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iFun TV APK Latest V4.1 For Android 爱壹帆- 分享欢乐

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April. 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

爱壹帆- 分享欢乐

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The video streaming platform fit for the overseas Chinese audience is IFunTV APK. Watch your favorite films, movies, and tv shows with Chinese translation and subtitles in just a single click. Read anime in Chinese and have fun.

IFunTV APK is a fun app suitable for everyone. It is the best alternative for online streaming platforms with subscription charges and in-app purchases. Try it out if you want to watch your favorite movie with Chinese subtitles.

IFunTV mod APK

About IFunTV APK

Through this online video streaming site, you can watch your favorite shows, tv series, movies, anime, and short films in the simplified Chinese language. However, you can set English as the default language if you find difficulty reading English. This app lets you watch movies on any device such as pc or laptop, TV, mobile phone, or tablet. It supports various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. Around the world, over 60 million Chinese users are taking advantage of it.  Due to its comprehensive content library, you can explore several movies and tv shows of different genres. The original application requires subscription charges to get access to exclusive content. However, IFunTV APK provides you access to all premium content for free.

What does IFunTV APK do?

The developers have created the modded version to help overseas Chinese users to access the premium content for free of any charges. The application consumes less storage space than the original version. Therefore, for people with low storage space on their devices, it is the best way to entertain themselves without paying additional charges and clearing storage space. You can read the latest Chinese entertainment news, explore the trending page, watch movies, like other posts, and read your favorite anime.

Features of IFunTV APK

Following are some of the exclusive features of IFunTV APK that make it a leading streaming site in the overseas Chinese entertainment industry.IFunTV APK

Daily updates of what’s trending

The application has a category of Today’s hot spots. By tapping this, you can get to know about the daily update. The trending news, follow-ups of hot topics, and related articles appear here. So you can quickly get to know what is popular these days. Read accurate information and complete stories about the news. Explore through keywords or hashtags to access the hidden news, articles, and stories about a specific topic.

Explore a vast library of movies

 The app has a vast library of movies of different genres. You can explore content from various categories, such as fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, animated, horror, comedy, and sports. While streaming movies, you can increase the speed, turn on subtitles, fast forward and rewatch the essential clips. Switch to the video quality ranging from 180p to 1080p. You can also skip the part of the movie you do not want to watch.

Watch popular series

The app has access to the popular series of various websites, such as Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. You can watch the popular series aired on these websites for free on the application. In addition, you can watch the series with Chinese subtitles even though they do not have Chinese translations in the original version. Various Chinese streaming platforms are not available in every region. Therefore, it is the perfect application for overseas users who want to watch series in the Chinese language.

Find new people

Users can also create their social profiles on the application. It can be a public or private profile. People share their photos, videos, and posts on the app. The social profile will help you to connect with people around the world. You can follow other people and like their content. Connect with people around the world and start conversations. Get to know about the interests of other people.


Watch gameplays of famous gamers.

In addition to the movies, short films, video clips, and documentaries, you can watch the gameplays of the gamers. The video content of Chinese gamers, e-sport players, and YouTubers is available on the application. You can watch their live streaming gaming tournaments, etc. Search different youtube channels and watch unlimited video content with Chinese subtitles.

Listen to your favorite music.

You can listen to your favorite Chinese songs and learn about the latest release by artists. Explore music categories by finding artists, music labels, and genres. Like songs and share your feedback. Create your playlists for different moods and occasions. Listen to bangers and have fun with your friends. Share playlists with your buddies so you can listen to the same song simultaneously.

Explore the content of famous Chinese YouTubers

You can also search youtube channels on the site and watch their content without additional charges. After every video, you will find the Chinese subtitles so that you understand their content well. Psychology proves that people understand things better in their native languages. So the application is helpful for all people who want to watch videos in the Chinese language.

Read about the latest tech updates.

Apart from the source of entertainment, IFunTV APK provides the latest technology-related updates to its users. You will find reviews of the latest gadgets and tech stuff. It is a source of transparency about the latest technology. The technology news will help you to get upgraded about the tech stuff. The reviews help people to make decisions about a specific device. Reviews are the best way to determine the product’s pros and cons if you want to make a new purchase.IFunTV APK


IFunTV APK is the best platform for you to get entertainment in your native language. Download the application and have fun. The application is secure and does not contain any malware. You can have an unlimited dose of entertainment anywhere. Download the movies offline so that you can watch movies even without an internet connection.


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