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Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK (Unlocked/Premium) For Android

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Additional Features

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Nova launcher is a personalized, customizable application by TeslaCoil. It has over 50 million installations on the google play store. It works as a launcher on Android phones. You can customize the style, theme, and layout of your mobile. Get rid of the same default layouts on Android phones; use the nova launcher. Android phones come up with new themes and layouts now and then. Not all users prefer the same style and format.
Nova launcher is famous for its customizable options. What nova launcher has to offer is not limited to layouts alone. You will get various options to choose from for your home screen. Some key features are theme selection, changing application icons, and night mode. Other key features are an app drawer, gestures, a dark theme, and a positioning grid. Additionally, you can have a backup and restore data option.

What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Nova launcher prime apk works as a key to open the premium features of the original and free nova launcher app. To avail of the premium facilities, you first need to install the original nova launcher app.

What is Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK?

With the Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK, there is no need to install two applications. Since nova launcher prime mod apk is here to unlock the premium features. Unlocked premium features are readily available with a single application download. It has 100 icons and themes. Some premium features unlock are gestures, unread counts, and custom drawer groups. Also, include hide apps, icon swipes, and more scroll effects.


Personalized Theme

First, you can opt for your theme according to your style statement. Nova launcher prime has trendy themes. The color pallets and graphics are a modern-day match. Within stylish themes, you will get customizable options too. All the combined thematic look gives a good vibe.

Customizable Icons

The said application has an icon customization option. Over time with the same style and outlook, app icons look less pleasing. It is because we become used to watching the same thing in repetition. With the nova launcher app, you can edit the icon style according to the theme.

Sub Grids

By default, the layout has a lot of applications in one place in the queue. It looks messy and unorganized. Also becomes hard to find the required application. Nova launcher offers the sub-grid option. You may reallocate your app to the subfolder. It saves scrolling time and energy.

Change Color

Nova launcher prime allows its users to choose from color variations. You may select soft, light, warm, or bright colors. Also, you can color customize the scroll bar, badges, folders, backgrounds, etc.


You are worn out of the same old-style animation effects. Nova launcher prime brings you modern animation effects. Customize your tabs and applications as per the animation effects of your preference


The Nova launcher app has a widget library. You can use the widget option to set up easy looking interface. Also, with these widgets, the outlook will look eye catchy and distinguishable. Use widgets in the dock.


Nova launcher prime authorizes you to set up scrollable docks. Scroll between the docks is also available.

Import Layouts

Import layouts from the most popular launchers. No need to design the layout from the basic if you are short of time

MOD Features

App Name And Icon Change Unlocked

You can change the application’s name and icon with ease. This way, you can keep your personalized name for any application. Also, you can change icons to go with the complete display and have your little gallery. Icon size may increase up to 150%.

Unread Count Badge Unlocked

Here by the use of the tesla unread plugin, you never miss any message. You will have an unread count badge for every app, like hang out, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Gestures Unlocked

Some critical gestures unlocked are swipe, pinch, two-finger rotation, double tap, and more. They are applicable on the home screen to open applications.

Custom Drawer Groups Unlocked

Move and place your favorite apps in folders or tabs in the custom drawer. Horizontal and vertical scrolling options are available. Apply custom effects.

Hide Apps Option Unlocked

To keep the space clean, use the hide app option in app drawers. Hide your unused apps this way.

Icon Swipes Unlocked

Swipe the application’s shortcuts and folders with a custom action.

More Scroll Effects Unlocked

Nova launcher’s latest apk allows scroll effects such as an accordion, throw and wipe, etc.

Night Mode Unlocked

With nova launcher prime mod apk, you can unlock automatic changeable night mode. Set up the time to start night mode without manual setting.

Backup And Restore

Nova launcher prime mod apk offers a backup and restore settings option. Back up the current settings in your device. You can restore all backup settings later. The data in one device is transferable to another device.

Other Mod features

Some noticeable modified features are
· Prime features unlocked; no need for extra key
· Language supported: English and Russian
· default wallpapers removed
· Disabled rate and social menu
· unwanted permissions and services disabled
· Analytics/crashlytics disabled
· Improved resources with a lighter application
· Graphics optimized


Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK gives access to the original nova launcher application. All premium features are unlocked—no extra key is required. You can choose your style from the layouts and themes available. Also, you can customize gestures, modes, and accessibility features. You can use all Prime features by downloading the mod version.


· Before installing nova launcher prime mod apk, uninstall the default nova launcher
· Uninstall the tesla unread plugin

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