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Google Indic Keyboard MOD APK (Unlocked Features/Free) For Android

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Google Indic Keyboard
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Additional Features

Google Indic keyboard MOD APK Unlocked Features

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Google Indic keyboard MOD APK Free For Android

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Google Indic Keyboard MOD APK is a writing tool. This tool helps you write in your native language on your Android phone. You can use Google Indic Keyboard to enjoy and type in Indian languages. This app got known as the Hindi Keyboard app. Has been renamed to Indic Keyboard by Google. Along with other keyboard features. The company added support for 10 more regional Indian and South Indian languages. New languages include Bengali, Gujarati, and Malayalam. Assamese, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. In-space layout. Mobile devices with hidden keyboard trends are more convenient. But they also come with a few typing annoyances. Edit drive files, especially if you type a lot to respond to emails. The application I have brought to you does the work well enough. You can find it on this page.
You can multitask and customize the keyboard also to type faster. With the device’s standard keyboard because the characters appear right away. The Google Indic keyboard mod apk has all the features for easy typing. It is a great typing tool for most users. You can select the best input method for you in three ways. Depending on whether you’re stationary or mobile, busy, or have some free time to type:
gliding through the characters while typing
It is simple to dictate text while on the go using voice typing.
Or type characters using standard keystrokes.
The application provides the best features for people. Who wants to write in different languages? It doesn’t make the users frustrated. This keyboard has most of the letters from the language you choose. Users will be able to create letters. It doesn’t create any distractions for users. It is a very great application.
You can use the app on your smartphone to compose messages and emails. Or updates for social media sites in your language. It has different languages for different keyboards. It supports many diverse countries and their languages. Some of them are Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi, and many more. Install and use this app to input your language if you can read it in its original form. Otherwise, it may not get supported by your device. Many users use this application to write in their languages. So, users love this application. It is easy to download from here.

What is the Google Indic keyboard?

Google Indic Keyboard mod apk has support for different input types. The first is translation Mode. The mod gives you output or input in the original language. Words of English are used to explain the language. The second mode in line is the original keyboard mode. The mod next in line is the handwriting one. This mode lets you write letters in your language with handwriting. The mode available for Hindi only is the Hinglish mode. In this mode, Hindi words are suggested in English transcripts. This application has a very great feature for users. Most users prefer this keyboard to the others, so it’s a great one.

What is Google Indic Keyboard MOD APK?

It is the modded version of the application. You’ll get an application that got modified. This application’s paid content is accessible for free. The mod application offers extra features but no advertising. These factors are contributing to Mod’s popularity and widespread use. It is a top-notch mod software application. The Google Indic keyboard mod apk is free from this page. Utilizing the modified version is simple. This application is excellent.

Features of Google Indic Keyboard MOD APK


You can multitask while typing characters and conducting a Google search. You are using this portable keyboard tool without impacting the search result’s validity. The Error Search bar can get used while typing to allow users to. See their own mistakes and fix them immediately. You can also use it to make your stickers. You can create a sticker of your face using the selfie camera to take a picture. The next step is to customize your sticker using the many options the application offers. This keyboard lets you use customizable emojis. So, you can have fun with your friends using them.

Language Support

You can use it wherever you are. Because this app supports hundreds of languages, including languages from different continents. It supports a wide variety of languages. It is friendly. Many users love this application.

Easy to Use

The user interface of this keyboard app for Android is straightforward and uncluttered. This app is suitable for all users, including beginners. Many of the keyboards are very difficult to use. Most users complain because of it. So, many users have become vary of it. But the problem got solved by Google Indic keyboard mod apk. Users can multitask while typing characters. They are conducting a Google search using this keyboard tool. Without having an impact on the accuracy of the search results. So, the application is easy to use

Features of Google Indic Keyboard MOD APK

No Ads

The application is the paid version, free of cost. So, there are no ads in it. Users can use it without facing any bad ads. So, users like the mod version of the application.


Suppose you are looking for a keyboard. That lets you write in your native language. In which you can write full suggested words. Then you are in the right place. This keyboard is for you. Download Google Indic Keyboard MOD APK free from here.


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