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Additional Features



OGWHATSAPP APK Download For Android

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OG WhatsApp is a way better application than the original WhatsApp. This modified application has tons of daily users and no doubt that all the traffic is genuine.
Of course, the 20th-century generation will definitely prefer something with more options. OG Whatsapp is exactly offering that new and exciting features. The official application still needs to be able to reach its level. Now you can change the themes of WhatsApp to make chat look more exciting. Another feature lets you pre-schedule your messages in case you are busy. Isn’t it splendid?
Moreover, it ensures user privacy and keeps everything private. Its privacy features is an another why you need to download it today. You can read deleted messages and statuses and hide your online status.

What Is OG Whatsapp?

It is a modified WhatsApp third-party application. Here you can chat, call and share stuff with friends or family. But unlike the original version, it has tons of the latest features. Each feature is more excellent and more distinctive from the other.

Is OG Whatsapp Online Application?

Yes, OG Whatsapp is an online application.

Can I Download OG Whatsapp On My Phone? If Yes, Then How?

Yes, you can download OG Whatsapp on your phone. It is a third-party app, so you can’t find it on the play store.
So go to chrome and search for the application’s name, and you will land on downloading link.
Click on the installation link to install it on your phone.
Now download the Apk file following the same pattern.
Once your downloading is over. Go to settings and enable the unknown source to use the application on your phone.


Pre-Schedule Your Message:

It is something you would have never heard before. There are many times when you are busy or need to remember to text back. These situations can create a lot of problems for you, especially in professional life. To save you from such a situation, GB WhatsApp introduced this feature. It lets you pre-schedule your messages to send at a particular time. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Anti-Ban Application

You can download this application from the given link. More to your favor, it is an anti-ban application. Unlike other modified applications, there is no risk of getting banned.

Download Status

After uploading any status on WhatsApp, the most famous reply is “Send me.” But of course, people sometimes feel uncomfortable answering it. Some delete it right after sharing it. So instead of making others, OG Whatsapp has a download status feature.
You can also download your contact’s status. This feature still needs to be available in the original version.

No Added Contacts

No added contacts features let you contact, call and chat with unsaved numbers. Now you can save some numbers from talking to them. While in official WhatsApp, it is mandatory to keep a number and then chat.

Limit of Group Name Characters

WhatsApp is nothing without its groups. It is famous for creating groups with friends and family.
First, you can do unlimited chat because they are easy to create. But in the original app, most users disliked the limited use of characters in the group name. You can write the name of more than 25 characters. But OG Whatsapp lets you use 35 characters which is more than enough.

Share More Than 90 Images At a time:

You can’t send more than 30 images at a time, but this cloned version lets you share 90 images at a time. WhatsApp users can only share 30 images. But this feature comes in handy when you have 100-plus images to share.

Anti-Delete Messages:

When someone deletes any message, our first question is always what was that, or what you have deleted. We are curious human beings. Of course, if someone has deleted something, they don’t want you to know that anymore. But if you enable the anti-delete message feature on your phone, you can read those messages. Now you don’t have to ask or worry about anything.

Show Delete Status:

This application lets you view the status of anyone even if they delete it before 24 hours. It will also not let other people know that you have seen their status.

Password Protected:

It is a very particular and private application. There are a ton of things on this app. It can be your chats, business details, media, etc. That’s why you need to protect it. Considering all the circumstances, OG Whatsapp has developed a password-protected feature. Now no one has access to your Og WhatsApp except you.


Try this theme feature if you want to get rid of the same old default backgrounds. There are alot of custom themes available. You are free to change the background according to your taste. This app themes collection is versatile and more vibrant than the official application. So, instead of using these themes and making the display more catchy.

Hide Online Status:

This feature gives you complete privacy. You can hide your online status bar even when you are online. No one will be able to see you online.


If you’re an Android user, you must be aware that android users have limited emojis. But through this application, you get access to unlimited emoticons. Emojis you have never seen before. There are many cute and unique new emojis to represent your situation.

Share Files And Books:

This feature lets you share large files and books with your friends. It could be any type of file. So, if you also want to share files above 25 MB, this feature is perfect for you.


Do you know that WhatsApp media takes up most of our phone space? The unlimited sharing of images and videos puts a burden on your phone. It also creates a delay in your backup. OG Whatsapp offers a preview feature that doesn’t save media on your phone.


This modified application has to be one of the best third-party apps. But there are also some drawbacks that you should consider.


It is not an official application. So there is a high risk of getting banned because Whatsapp still holds actual copyrights.


There are so many features that put a lot of load on the application. This load makes the app slow.


It’s time you say goodbye to old ways and embrace new trends. OGWhatsapp APK is the most trending modified version with more features than Whatsapp.
If you also want to use two Whatsapp at the same time, download them. You can get benefited from its unique features.


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