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MT Manager latest version (VIP Unlocked)

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Aug 7, 2017
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Additional Features

Additional Features

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mt manager latest version
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MT Manager APK is an app that manages all the files for you. It automatically modifies software, translates apps, and edits texts. It can do many functional tasks and solve many unnecessary problems.

What is MT Manager APK?

 Copying, moving, and deleting is no more a hassle. The MT manager does this job for you. The app can also access the system directory, modify the file, read, write the application, and upgrade the license once you provide the root privilege. Manage the ZIP files. Delete, change the name, and track the activity of your files.

MT Manager mod APK

Functions of MT Manager APK

 Using MT manager, you don’t have to worry about moving, adding, and replacing external files. Usually, apps require the decompression of files, but the MT manager allows moving files without compression. In addition, you can edit texts, view pictures, play music, preview fonts, and execute scripts and different texts with the help of it.

It gets access to the root dictionary of applications through which you can make changes. Now, you can perform many functions such as compression, decompression, format changing, and renaming files that are only available on pc with the help of it.

Features of MT Manager APK

 Some of the features of the application are written below. Check out these exclusive characteristics to get to know more about the app.

Removes and adds localizations

 With the localization, the app adjusts the interface to be compatible with unfamiliar language demands. MT manager automatically removes and adds localization for apps.MT Manager APK

Supports portrait mode

 It creates a depth of field effect for you. It can also change JPEG pictures from portrait mode to landscape. Select the Crop Tool and switch on the adjustment. Always change the orientation of the photo. Drag to reposition and frame it.

 Use ID to search in arsc

 In the Android Resource table file, you can use IDs to search. These Apk packages will help you to install android apps. With the help of resource IDs, you can explore in arsc.

Create backups

 MT Manager APK automatically creates backups of your data. It syncs your data online and helps you to restore your app data if you lose it somehow.MT Manager APK

 Explore XML files

 Drag the CML file over in the app. Tap the file and open it. The app decodes the encoded plaintexts. You can then edit texts and then read the relevant information.

Keeps track of your activity

 The application records your activity. You can check the activity in the history menu. Delete the history if you no longer want to look at the previous tasks you did on the app. Turn off the history to avoid tracking the activity on the app.

FTP client

 With the feature of file transfer protocol (FTP), the app connects the host device to receive the shared files and links up with the devices on which it sends the file. The app creates a client-server model to share files easily with high speed.

Supports batch operations

 The apk version of MT manager will help you to perform the batch operations efficiently. You can delete, copy, move, rename, backup, and process sequentially with the help of it. Batch operations save you time and fast the overall operations.

Duplicate APKs

 You can easily clone APKs through the application. To do so, open the app, scroll to utilities, and go to similar apps. Select the app you want to duplicate. Switch On the toggle. The APKs will start to clone.

Upgrade APKs

MT manager optimizes the APKs efficiently. To do so, it reduces the size of the application, lessens activity leaks, regulates the performance of android encryption, prevents detraction, and reduces the application’s launch time.

Encrypts APKs

 The application converts the plain text into ciphertext to secure the information. The APKs managed by the MT manager are end-to-end encrypted. Only the relevant person can look into that information and can convert the ciphertext back into plaintext.MT Manager APK

View the java code of the VIP

 MT manager searches the java code for the specific APK and provides the relevant information to users as fast as possible. You can control the android device with the help of the JAVA programming language.

Transfer specific strings to the required localizations

 A peculiar identifier is combined with every translated string, referred to as a ‘Localization Identifier.’ Localization identifiers will help you to explore the dictionaries and track down the string’s value in various languages. You can transfer these strings to the desired localizations with the help of this application.

File editor

 You can edit any file with it. The inbuilt photo and video editors make the editing process more straightforward. In addition to photos and videos, you can edit texts, preview files, rename, and change their format through the application.


  • It has more features than an average file manager.
  • It is free and has no in-app purchases.
  • It has self-explanatory features.
  • The application has an already installed photo and video viewer.
  • It provides access to various editing options.


  • It isn’t easy to operate for people with little knowledge of the internet.
  • It contains unnecessary pop-ups.


We have summed up the features of the application for you. We recommend MT Manager APK to our users if they want a file manager who does more than just managing files. The secure application does not harm the sender and receiver’s device.MT Manager APK


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