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Prerna DBT MOD APK (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) For Android

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Additional Features

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Studies are the main part of everyone’s life. We all went to school in past. Then start college. Ten for further education some of us went to get admission to universities. While some of them went out of the country to get higher education. It means, that learning and getting an education is the basic part of everyone’s life.
Nowadays education also become digitalized. The ways are not limited to getting an education. It is also digitalized and easy to learn due to the internet. There are a lot of companies, applications, and websites available that help to get education from anywhere at any time. In this way, those kinds of companies and websites are the most popular.
After the coronavirus. The whole world faces the issue of lockdown. In this way, all basic requirements rely on the internet. The internet becomes more grown and a lot of applications are developed during this time period. Providing online classes many applications were developed. The whole world becomes effect due to the viral disease. Asian countries face more issues. In India, the government of Uttar Pradesh develops the application for students of schools. The aim is to provide online classes.

What is the Prerena MOD APK?

Prerna DBT MOD APK is the application for teaching. The application provides teaching staff for pre-primary and high primary schools. Uttar Pradesh government start this as the name of Shiksha the department of this government. This application is regarding the Uttar Pradesh students. This application is available for downloading also from Google.

More About the Application Prerna DBT APK

In the above, I should discuss that this application is regarding the Uttar Pradesh students. This application is perfect for android phones where teaching staff access is easy and comfortable manner. it is easy to control and manage the data of enrollment. The application is free and the students will not pay anything to enroll themselves. It provides direct access for parents, students, and teachers as well. Safe and secure sources make access to information in comfortable manner.

What is Prerna DBT Mod APK?

The Prerna DBT MOD APK provides great support to the students and teachers by adding different mod features. This is such a great step that provides online classes to the students in a good manner. the teachers also continue their jobs through this application. the latest version of the app makes the whole appearance boom blast.

Why Do Students Get Enroll Themselves in Prerna DBT MOD APK?

The students face the issue of lockdown. In this way, they are not able to take classes in schools. In this way, they had met the loss of education. To avoid the situation of losing they all prefer to get enroll themselves in Prerna DBT Mod APK. This application provides great support to the students as well as parents and teachers.

Safe And Secure Application for Employee

The application is safe and secure for the employee. The monitoring system is better and easy. It may design by experts. So, no doubt it works in a great manner.

Features of Prerna DBT Mod APK

No DBT Shows

The user or students that use this application. They need to add their information to the DBT portal. But the important thing is that information can view but the DBT is not.


If any user wants to see the information and DBTS. Everyone needs to go to the BEO’s s motivation portal. By finding out


When a PDF is saved and provided to the principal of the school. It is impossible to edit it again. no way to edit the saved PDF.

Delete the Error

If the error occurs. It is not directly deleted by the users. the principal has the authority to delete the error. The principal deletes it from BEO. Then after deleting, make changes and then save it again.

Nothing to Register

There is no need for anything to register. Registration is free of cost. the application provides great support for this way of a feature.


There is no subscription is required for the application. The user should not need to subscribe to the application for enrolling. The application is completely free from the subscription hassle. In this way, users are freely enrolling themselves and also getting job opportunities through this application.

Free Download

The students, teachers, and parents all get the same opportunity of free downloading. There is no need to pay something or anything for downloading purposes. so, download it, get an education, and learn more and more.

Many Games

The user is free to choose the card games and slot games. the application provides the opportunity of choosing the game upon installation.


The application allows several categories. These categories are related to the games.


Third-party ads are not recommended. It means the application is completely free from third-party ads. It is not allowed by the application.


The application interface is simple and attractive. It means it has a user-friendly interface.

MOD Features of Prerna DBT Mod APK

Unlocked Premium

All premiums of this application are unlocked for the users. they are free to use premium features without any fear or hesitations.

Unlocked VIP

This is a great thing that all VIPs are unlocking. It means the user is free to go through The VIPs. It is not a small thing. it is such a great support to the application for the users.

Unlocked Pro

All know that pros always need something to start. But the good thing is that Prerna DBT mod apk provides UNLOCK pro features for the user’s benefit.


All things and free for the users. in this manner, the users are free to use this application. The downloading, premium features, as well as pros, are also free.

Bug Resolve

The application has the ability to resolve bug issues. This is a great thing for the users. bugs create irritating situations for the users. but the application has the ability to resolve the problem in the perfect manner.

High Speed

The speed is high. everything is concise and precise. A clear and speedy interface makes the application more famous and popular among students as well as teachers.

Mod Paid

Everything users get free but not the Mod. The user needs to pay to use the Mod version of the Prerna DBT Mod APK. This is not a big thing for the user. as we compare the benefits of the application. then paying something is not a big issue.

Pros and Cons of Prerna DBT MOD APK


Users get the opportunity to access of apk files. It means users are able to get access to new apps.
Users also get avoid waiting by direct downloading of apk files


The apk files are not safe and secure.
Many users are accidentally targeted by hackers due to the APK files.


Prerna DBT Mod APK is developed for providing online education and training to students. This is a great step for the Uttar Pradesh government. That kind of application promotes online education and classes. The system helps to continue the studies even in pandemic situations. So, download the app. also share it with other relatives.



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