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PLAYit MOD APK (VIP Unlocked/Latest Version) For Android

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Additional Features


PLAYit MOD APK Latest Version

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What is Playit APK?

PLAYit app is basically an app allowing a wide range of media files to play. It allows all types of music files and video files to play. All types of file formats are supported in this app. That’s why it is called an all-in-one file downloader.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and efficient app to run your music and video files, PLAYit is the only best option available! It is the best video downloader and video transfer app.

It is the best online video player and music player and also allows a hassle-free download of all types of music files and video files. Quick search is another great option of the app that allows the users to search for a music file or a video file of their interest out of millions of files present around the internet.

What is PLAYit MOD APK?

PLAYit MOD APK is the modified version of the PLAYit app allowing the users to get access to a lot of features inclusive of no ads display.
It is completely free to download from multiple platforms or from the official website of the app. It allows users with unlimited coins.

How to Download PLAYit APK?

Android users can get access to the app from Google Play Store.
If you are a Windows or an iPhone user, you can download the app from the official website of the app.

Features of PLAYit APK?

Playit app has a lot of features that make it a versatile app. Following are the features of PLAYit apk;

Free Download

PLAYit APK allows its users to download HD-quality videos and music files completely free from the app.

Media Manager

It manages local media files and brilliantly displays files from your internal storage or SD card without creating any errors or faults.

It Plays All Types of Formats

PLAYit apk supports playing all kinds of media formats, including all types of video formats and all types of audio formats.

Free Search Options

PLAYit apk allows its users to search freely on the app. A user can search any audio/music file or video file of his own choice. Along with a vast search option, users are also allowed to download online videos, audio, and pictures of their interest.


This app allows multi-tasking as a user can play the file in the background. Floating-play is also supported in the app, which means that you can simultaneously use other apps and chat with your friends.

Private Folder

This app has the option of creating a private folder. Now you can add your private videos and audio to this folder and stop worrying about your privacy.

Video to Audio Converter

If you are an audio listener and do not enjoy watching videos, your problem is sorted now. You can convert your video files to audio files with just one click.

Online Subtitles

Your mind will be blown to know that PLAYit APK has a feature of online subtitles. English/ Hindi/ Tamil subtitles are available. You are now at an easy hand to watch your favorite videos.

Smart Gesture Control

PLAYit APK has a smart gesture control option. Now you can control your playing videos with it.
You can adjust playback speed, brightness, and volume.

MOD Features of PLAYit APK

Below are MOD features of PLAYit APK

Free Download

PLAYit MOD APK is available to download for free. You can download the app on your mobile phones and computers just with a click!

Unlimited Coins

This modified version of the app has unlimited coins for easy usage.

No Ads

PLAYit MOD APK has no ADD feature. This feature allows disruption-free usage.

For PC

PLAYit MOD APK is also available to download for PC. Now you can enjoy all the features of the app on your PC as well.

Old Version

An old version of PLAYit MOD APK is also available to download for users who prefer the old version.


PLAYit HappyMOD APK is available for users. You can get access to the happymod APK.


PLAYit MOD APKpure version is there for the users to enjoy unlimited features.

Is PLAYit MOD APK Free to Download?

Yes, PLAYit MOD app is completely free to download on multiple platforms. You can download the MOD version of this app and can get access to a lot of amazing features free of cost.

How to Download PLAYit APK On a Computer?

You can download PLAYit APK on your computer by visiting the official website of PLAYit APK.
Just click on the download button available on the website and download the app on your computer.


PLAYit MOD APK is one of the most wonderful apps providing its users with multiple features. You can download any sort of video file or audio file with the help of this app. All video and audio formats are supported in this app.
The private folder feature allows users to lock their personal audio and video files. It also acts as a media manager and manages your files present in internal storage and on your SD card.
Auto-generated subtitle feature allows the users to watch any video of their choice. English, Hindi, and Tamil subtitles are available in the app.
You can freely search for any file of your choice and download it with just one click.


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