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Google Account Manager APK (100% Working/Unlimited Money) For Android

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Google Account Manager
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Additional Features

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Google Account Manager APK is your authorized manager for all your google accounts. If you are looking for a reliable app from where you can use all google features, then it is the right place for you. The app will synchronize to all your account servers. So that you can access any google application with ease. Verification is necessary on your smartphone to use all features. The app does the authorization for you. All you need is to verify the account one time. The app does the rest for you without any hesitation. All your google accounts and relevant applications will synchronize with it.

What is Google Account Manager APK?

Google account manager apk solves your problem of remembering different passwords for accounts. It saves the relevant passcodes and authorized passwords for you. So that you do not have to type each time you want to log in. It will update on its own if you make changes to the password. You can log in to any of the accounts with a single tap. Google is an open source for all devices. But on smartphones, you can enjoy only a basic google application. With this app, you can access all hidden features of Google and will be able to use app-relevant apps. It supports various versions of android. Hence, the app has high compatibility. The main idea of developing the application is to manage your google account in a single touch.

What is Google Account Manager MOD APK?

Google Account Manager mod apk is a different app from the traditional application. It acts as an admin, which helps you to use the paid version for all your cloud services free of charge. You can control and manage the files, account information, history, and downloads. The mod can balance the account and optimizes performance for all. You can add several accounts for various purposes. Like it will help you to separate your personal and business accounts. You can also favorite important tasks and manage the lists and to-do tasks. It will help an app focus on accounts and perform better. Without the app, it will become difficult to manage all accounts.

Moreover, it is not easy to remember passwords for every account. The app remembers it for you. So, don’t worry about doing verifications again and again.

How to Use the App?

You need to create an account first. Use your android smartphone to verify your google account. When the account gets proper verification, start saving your passwords. You can choose any verification method. But the preferred one is to verify through phone number. As it is easy and takes a few minutes. The UI of the app will start functioning according to it. Usually, you can use a single account on your device. But with Google Account Manager mod apk, you can add many accounts. Every account gets synchronization on the application to work well with Android.

Simple Steps to Download Google Account Manager APK

To download the google account manager apk, you only need to follow simple steps. Connect to a stable internet connection and allow permissions on your device. To enable permissions, you have to open settings. Search for permissions. Scroll down until you find the ‘download from unknown resources.’ Enable permissions. After doing so, click on the downloading link. The app will download in a few minutes. After completing the installation process, you must set up your google accounts. So, the app can remember passwords for you. The app is ready to use.

Features of Google Account Manager APK

Following are the features of the Google Account Manager apk. Read the short description of the app for easy usage.

Easy User Interface

The app is easy to use, even for people who lack skill in internet use. The app has a simple user interface, so you don’t face any problems.

Search Devices With Connected email ID

The app finds devices connected to the email ID that has logged in to the app. Through it, you can look up the list of devices on which the account has logged in. It will help you to keep a record of the activity on the app.

Manages Google Payments for You

Not only it manages emails, photos, and files through google drive. But it also keeps a record of your google payments. Once you save information for Google Pay, it will keep track of it. Furthermore, it will notify you about the payments made through your google account.

Automatic Data Backup

The app backup data on its own. So you don’t have to worry about losing your important files and photos. All data respective to the account will back up on its own unless you stop it by yourself.

Keeps a Record of Your Activities

The app keeps records of your activity. You can check how much time you spend on your google account. Your most searched queries also appear here.

Directs Third-Party App Data

Google Account Manager apk directs third-party apps for you. So that your data will remain in safe hands. It analyzed third-party apps so that they may not steal any personal information.

Run Several Accounts

You can use many multiple accounts through it. If you have separate accounts for private and business, you will not miss an important email. The app manages all your accounts for you.

Features of Google Account Manager MOD APK

We have discussed important features of Google Account Manager mod apk. Learn how the mod is a better version of this app.

Access to Premium Features

You can access all premium features with the Google Account Manager mod apk. There is no need to worry about that. Without any premium subscriptions, you can use it without any hesitation.

Unlocks All Tools

The mod unlocks all tools for you. You can now use all exclusive tools offered by google. For all your google accounts, it synchronizes the data. Enjoy the same features for all accounts you log in to through the app.


FRP is the factory reset protection. The app secures your phone and prevents FRP Bypass. So, anyone who attempts to reset your device can’t do so. Factory reset of your device will reset your data. Reset, or phone will erase all your data from the device, including google accounts.

No Ads

There are no ads on the Google Account Manager mod apk. You can remove all pop-ups and ads by switching to the mod.


We have discussed the Google Account Manager APK through different aspects. So you can learn how the app works and is beneficial for you. In short, it is a reliable and safe option for you to manage your data on several google accounts. Many people have more than one account. It is difficult for them to manage accounts by logging in and out again and again. It is the most useful app for them. Moreover, a professional account manager does the job well. You can manage your account as well as several business accounts at the same time.

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