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My PlayHome Plus MOD APK (Unlocked All Content) For Android

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My PlayHome Plus
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Additional Features

Additional Features

My PlayHome Plus MOD APK Unlocked All Content

My PlayHome Plus MOD APK All Maps Can Be Played

My PlayHome Plus MOD APK Full Version

My PlayHome Plus MOD APK Free For Android

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If you want a perfect dollhouse game, my PlayHome Plus MOD APK is for you. Dollhouse has upgraded itself for the betterment. Shimon Young: play home software develops another exciting game for you. For casual game lovers, this doll house game has some very exciting features. It has no doubt gained popularity for its available variety. You can do a lot of stuff in the game. It is Specially designed for the igeneration.
You will be playing in an unbreakable doll house. Where you can cook and use your closet. Take a shower or fry an egg. Make pizza for the whole family or switch off the lights. All the features are handy in the house. It is so easy that a 2-year-old can understand and so interesting that an 8-year-old would like to play. With the captivating gameplay, you can stick to playing this game for hours and days and more.

What is My PlayHome Plus APK?

It is a casual game for kids. Adults or anyone can also play this game. The apk version of the game is for Android devices. You will find this game easy and fun to play. The typical family members in our houses are the father, mother and kids. There is also a baby in the game. You can move to many places. Some areas are available after in-app purchases only.

What is My PlayHome Plus MOD APK?

My Playhome plus mod apk unlocked all for you to play with ease. You can get a lot of stuff and move to any area for free. You will get unlimited money for virtual purchases. You can play with as many characters as possible. Added areas of the latest version are accessible, like malls and fast food courts.


Easy to Play With a Dollhouse

Dollhouses as we know, are old child fantasies. Children play with doll houses from an early age. Developers develop digital dollhouses with easy game operation. You can access almost everything. You can be a character who can eat, sleep, shower, and do much more. With access to lights, playing new music, or putting on a new CD, you can do everything with ease. The tutorial is also given at the start of the game so that you can play easily.

Interactive Mechanics

Along with simple to play game, it has interactive features. You can sleep, eat, bathe, play, and do many other activities. You can play at home or go outside to a restaurant or a Mall. You can drive a car as well. There are many rooms in a house, like a bedroom and a living room. Outside you can visit schools, restaurants, and other places.

Game Characters

There is a total of 29 characters in the game. Out of 29 characters, five characters are your family members. The family includes a father, a mother, and 3 children. You can bathe the baby. Elderly members tell you a story at night time. Try my Playhome plus mod apk download to unlock all characters. With unlimited money, you can even buy anything.

Combination of All Applications

It is a giant gameplay. Developers do something interesting this time. They take all the original My Play Home games and combine them in a single house. So, they bring you a combined version where you can interact and play. You can move to different places like a house, shop, school or hospital, etc.

Add Other Same-Game Applications

One more exciting feature is you can keep installing the same game as previous applications. Once you download this version, data from previous game versions will be functional. With the detection mechanism of the game, you can add existing areas.

New Buildings And Eateries

If you are playing other my PlayHome games, you will get new areas here. There is a new mall addition in town. Eat in new food courts. Four fast food brands you can dine in our pizza parlor, sushi, coffee shop, burger, and hotdogs. With the added advantage plus mod apk, the latest version unlocks all areas. You can go to the mall and food court by downloading the mod version.

Suitable For Kids

It is a kids-oriented game. Because Parents made and supervised the game genre, it is suitable for kids. Parents trust the app because it is made with special consideration. It keeps kids-friendly material to play with. Play with the hand made like cartoon images.

Use Classic My Playhome Apps Without in-App Purchases

Although the game has in-app purchases in the present genre, you can still play classic my Playhome games without spending money. Yes! The old versions are free to use. Play my Playhome, my Playhome school, and others.

Other Added Features

Besides many advantages, the game has the following good aspects
No push notifications
No registration condition
No third-party advertisements display
Can be played offline
No in-app purchases for previous my Playhome games
Mod features
My Playhome plus mod apk unlocked all maps.
Since new areas are locked in the new version, in the mod version, all maps can be played. You can go to the mall for shopping. Eat in fast food courts and many more.

My Playhome Plus MOD APK Latest Version

With unlimited money in the mod version, you can go anywhere. Buy anything for free. You can also buy new furniture and other things.

Free New Characters

Get new characters in the play. With the download of the mod version, you unlock new characters. Now with added characters, play will be more interesting and fun. Not only characters you can buy new things like furniture and tables.


My PlayHome Plus MOD APK is easy to operate a doll house casual game. With family and other characters, you can do a lot in the house and outside. Some areas are added in the latest version which is not free. You can try my Playhome plus mod apk download to unlock all maps. So, you can go anywhere without hurdles.



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