherwise, the chicken will harm you. Clean the poop of chickens to keep your farm clean.

Raise cows and buffaloes

 You can either raise beef cows or milk cows in Ranch Simulator APK. Beef cows help you breed so that new animals can be added to your farm without spending money. However, you can sell the dairy products of milk cows and earn money. Beef cows give more meat, and milk cows produce less and more milk. You can sell both meat and eggs. Buy one cow and one bull to start calf reproduction in a couple of in-game days.

There are three color variations for milk cows, whereas only one color option is available for beef cows. Buy a milk machine to collect milk from the cows. However, milk the cows manually by using a basket. A dairy cow will cost you about $650 in the game.Ranch Simulator Apk

Protect your farm from wild animals

 Wolves, bears, and deer are wild animals that can be dangerous to your farm. Deer are the least dangerous, while wolves are the most harmful. You can spot them in various areas on the map. Use a shotgun, revolver, and a handgun to shoot them. Wolves give you two pieces of wild meat while you can gain enough meat from bears. Shooting deer and selling their meat is the quickest way to earn money.


 Ranching is fun and exciting. We recommend you to play this game if you want to play different gameplay. The Ranch Simulator APK is free and gives you access to all premium features. Have fun!

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