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Movies time Mod Apk(Ad Free/Latest Version)

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Movies Time
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Movies Time APK Ad Free

Movies time MOD Apk Latest Version 2022

Movies Time MOD Ad Free & More

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Movies Time MOD APK is an online platform where you can review and download movies offline. It provides users with the best Indian content. Get to know everything about the movie. Read the necessary information and download it on your device. Read the reviews before watching a movie. Or add your review after watching the movie. It is the best app where you can read honest reviews without interruptions. Watch movies offline and add your comments when you connect to the internet.

Movies time Mod Apk

What is the movies time mod Apk?

Movies time mod apk is your go-to app for entertainment. No irritating apps, no popups, and no in-app purchases. What else a person needs? Its exclusive features make it perfect for users seeking unlimited entertainment.

You can access unlimited Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies on the movies time apk. All recent content has uploaded here. Watch your favorite movie without hassle.

How to use movies time Apk?

It is easy to use movies time mod apk. The app has a simple user interface. So, there is nothing complicated here. Enter the movie name in the search bar. Or search through keywords. All will redirect you to the movie you search for. Select the video quality and start watching it for free. If you do not understand any feature, go to the help section. Enter your query. The support team will get back to you as soon as possible. Most search queries are already there. So, there’s no need to worry about it.

Movies Time APK Ad Free
Movies Time APK Ad Free

Requirements to install movies time Apk

It would be best to have a stable internet connection to download it. The app requires permission from your device. Enable download from unknown resources. Besides, it would be best if you had 8Mbs free on your device to install the app. Other than that, if you want to download the movie offline. Watch the file size and free up space.

Download on android devices

You can download the application on your android devices. It only takes 8MB of space. So you do not have to delete your precious files or media to access them. 10.6.5 is the latest version with all new features. Movies time mod apk has no restrictions over watching time. Pass your boring time through the entertainment on the app. The download is free, so do not pay any extra charges.

Features of movies time apk

Read the short description of the features of the movies time apk to get to know the app better.

Vast Wntertainment library

The app has unlimited movies here. It has categorized movies into various categories. You can search through their genre or industry. Another way is to search through keywords. There are different movies related to romance, comedy, horror, sci-fiction, action, and mystery.

Watch live Tv

Watch up to 500 tv channels through the application. You can also watch live transmission of these tv channels with ease. Both national and international channels are present here.

Watch movies from Different Platforms

Movies on different streaming sites, such as Netflix are available here. Watch the movies without any extra charges.

Subtitles in Eight Languages

Subtitles in eight different languages are available on the movies time apk. Switch to your native language. No doubt it makes the movie more understandable when you watch it in your mother tongue. Besides, it doubles the fun.

Features of movies time Mod Apk

Following are some exclusive features of the movies time mod apk. These features make the app stand out among its competitors.

Movies time MOD Apk Latest Version 2022
Movies time MOD Apk Latest Version 2022

No ads

You will experience no ads with the mod version. There is no interruption in your entertainment now. Experience unlimited entertainment without any restrictions.

Auto removes banner stickers

The mod version blocks the banner stickers. These popups often make it difficult to tap on the screen. Since you always click on the sticker banner and it redirects you to an external page.

Disable VPN

When you watch Hollywood movies from an external source, it often requires VPN. VPN hides your original IP address and changes it to the appropriate one. But this hassle is no more with the movie time mod apk. The app makes it easy for users to access foreign content.

No piracy app verification

You must have experienced the issue of copyright while using third-party websites. It is not the case with the mod version of movies time. Have no piracy issues with movie time. Watch movies without worrying about copyright claims or piracy verification.

Disable root management

There is no need to root your android device while watching movies via movies time. The app disables root management on its own.

No need to sign-in

Do you think creating accounts on streaming sites is a waste of time? We understand it too. With the mod version, you can access your favorite movie without creating an account. You do not even have to sync with your social media accounts.

Improved audio and video quality

Movies Time MOD Ad Free & More
Movies Time MOD Ad Free & More

The mod version has improved the audio and video quality. It upgrades the streaming experience. Watch movies in HD quality. Cancel background noise with the upgraded audio system. Adjust sound effects or choose mono audio. Download the movies in the video quality of your choice.


Download the movies time mod apk to watch your favorite movies with a single tap. Download the movies offline or add them to your watch list. The app has developed to stream movies. Besides movies, you can watch live tv. Get as much benefit as you can from the application. Host unlimited movie parties. Vibe with your friends together. Get access to the latest movies—no need to wait for the video content you like. Personalize your homepage by adding preferences.


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