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Additional Features

Project Physalis APK Latest Version

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Project Physalis APK is a game that tests your intelligence against the game. The Project Physalis app aims to prevent cats from going out. In addition to internet memes and recent world politics, the game also includes other themes. Catch the cat and get the highest possible score. Project Physalis aims to prevent cats from escaping by using your intelligence. You must move around various rooms and find them before they escape. The more you play, the more difficult it becomes. You must use your intelligence to win this game.


This game is a re-imagining of previous work, Project Raven, which students and teachers received well. In this new version, however, students can experience the story from an entirely different perspective: that of Raven’s classmate, Frustenhart—a boy who has grown tired of Raven’s supernatural abilities.
In this story version, Frustenhart will have his powers unique to him alone. He can also customize in many ways: from his appearance to his personality traits and interests. It is up to you whether or not you wish to make him more likable (or even friendly) than his predecessor.
The goal of this game is to give players another option when it comes to storytelling and character development in our classroom. Suppose you wish for your students to experience more dynamic narratives than what they would normally encounter within the confines of their textbooks (or even their imaginations). In that case, this modded version of Project Raven may be just what you need.

What is Project Physalis?

Project Physalis APK is a cat-catching game where you’ll have to be as fast as possible to catch the cat and get the highest possible score. The quicker you are, the more points you will get. The game includes internet memes, recent world politics, and other themes. This game is not only fun and addictive but also educational. It helps you become smarter by improving your memory and concentration skills. It also improves your reflexes so that you can catch the cat quickly.

What is Project Physalis MOD APK?

Project Physalis is a modified version of the popular game “Cat Catcher.” The game aims to catch cats, but it’s more complex than it sounds. The game uses memes, current world politics, and other themes to make the game more interesting. The more you play and the higher your score, the more points you can earn.

Project Physalis MOD APK Android.

Project Physalis mod apk is a new android game. The game has 3D graphics. The game’s main objective is to collect as many coins as possible and reach the highest score. There are many difficulty levels divided into two parts: easy and difficult. The game features a colorful design, which makes it interesting for adults. The developers have also added special effects that make the gameplay more dynamic.
Here are the steps on How to download apps on your Android phone.
Search for “Project Physalis” in the search bar of our website
Once you’ve found it, click “Install.” You may ask for permission to install an app from an unknown source and other security warnings – just hit “Accept” so that everything can proceed smoothly. After a few seconds (or minutes depending on your internet connection), Project Physalis will download onto your device! Congratulations.

Project Physalis MOD APK Latest Version

If you’ve been looking for a way to go online for free or change the education rate on the psychology map with just one click, then look Project Physalis modified APK is here, ready to help you do exactly what you want.
With this app, users can enjoy an adult simulation game of the catch cat app but with more features. You’ll get access to all kinds of new items and characters, including one that lets you change your appearance and another that lets you teleport around the map. You can customize your character to make them as pretty or ugly as you like—whatever makes your heart sing.

Project Physalis Features

Customize The Character

Project Physalis allows you to customize the character. You can change the appearance of your characters, such as skin, hair color, and other aspects. You can customize your character’s name and nickname by tapping on them in the top-left corner of the screen. This will open up a text box where you can enter whatever name you want for yourself and your team members (if any). Then tap “Save” at the bottom of this screen once everything looks good.

Customize Abilities

Project Physalis allows you to customize your avatar’s abilities by spending points gained after each level completion. This game has many unique features not available in other games, such as customizable characters. If you want to play this game on your phone or tablet, download the mod apk from our website.

Stop The Music

If you want to stop the music in the app, tap on the music icon on your screen, and a menu will appear. From there, you can turn off the background audio.

Project physalis mod apk features

Ads Free

It’s completely ad-free. Now you can play the game without watching those pesky ads or waiting for them to load. You can play at your own pace without distractions from the ads or waiting for them to load. This means you no longer have to worry about interruptions and can enjoy playing the game peacefully.

Download Animation

Once you’ve downloaded the apk mod, open Project Physalis and click “Unlock Animations.” Select the one with 3 animations, then click “download” and wait until it finishes downloading all of them. Once they’re all downloaded, go back to where it says unlock animations and go into each one individually by clicking on them (they’re numbered). Once you’re in one of them, make sure that there is a checkmark next to it, and then press “Download.” Now when you play Project Physalis mod apk, you should be able to use all three of these new animations.

Easy to Use

The Project Physalis mod app is easy to use and has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate.


Project Physalis and Ann Kimberly were close friends who were loyal companions and fought with many different villains to take over the world.
They became a couple after they finished school, turned eighteen, and were both old enough to get married. The beloved of the world now enjoys sex often, enjoying the gentle bodies of each other in a time free from the salvation of the world.
Now, at age twenty-five, Project Physalis is still fighting to save humanity from its destruction, but he also has another mission: to make sure his wife, Ann Kimberly (also known as “Ann”), is safe from any harm that comes her way. He tries his best to protect her but sometimes fails miserably due to his lack of knowledge of how humans work.


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