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Popcorn Time APK (Premium/Unlocked) For Android

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Additional Features

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Everybody loves movies. And the fun becomes double when movie streaming is free. Popcorn Time offers such fun for its users. Developers have put effort into bringing several APIs together. So that users can watch torrent movies with convenience. Watching movies have never been so much easier than this.

Watching paid movies is not accessible to all users. Entertainment is what everybody seeks in their leisure time. Popcorn time makes movies, series, and documentaries accessible to all users. Websites like torrents need several hours to download movies. Do not waste your time on such websites. Use Popcorn time to watch movies of various genres without any restrictions. It has open access for users worldwide.

What is Popcorn Time APK?

Popcorn Time APK is an application where one can play thousands of movies. Besides movies, it has access to popular series, episodes of TV shows, reality shows, and much more. You can watch them online. So, there is no need to waste time downloading. The app is available on android as well as Windows. The application is like the official website of Popcorn time.

What is Popcorn Time MOD APK?

Popcorn time mod APK modifies the existing features of the application. It is like a pro version of the traditional app. In the Popcorn Time mod APK, you will find unlimited movies, no ads, and free access to premium content. Besides, you will find no restrictions over screen time. The application does not need any permission from your device. So there is no risk of leaking personal information. It is the best platform if you find the right platform to watch binge-watching movies. Watch the hottest shows from various platforms. Such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hot star, Disney, etc.

How Does Popcorn Time APK work?

The application use torrent files to watch movies online. But the best part is that you do not need to hustle for the torrent file. The app, by using digital tools, looks for the relevant file. When you click the file, it starts to play. The whole process hardly takes a few minutes. Connect to an internet connection for smooth use of the application. The video you are streaming may download on your device. To avoid this, you should have a continuous check on the file or folder where downloads are stored. These files are temporary. So you do not have to worry about it.

Recent Advancements

In the latest version, you can drag and add subtitles while loading on the player. Through this way, you will able to select an extraneous torrent. The feature will help you to stream movies on Popcorn with external subtitles. By external subtitles, we mean the subtitles in the language of your choice. A watched icon has also been added to the ad. It will keep a record of what you have watched before. The eye icon on the app does the same function as a watched icon. Another exclusive feature of the app is its Power users. The latest feature allows users to keep the downloaded files.

Features of Popcorn Time APK

Following are the features of Popcorn Time APK. Get to know what exciting features the app is offering.

Search What’s Trending

The application has a separate trending section. Despite the preferences, it shows what’s trending these days. You will find the most-watched movies here. Tune into the shows and movies on what others have hocked up.

Sort With the Popularity

Sort the content available on the app by its popularity. Explore different genres and see what’s famous. Rate movies by watching them. Make the public know if the movie is worth watching or not.

Explore the Torrent Collection

Besides the content available on the app, you can also explore the torrent section. On torrent, you will find links to almost every movie on the planet. Every movie is present here, from the nostalgic 90s to the current day.

Plugin System For Google Drive

The application has a plugin system for google drive. Through this feature, you can connect external links. Plugins work as the building blocks for the applications. New features can add any time on the app through these plugins.

HTML Video Player

The application has an in-built HTML video player. The application specifies the source and location of the video file. The HTML player uses digital technology to identify the torrent link. And plays afterward. It is a lie when a browser loads images.

Features of Popcorn Time MOD APK

We have listed some of the features of Popcorn time mod APK. The features make it stand out among other apps.

Unlimited Streaming

The mod allows users to access unlimited streaming. Watch as many movies as you want. Host movie parties and tune into back-to-back movies.

Access Premium Content

You can access premium content with the mod. You don’t even have to pay the extra charges to do so. It will help you to find all premium movies with a single click.

Take Off Broken Links.

The mod takes off broken links on its own. So you do not have to try every link each time. With such a fantastic feature, you can save time, as too much time is wastes when a person tries out every link. Avoid doing so by downloading the Popcorn Time APK.

Fix Chromecast Slider

Chromecast allows users to stream endless movies on their devices. On the mod version, you can find the Chromecast slider. It will help you to access your favorite entertainment options without any issues.


You have gone through various features of Popcorn Time. The app has exciting entertainment options for you. Users can download the app with ease. Its simple user interface allows even those who are not a pro at using the internet.

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