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PG in the name refers to Pokemon Go. With the release of Pokemon, it became one of the most-played games worldwide. Not only teenagers but adults were also involved in it. PGSharp is a supporting application for Pokemon Go. The application works like a system. That offers extra support to the original application. For all pokemon lovers, you will find exclusive features here. It is your go-to app while playing Pokemon.

What is PGSharp APK?

PGSharp APK is an application that is capable of changing your location. You can change your pin location when playing a Pokemon game. What does that mean? It means you can move your avatar. PGSharp apk is more like a helping hand for the Pokemon Go game. The actual game revolves around finding, capturing, and training your Pokémon. The game is engaging for users. Because it involves finding Pokemon in your current location. Users have to find Pokemons in the neighborhood. You need to go out of your house and have to take the game with you. How exciting is it!

What is PGSharp mod APK?

The mod works like an altered application. It changes the way the original application works. You will find advanced features in it. Get unlimited Pokemon and travel an infinite distance. Control your Pokemon through a single touch screen. Besides, you will get unlimited coins and can activate hacks. You will find a reduced file size in the mod version. It will help you to download the application with convenience. You can also use all premium features by downloading the PGSharp mod APK.

How does PGSharp mod APK work?

The PGSharp Apk changes your current location. You do not have to step out of the house to find Pokemon. It makes the game a hundred times more convenient. It is like a fake GPS. The user interface considers it a new location where the game will make new Pokemon appear. You will find the Pokemons fast and without any interruptions. The distance of teleport will decrease the limit. It means you can make your Pokémon travel the world by staying at a place. It has an auto-walk function, modifies the walking speed, and is compatible with a joystick.

Features of PGSharp APK

Following are the features of PGSharp APK. You will get to know the application by reading the short description of its features.

Access sharp key

PGSharpk key changes the location on the map for you. You need to access the key to unlock your virtual location. It is present on the official website of the company. In the traditional app, the key is applicable for a limited time. But through apk, you can access it anytime. You can also access other games that do not need a key to function.

Use joystick

The app is compatible with a joystick. While playing on pc, it is easy to use the joystick to control your Pokemon. The joystick helps to move the character with convenience. Gamers find it a valuable tool. Since touchpads or mouse often blocks the Pokemon while running. Enjoy smooth gameplay.

Compatible with various operating systems

The application is compatible with different operating systems. It includes iOS and Android. Do not switch devices to play the game. It supports all devices. You can download it on your mobile phone, tablet, pc, laptop, etc.

Find new updates

Download the latest version to use the new updates. The updates are the best way to remove the previous problems. You can say it provides a solution to the existing problems in the interface. It fixes bugs. So, you should get your hands on the latest version.

Access map

The map helps you to teleport your Pokemon to the exact location. In the PGSharp APK, you can access the map. To use a map, you need to pin the location to which you want to teleport the Pokemon. Once you pin the location, all you need to do is to select OK. Once you select it, your Pokemon will teleport in a fraction of a second.

Customize your walking speed

You can adjust the speed at which your Pokemon will walk. So, if you are in a hurry to complete a task, increase your walking speed. If not, all you have to do is to lower the speed down.

Features of PGSharp mod APK

Following are the features of PGSharp mod apk. Read the short description of these features to know how mod makes a difference.

No restrictions on distance

With PGSharp mod APK, you can roam around without any limit. The mod helps you to cover as much distance as you want. You will find no restrictions while switching your location.

Unlimited pokemon moves

Your Pokemon can roam with convenience. We have seen that the traditional game limits the movement of Pokemon if you can’t find new characters. Such a thing doesn’t occur if you are using PGSharp mod APK.

Catch unlimited Pokemons

Find unlimited Pokemon. Since the application allows users to switch as many locations as he wants. It enables users to access unlimited Pokemon. With a wide variety of Pokemon, one can make your pokemon library. The increased number of Pokemon will also let you be at the top position on the leaderboard. So, you can improve your rank through the mod.

No root required

You do not have to root your device to use this app. So, there is no need for accessories. It will allow users to have the best gaming experience. As the application supports the Pokemon go.

Free Stardust

Access free stardust as much as you can. Stardust works like magical pixie dust, enhancing your Pokemon’s powers. Stardust is essential to power up your Pokemon in the game.

Unlimited XP

Get unlimited XP in the game with the PGSharp mod APK. It has everything that you need to move further in the game.


To become a pro player in Pokemon Go, you should download PGSharp mod APK. It is the most practical application for accessing unlimited in-game items.

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