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Picka MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Coins/Battery) For Android

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Additional Features

Additional Features

Picka MOD APK Unlimited gold/Coins/Battery
Picka MOD APK Remover Propagandas
Picka MOD APK Free Purchase for Android
Picka 30 Day to Love MOD APK Unlimited Money

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The game is for you if you want to spice up your boring life. It stimulates real dating, for your sake. Experience how it feels like to conversate on dating apps. The app provides you with the same interface as any dating application. The difference is that it converts the dating part to virtual.
You can practice virtual dating here. Learn how to do effectively communication. In the current times, you will find thousands of dating apps. Developers categorize these apps based on region, interests, and ethnicity. Since people like to date people with similar interests. But, various cases lead to unsuccessful relationships. As people do not know how to interact with other people. For such awkward people, we have found an application. It will help them learn practical communication skills over the internet. Since communication is the key to moving further in a relationship. Learn more about picka apk through the application described below.

What is Picka APK?

Picka apk is a virtual dating app. You will not find any real people or characters existing in this world. But you will learn how to make things effective while making new relationships. It has intriguing features which will lead you to move further in dating. Perform various tasks. Learn how to proceed with progress. The app will let you enter an imaginary world. Where you can interact with different characters. It is more like a role-playing game.

What is Picka MOD APK?

Picka MOD APK has access to all unlimited in-game items. You can use all exclusive features for free. It is like a modified version of the traditional game. Where one can find unlimited gems, stars, diamonds, and cash. You can skip the missions as well. The mod reduces the size of the application. So that android devices with low storage space can download it with ease. Another significant feature of picka mod apk is that you do not have to connect to VPN. If it is unavailable in your region. It has an inbuilt VPN that connects on its own.

Intriguing Gameplay

The game has intriguing gameplay. It is also a reason that its number of users is increasing day by day. The reviews suggest that all tasks engage players with the game. You will not find any tedious activity here. Follow the instructions of the game to move further. Once you enter the game, you will find yourself in a virtual world. It has high-quality graphics, which will make sure that you are enjoying the game. Select your character and design your avatar. Then the game will assign you different tasks. The tasks can be minor or significant. Minor tasks are easy to do and simple. The game will reward you after completing each task.

Features of Picka APK

Following are some features of Picka APK. Please get to know about them by reading the description below.

Explore a virtual world

Picka APK will let you explore a virtual world. It is a virtual reality-based game. Where characters have no connection with reality. But developers recreate all places, objects, and items in the real world. Experience schools, offices, homes, and shopping malls through VR. See the world through the eyes of imagination.

Customize your texts in a conversation

The game will let you customize your texts in a conversation. The conversation is between two characters. Make your texts enjoyable. Insert emojis and stickers. Move unlimited friends just by talking. Change the background theme of the conversation as well.

Make your endings

The game will help you decide the ending by yourself. What does that mean? It means you have scenario-based situations. The scene you choose will end the way you want. So, if you lose interest, you can end things.

3d graphics

The game has 3d graphics and high-definition animations. It will help you to experience high-quality gaming. Play exciting gameplay and engage in the game.

Choose various storylines

Once you enter the game, you will have various storylines. Each story proceeds with various stories. Pick the story of your choice. You will never get tired. Be a star of the show!

Features of Picka MOD APK

Following are the features of Picka MOD APK. You will experience a more hypnotic game through it. It enables users to use all the exclusive features of the game.

Unlimited gold

You will get unlimited gold through the mod. Gold is the currency of the game. It would be best if you had unlimited gold to make in-game purchases. And you’ll get that unlimited gold by downloading the mod version.

Unlimited battery

The battery is the energy of your character. Reenergize your avatar by getting an unlimited battery. Do as many tasks as possible. Never drain the power of your character with picka mod apk.

Ad free

The mod will give you an ad-free experience. There will be no more interruption in your gaming experience. Play smooth gameplay without any restrictions.

Unlimited Money

Get unlimited money with the picka mod apk. The money will further access you to the various in-game items and personalized stuff. Have the best gaming experience with picka mod apk.


Picka MOD APK is a fantastic virtual stimulated dating game. Interact with characters from various regions. Explore the love city. The amazing graphics and engaging storyline. See what’s next.

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