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Postegro Premium APK (Free purchase)

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Additional Features

Additional Features

Postegro APK 2022 Latest Version For Android

Postegro Premium APK View Hidden Accounts

Postegro Premium APK Free purchase For Android

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Instagram is a popular social media site these days. Apart from connecting to your friends, people are earning through Instagram. Stalking on Instagram is common these days. However, stalking a private account is quite hard. The only accessible thing is their profile photo of display picture abbreviated as DP. The size of the DP is so tiny that you cannot determine which person is in the display picture. But this problem is solved now. The solution to all these problems is a single app named Postegro Premium Apk. The app gives access to the display of pictures of any account on Instagram. You can save, view, and download the display picture in HD on your smartphone.

Postegro APK 2022 Latest Version For Android
Postegro APK 2022 Latest Version For Android

What is Postegro Premium Apk?

Postegro helps users to view Instagram accounts with HD quality. The feature that makes it outstanding is it allows users to view profile photos. On Instagram, the display picture is tiny and not easy to view. There is no option to download the profile picture or any post on Instagram. But it is made possible with its help of it. View accounts, save pictures, and download them in HD quality. There are no additional charges to download the photos and videos. It helps you to review your Instagram feed. View analytics and the number of likes of your posts through the application.

How does it work?

It provides access to the profile you do not follow on Instagram. Usually, if you have a private account on Instagram, nobody can view your posts unless you add them to your account. But this application makes it possible. For this purpose, you need the username of that account. The application will view the record in the original mode without restricting photos and videos. There are also similar applications through which you can access private accounts. However, this software is safe and easy to install.

Why should I download Postegro Apk?

It has exclusive features which make the application fun and entertaining.

Explore Instagram Feeds

Search for any account and explore their Instagram feeds in HD quality. For this purpose, copy the username of the desired Instagram account and paste it into the search bar. Their Instagram feed will appear. You can also like the photos, videos, and reels. You can access all Instagram features through it.

Share Highlights and Stories

Postegro Premium APK View Hidden Accounts
Postegro Premium APK View Hidden Accounts

View highlights and share new stories. You can add music, set templates, edit photos and share them on your account. You can also review the number of views and likes on the stories. Add archive stories to the highlights. The additional feature offered by the application is to look at the number of views and correspondents of stories shared by other accounts.

Save posts, photos, and videos in HD

You can download photos, videos, and reels in HD quality. Instagram enables users to save their posts, but photos shared by others can’t be saved. Users often complain that Instagram ruins the quality of pictures and videos. Postegro Premium Apk solves the problem. Now you can retain the original quality of posts and save them in your gallery.

Protect user’s privacy

It cares about its users and does not violate their digital privacy. The legal statement of the application is evident, conspicuous, and licensed by the users. The application asks for the users’ consent and discloses how it gathers, supplies, and utilizes the personally recognizable information it accumulates from the users.


  • Allow users to download photos and videos.
  • Share reels with the most updated features.
  • Can access restricted features.
  • Allows you to access private accounts.


  • It has promotional ads.
  • It can cause malware.

    Postegro Premium APK Free purchase For Android
    Postegro Premium APK Free purchase For Android

How to download it?

Download the application in simple and easy steps.

  • Go to the link and start downloading the application.
  • You will find the application in the downloaded folder.
  • Find download settings on your device.
  • Enable upload from unknown sources.
  • In the downloaded folder, launch the software.
  • Check your internet connection or reinstall the application if you find any trouble.

To avoid glitches and errors, try not to shut your device, close your browser or disconnect your internet. Doing this can affect the downloading speed and cause glitches in the downloaded file.

What’s New?

The most upgraded version fixes bugs and glitches. Provide some premium features for free and improves the user’s interface. It also improves the downloading speed of photos and videos. The latest version also enhances the user’s privacy policy.


We have shared the exclusive features with you in this article. We have touched this application from every aspect so that you can understand every property of the application. The application is safe, and access to all the features for free. Download it and get your hands on the application.

Postegro Premium Apk


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