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Are you looking for a way where you can edit your picture that has a poor background and needs to be a little bright? Going to the editor can be a wrong choice. We will suggest you install some online editing apps from which you can edit pictures on your own.
But, there are a lot of apps available online and on the play store which you can install and enjoy their features. One of the most famous ones is PixelLab. This fantastic app is a free online app with different exciting features.
So, this article will provide you with information about PixelLab and its Mod apk. Yet, the features of this app will blow your mind. So, let’s look below.

What is PixelLab?

PixelLab is an image editing app where you can edit your picture according to your wish. This app is famous around the world and has millions of users. With this app, you can make your picture beautiful by putting text, cute stickers, stickers, and so on. This free app is easy to use and does not need any internet connection, and you can download it free.

What is PixelLab MOD APK?

This excellent app has a mod apk version where you can edit pictures with more advanced features. With more than 55 options for editing and making your picture beautiful, this app is enjoyable to use. Also, you do not need to pay for the mod apk version because the apk mod of this app is also free. Similarly, this app has impressive graphics and other options for your ease that are fun to use.
So, if you are looking for some cute features where you can edit your picture, you can download the PixelLab MOD APK.

Is PixelLab MOD APK a Paid App?

Paid editing apps that need a lot of money to run are irritating and underrated. Thanks to the PixelLab mod apk app, which you can install freely and is unpaid. The advanced feature of this fantastic app is free to use.

Does PixelLab Need an Internet Connection?

What is more interesting than an app you can use and edit your pictures anytime, anywhere? Using the app, we learned that this app does not need any internet connection. This is an offline app from which you can add text, change the background, and customize your picture .

Features of PixelLab

This app is a free app that serves its users with beautiful features we will discuss below, so let’s look at them.

Easy to Use

One of the essential features of this PixelLab app is that this app is easy to use. You need to upload your picture here and edit it in your own way.

Add Text Add Stickers.

Also, the app facilitates its users with many stickers you can paste at the top of your picture. You can also add funny memes to make your picture look more attractive. Similarly, if you want to add any text to your picture, you can do it with the app. There are many fonts available for the user which you can use easily.

Change Background

The best feature of this app is that you can change the background of your picture and easily edit your image. So, if you have a poor background, change it to any color and theme by editing your image from this app.

Add Shapes

Now customize your picture by adding any king or shape available in the app. There are a wide variety of shapes present in the app which you can apply to your image.

Draw on the Picture

To make your picture more interesting, the app also serves you with the facility of drawing. You can draw anything on your picture quickly.

Features of PixelLab MOD APK Version

Besides all the PixelLab app features, the app has the mod apk version of this app that contains all the upgraded features you can use freely. So, let us glance at the features of apk mod features of this app.

Premium Content Unlocked

What is more enjoyable than the content and tools you will get free, that are paid and on different websites? The apk mod of this app serves you with unlocked features. it has features like changing of background, unlimited us you drawing and editing your face to another picture, etc.

Upgraded Tools

This apk mod serves its users with exciting features that are interesting to use. In this app, we have all the features like replacing the face, changing the background, and many more. You can use all the tools for editing your picture.

Advanced 3D Text On Pictures

An excellent feature of this app is that this app consists of advanced 3D text, which you can add to your picture. Yet, there are a lot of apps that have a text editing feature, but no app serves you with an advanced 3D text feature that seems natural. So, with their advanced features of 3D text, you can easily attractively customize your text and edit your image.

Unlimited Fonts

What a wow feature; download the app and look at the hundreds of fonts available in this app. You can edit a text to your picture in any font you like, change the color, resize it and make it more beautiful. Also, if you want some more fonts, you can download them from this app which is free and will make your image look cute.


The brightness in the picture matter a lot. Some pictures are dull in a color that gives a poor look. To make your picture look more adorable, the apk mod of this app offers you a brightness feature that will enhance your picture’s beauty. So, you can control and adjust the brightness according to your wish with the help of an adjustment control tool.

Offline And Free

All the advanced features in different apps need money to use and need an internet connection. But thanks to this app which is free to use and needs a lower space to install. Also, you do not need an internet connection for this app; you can use the advanced features and edit your picture offline.


No other editing app has cute and funny features that are free and is offline to use except the PixelLab MOD APK app. This unique feature gives you a lot of benefits and is easy to use. So, do not waste time; download the apk version of this app and enjoy editing your picture.


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