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Hotstar Live TV MOD APK (Premium/Free Subscription) For Android

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Additional Features

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Hotstar Live TV MOD APK is the best entertainment site. When it comes to entertainment, the play store already has millions of apps. But they all differ from each other as they either focus on a specific industry or have limited options. The app that removes all these barriers is Hotstar Live TV apk.

Hotstar has become a leader in streaming all recent shows and quality content. In light of statistics, streaming live shows and serials is the most suitable option. If you have missed any program on your tv, don’t worry. With Hotstar, you can watch it anywhere, anytime. Two types of content streams over Hotstar. One is free, and the other one is premium. Free shows are complimentary, while premium content is payable. You can’t access them without paying subscription charges. But with Hotstar Live TV apk, you can watch premium content for free. Download the app by following simple steps. Enjoy 24/7 streaming.

What is Hotstar Live TV APK?

Hotstar Live TV APK streams content from various production houses. Like Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. Moreover, it has genuine shows, which are only available here. It has dubbed movies and tv shows to attract an audience from a specific country. From SD to full H, you will find a complete range of resolutions. With the children’s mode, you can set a suitable age range to watch safe content. You can watch all shows direct with the Hotstar Live TV apk on Android devices. Connect your app to the TV to watch everything on a big screen. You can also add it to the Chromecast to enjoy smooth streaming.

What is Hotstar Live TV MOD APK?

The Hotstar Live TV mod apk makes your life easier and more convenient. It is a modification to the original app where you can enjoy access to all premium features. With the mod, you can enjoy free downloads and unlimited streaming. Moreover, you can remove ads and unnecessary popups with ease. Make movies more relatable by switching to the language of your choice. Hotstar Live TV mod apk enables users to watch movies in various subtitles.

Features of Hotstar Live TV APK

Following are the incredible features that the Hotstar Live TV app offers. Users can access all these features by downloading the app in a few minutes.

Browse Various Categories

You can browse various categories with the Hotstar Live TV apk. The application sorts the content into various categories to make it easy for users to find relevant content. It categorizes based on genres like horror, comedy, romance, fiction, sci-fiction, drama, action, adventure, etc.

A Wide Variety of Content

The app streams a wide variety of content, including Hollywood and Bollywood. It provides entertainment to a large audience. Moreover, it streams tv shows, movies, documentaries, adventure programs, etc.
It is providing the audience with a wide variety of entertainment.

Watch Live Sports

Not only it has movies and shows, but it also streams live sports for all sports lovers out there. Watch cricket tournaments, tennis, football, basketball, etc.
You can also watch local leagues like IPL, county cricket, and big bash league.

Watch Superheroes And Marvel Shows.

Watch all your favorite superheroes and marvel stories here. Have a nostalgic experience. It brings almost 200+ movies, 100+ tv shows, and 30+ original content from Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. Watch binge-worthy shows like Avengers Infinity War, Iron Man, etc.

The best shows from Disney, like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Togo, are present here. Watch as many Disney shows as you can.

Safe Content for Kids

The app has a safe mode for kids. It will block all sensitive genres as well as restrict 18+ content. Entertaining shows for kids like Gravity Falls, and Jessie are all present here. The app is safe for kids providing a wide variety of safe entertainment.

TV Programs

Watch entertaining tv programs on Hotstar Live TV apk. You must have heard about the famous show Koffee with Karan. You can watch it here. All seasons are available on Hotstar live tv. You can also air live tv shows. They are the best entertaining option if someone is in a hurry.

Features of Hotstar Live TV MOD APK

We have discussed the features of Hotstar Live TV MOD APK here. It will help you understand how the mod is safe and better.

No Subscription Charges

With the mod, you do not have to pay any subscription charges. You can access all content for free. It will help you save money since it is an affordable option to meet your entertainment needs.

Remove Ads

Hotstar Live TV mod apk removes all advertisements to smooth the streaming experience. Through it, you will find no hindrance while watching an exciting movie.

No Popups

The mod blocks all popups on its own. Popups are so frustrating when they emerge between an exciting movie scene. Avoid such an experience by switching to Hotstar Live TV mod apk.

Free Downloads

The mod lets users download the episodes of their favorite series and movies for free. You can watch downloaded movies even without an internet connection. Add movies and shows to your list and download them when you have a stable internet connection. Avoid boredom even without the internet.

Unlimited Streaming

The mod enables users to enjoy unlimited streaming. It will not restrict screen time and never sets a limit. So, you can watch as many shows in a day as possible.


You have gone through all characteristics of the Hotstar Live TV MOD APK. Watching live shows and movies is a safe, reliable, and affordable option. Download the app now and enjoy unlimited streaming.

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