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Pikachu MOD APK V10.7.2 (Premium unlocked/Latest Version/100% Working)

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Jun 20, 2022
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Android 5.0 and up
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Pikachu APK Mod latest Version for Android

Pikachu MOD APK Latest Version Download For Android

Pikachu Apk App Download Latest 100% Working 2022

Download Pikachu APK Latest Version for Android 2022

Pikachu App APK Mod Premium unlocked

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 What is Pikachu MOD apk?

Pikachu MOD APK is a perfect game for those who want to explore various pokemon under a single game. The game is light mood, fun, exciting, and reasonable for people of all ages.

It has gameplay similar to the famous game Candy crush. However, instead of candies, you need to swap similar pokemon. Pickachu is the game’s leading character, but you will see other famous pokemon such as Bibarel, Hisuian Zorua, Marshadow, Salandit, Stunfisk, Lilpeep, Frolass, and Volcaneon, etc. In the pokemon maze, when you see similar pokemon after each other, swap them to earn scores. Solve the whole maze by bringing similar pokemon together.

Pikachu MOD APK

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Complete the maze and earn high scores. The score will rank you on the leaderboard. The top-ranking players will get additional bonuses and rewards. After completing a level with a good score, the game will promote you to the next level. Based on your gameplay, the game will give you rankings. A five-star ranking is a top tier. However, one-star is the minor ranking you can get in the game. You must revise the level if you do not get the minimum rating.

Why is Pikachu MOD apk helpful?

The MOD version provides unlimited swaps and moves to the players. Usually, it is frustrating not to get enough activities in the game. The exchange restriction won’t allow players to finish the level in the given time. Therefore, they ultimately lost the game. This restriction is vibe killer. That’s why the modded version brings unlimited moves for its users. Another feature that is helpful for users is access to unlimited coins. With such immense coins, you can purchase any item in the game. You can upgrade your Pikachu, choose various themes, and customize the background color. It is fascinating to change the game’s music as per your choice. You can enjoy unlimited access to premium features and skip the levels you do not want to play with this game version. Get on all exclusive features by downloading the Pikachu MOD apk now.Pikachu MOD apk

Features of Pikachu MOD apk

Following are some essential features of the game that makes it stand out among the other games with similar gameplay. Read the brief description of these features to understand the game better.

Supports multiscreen

The game supports multiscreen, which means its content is synchronized and can be displayed over multiple screens to promote the group screening simultaneously. Its regular grid arrangement lets users simultaneously open the game with the same account. Developers create The illusion of one big screen with the help of the non-conventional pattern of the game. Connect with your friends and view the gameplay on different screens simultaneously.

Unlimited Gems

Get your hands on the unlimited gems with the help of the Pikachu MOD apk. You have to work hard and show smart moves to collect gems which ultimately helps to get lifelines, more moves, and purchase various items in the game. But this version will give you unlimited gems. Enjoy the game without the concern of collecting treasures.

HD screen resolution

The high-definition quality supported by the game enhances the overall gaming experience. With high screen resolution, you can observe small details keenly. Due to the enhanced vision of the modded version of the Pikachu apk, players engage well in the game. Switch to the light or dim mode to play the game at night. The colors and contrast of the game adjust to the surroundings and prevent the eyes and relax them. You will experience warm tones in the Pikachu MOD apk, which gently affects your eyes.Pikachu MOD apk


You will find twenty stages with different difficulty levels in Pickachu MOD apk. The levels are designed in order of the least difficult one at first and the most difficult one at last. It means the first level is the easiest one and the twentieth one at last. With these various levels, you can challenge yourself in the game. We have seen that players enjoy the wide variety of stages in the game. With the help of the moded version, you can skip any step. So don’t worry if you are stuck in a level or do not want to play it.

Save your progress

The online game loses your progress if you turn it down or close the app. However, in the moded version, you can easily save your progress. So you do not have to start with a level one every time you open the game. If you log in to your account, your progress will save in the app automatically.

Different languages

The game’s original version is in Japanese, making it difficult for overseas players to understand its commands. The modded version helps users by offering various language options. You can choose English, Russian, Latin, or any other language in the game settings. To change language, open the main menu, and search for locations. Tap language. Select the language of your choice. It will apply to the game.Pikachu MOD apk

Advantages of Pikachu MOD APK

  • You will get the application for free.
  • You can use cheats.
  • Unlimited gems are available in the game.
  • It consumes less storage space than the original version.
  • You can access the most updated version of the game through it.

Disadvantages of Pikachu MOD apk

  • It causes risks to the security of the device.
  • The file may have some bugs.


We have discussed the modded version of the Pickachu apk above. The game is fun, light mood, and entertaining. Download now and get rid of your boredom.Pikachu MOD apk


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