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PK XD Play with your Friends MOD APK (Money/Gems/No Ads) For Android

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Additional Features

Additional Features

PK XD Play with your Friends MOD APK Money/Gems

PK XD Play with your Friends MOD APK Unlocked Houses

PK XD Play with your Friends MOD APK No Ads

PK XD Play with your Friends MOD APK Latest Version

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PK XD MOD APK is a very popular simulation game based on world challenges. PK XD players interact with friends and take part in different challenges. You can use unlimited gems and money to create new avatars. And also used images, colors, and backgrounds to build new characters. Yet, this game gives access to all sorts of things, from mini-games to pets. If you feel bored, then play this game with close friends.
PK XD game Play with friends has many benefits and advantages. The latest version has provided all premium and VIP features unlimited. The Mod version has updated many features which are not present in the original version. Now install the Mod version and enjoy unlimited features for free.

What is PK XD Play with your friends Apk?

PK XD Apk is a great game where you explore many exciting things, both interesting and funny. Players can enjoy all features with millions of people and friends. You can go through a virtual world creating different avatars. You can also take part in different events to face many funny challenges. You can even chat with people through chat boxes and expand your friend list. The game App gives access to both single and multiplayer modes. After winning the challenge, the game gives you a lot of prizes.

What is PK XD Play with your friends Mod Apk?

PK XD is an open-world game where you play with your close friends and build your dream world. Or connect with other people in their immediate world. In this Mod version, you can create various avatars, relate with other people, and so on. Players can also design their house and even visit the place of friends as a guest. All the designing process starts after downloading the latest version. Designing the characters according to the theme is a challenge. There are tons of colorful characters for design. With the help of unlimited money, players can also expand their worlds and houses.


Customize Characters

PK XD Apk allows you to play with friends and create various characters according to your wish. It is a very popular adventure game built for those who like colorful things in life. Choose any character, male or female, without any limit. You can use different outfits, gloves, golden hair, and many more to change the look. Everything is available unlimited and uses these features without any restrictions. Use all these premium features for free and create the characters you want.

Build Your Dream House

It is a simulation game in which map features allow you to explore new things. During this amazing journey, you need shelter to spend your days and live for free. There, players can build their dream homes. And decorate according to your taste. You can decorate with various new items like a dancing mat and more. You can buy every new item without money. Decorate every part of the house with unlimited money and gems. Players can free decorate the kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and many more.

Play Mini-games

In this latest version, you can challenge your friends to play mini-games with you. There are tons of queries after solving the query. Players can proceed to the next step and solve new quests to complete the game. You can do so much fun earning coins. Players can also do extra jobs to earn more money and coins. There are tons of mini-games waiting for you and your friends. So download this amazing App and enjoy its benefits for free.

Take Part in Events

PK XD allows participating in different events. Players always want to create a particular moment as a memory. Then you can take pleasure in this feature of the entire game. Take part in occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and many more with superb decorations. It provides a unique theme as a challenge to decorate the whole island.

Epic 3D Graphics

The game App is well-designed and has a lot of impressive 3D graphics to use. You need to be able to appreciate the characters of games. Players will enjoy the elements and graphics of the game. The game application is colorful and bright, and best for your kids. The elements make the game cool. You can also create a community of amazing people.

Easy Control

The interface of gameplay is easy to use and create. Even a child can learn everything in a minute. The easy-to-control feature provides information at every point. Its left button instructs you how to interact. And chat with people using different elements. You can adjust your camera according to your screen.

Chat with friends

In the latest version, search for new friends and chat with them daily. After getting to know each other, add them to your friend list. Then you can experience a lot of things every day. Now, such as eating ice cream and playing mini-games with each other. There is more fun in whatever you want to do with internet friends. You can also share your creative ideas with your friend.

Mod features

Unlimited Money

PK XD Play with friends provides the facility of unlimited things for free. In the Mod version, you can enjoy the benefit of unlimited money for free. Players can spend this never-ending money when they need it. Unlimited money makes the game more useful.

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited gems help you while buying something new during decoration. These gems allow you to buy new items to make the house beautiful. Players get unlimited gems after every new level.

Unlimited Points

Not only do players get unlimited money and gems. They also get unlimited points at the very next level. When you get unlimited points, it makes the game more interesting. Use unlimited points during a difficult task.

Unlocked Houses

Here, You can unlock different houses and make your own dream house. Players can decorate houses according to their taste. You can unlock houses and other things to make the game nice.

Unlimited Resources

PK XD Play with friends Mod Apk has many features, but unlimited resources are the best. It provides extra money and gems as unlimited resources. Players can buy anything for free to balance things in this game. You can use unlimited resources to decorate your dream house for free. It is well-optimized and has great touch control.

No Ads

In it, Players don’t face any advertisements while playing the game. The Mod version allows every feature without ads. You don’t need money to block the ads because annoying ads make the game boring.


The PK XD MOD APK game is a great application to play with friends. The latest version provides all unlimited benefits, including the supply of points. There you can experience many great things and play with your friends. The game interface is so beautiful and easy to use. This unique gameplay impresses you with interesting online things. With an open-world map, players discover many characteristics and enjoy endless adventures. Many people download this game because of its unique features. Here, you can experience more fun while playing. And in the end, it is the best game for those who like adventurous games. The interface of the App has already caught the attention of many people. Now download this adventurous application.


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