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Additional Features

Additional Features

Nifrastips.In MOD APK Latest Version

Nifrastips.In MOD APK Download For Android

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Nifrastips.In MOD APK is a multitasking app. it has all poker games and you can use it for customizing the phone screen. Nifrastips. In have many exciting and fun games for you to play. You will not only learn how to play Poker online but also how to play Bridge, rummy, Matka, and many more games that you will love to play.
The game of Poker consists of five players and one dealer. These five players are the active players known as the Active Players. The dealer is popular as the Banker or the Bank. This person will give the cards to the active players. The active players will use their cards to try and form a poker hand. When the active players have a hand, the dealer will collect the cards from the active players, and the active players will win or lose money, depending on the outcome.
The best thing about this app is the ability to change your phone’s settings. You can create stunning wallpapers, set alarms and routines, and more. This app is only available on Android. You will need an Android device to be able to play this app. This application is easy to download. You will need to follow the same steps for downloading other applications. This application is worth downloading right away.

What is Nifrastips.In?

It is an application where you have many poker games. You can play Bridge and Matka in Nifrastips. In. You can enjoy the thrill of Matka, Bridge’s excitement, and Poker’s strategy. You can also challenge yourself to play this game with others worldwide in real-time. The amazing feature of Nifrastips is that you can play against the computer or you can play against your friends. So, it is a perfect platform to play Bridge and Matka. This game is completely free. In this application, you don’t need to pay anything to play the game.

What is Nifrastips.In MOD APK?

It is a modified version of the app. Nifrastips . in mod apk is one of the most trusted sites to play Poker. On this site, you can play Bridge, Matka, Rummy, and other games. All these games are free. There is no download or registration. You can play Poker and other games in real-time.
This game is with amazing graphics and great animations. You can play this game online with friends, family, or other players. In this game, you must choose between the cards like Ace and Queen.
The Nifrastips. In Mod apk has everything you need to personalize your Android experience. This app allows you to change the settings for your lights and LEDs. Get a free notification lamp for your phone. You can customize your LED light to charge wallpaper, music, or other purposes. The app allows you to change the display on your watch and many effects. The app allows you to change your watch’s display in many styles and colors. It can use to adjust brightness and other settings.

Nifrastips.In MOD APK For Android.

Nifrastips.In MOD APK can download on Android phones. This multiplayer game has fast-paced action and console-quality graphics. There are several control options for touchscreen devices. It is excellent for fast-paced, multiplayer Android poker/card games. It takes just a few minutes to install the mod apk app on an Android phone. After installing, players can either create an account or log into an existing one. Once logged in, players will take to the main menu. Here they can select which type of play they want to engage in. The cooperative mode requires players to work together to achieve objectives.

Here is how to install it on Android

Open your device’s settings.

Go to “security” and then “unknown sources.”
Click “Allow.”
Open the file manager.
Navigate to where you saved the nifrastips in the mod apk.
Click “install.”
Wait for the installation to complete.

Nifrastips.In MOD APK Latest Version

The Nifrastips. in mod apk is a poker and cards application. It has the latest version and new features. This is a multitasking application. This application is very simple and easy to use. This application has a clean and simple user interface. It has a great graphic design.
The cards you’re dealt in a game of Poker are always random, and the outcome of each hand is totally up to luck. However, if you want to play Poker fairly. The following table shows the probability of each card deal in a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

Nifrastips.In Features


The game is fun and has many features. Nifrastips. Mod Apk is a multitasking app. You can find many other games as well. You can do whatever you like. You can also set alarms, routines, and many other features. There are many amazing features in this application. This application offers many options to users. Get it now to check out all the features.


You check your phone constantly to ensure you get all the texts. You worry about receiving a call while you are working. This can distract you from your work. This amazing app has a feature that will make your life easier. The notification light will flash when someone calls or texts you. This will let you know when someone calls or messages you. You don’t need to check your phone anymore. Now, you will notice when someone texts you. Nifrastips is a great tool. You can find this amazing life-saving feature in APK from our website.


You can get crazy wallpapers for your phone. These wallpapers can download from this app. This app has unique wallpapers and the highest quality. You can impress everyone with new wallpapers in amazing styles. Download Nifrastips and stop using boring wallpapers. Choose from the amazing selection of wallpapers.

Customize Your Screen

The Nifrastips. In is an application that allows you to customize your screen, it can set the background of your phone, and you can change the color of the icons.

Nifrastips.In MOD APK Features

Easy to Use

The application is very easy to use and very convenient to work with. The application is compatible with all Android phones and tablets.

Ads Free

This mod is ads-free. You can play this app without any interruption.

Customize the Screen And Widget

Nifrastips.In MOD APK is an android app that allows you to customize your device by creating a new background, new icons, and widgets in your android phone. It is the best way to change your android phone’s appearance without root and unlock it with just one click.


Nifrastips.In MOD APK offers you a great user experience. The app allows you to customize your device’s background, color, font, and icons. You can even change the color of the status bar and the navigation bar.
The app is easy to play, and there are no in-app purchases. This app has a fun and entertaining card game for all ages. You can play with your friends and family or with people worldwide. It’s a great game for the entire family.


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