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Gallery Vault Pro APK (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) For Android

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Additional Features

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Gallery Vault Pro APK is an outstanding app for hiding your media. This app includes hiding photos, videos, documents, recordings, and other types of files. It has the most efficient storage and management. Gallery Vault Pro APK allows its users to download pictures and videos. You can download it from any browser and social app. Moreover, it permits us to hide these downloaded media in the Gallery Vault Pro APK. It has the simplest and easiest interface. Anyone can use this app with great smoothness. It has the best privacy protection elements. It can safeguard the uploaded files with the most skill.
Gallery Vault APK enables its users to turn on the dark mode to relieve eye fatigue. You can add files in Gallery Vault APK by sharing them in the gallery or file website. It has the icon disguise option. This option can let us hide the Gallery Vault APK app by disguising it as a calculator. It has a variety of beautiful themes that can add to its beauty. It has break-in alerts, fake password creation, and enable private camera features. These features help to stop the leakage of personal data. You can set a password to the app and unlock it with a pattern. We have permission to change the language of the app. It supports many languages.

What is the Gallery Vault APK?

Gallery Vault APK is a fantastic media hiding app. It can hide any type of media such as pictures, videos, important files, and so on. This app was first released on 4 August 2012. Gallery Vault Developer Team offers this app. It requires Android 5.0 and up to install it. We can add pictures, videos, and any other file. Moreover, we can take pictures, and tape videos. The captured photos and videos will add to the selected folder in Gallery Vault APK. It also provides its users to create many folders according to their wishes. Gallery Vault APK users have the advantage to set a password for the created folders. Besides subfolders, it also supports SD Cards.

What is the Gallery Vault Pro APK?

Gallery Vault Pro APK is the most advanced version of Gallery Vault APK. It has many enhanced features that can give its users an excellent experience. There is no risk of file loss in the professional version. It has the shake close option. This option can let you turn off the Gallery Vault Pro APK in a hurry by shaking your mobile phone. It has more secure password settings than the usual one. The pro version allows its users to set a fingerprint lock beside the pattern lock. This upgraded version sets a different keyboard every time the user opens the app. It has an unlimited upload limit. New themes give the users a completely new experience. It has the icon disguise and hides icon features. These features help to build a more secure app lock. It has backup and restores capabilities.

How to use the Gallery Vault Pro APK?

Gallery Vault Pro APK has the simplest user interface. It makes it easy to access the Gallery Vault Pro APK app. There are three basic pages: Gallery, Discovery, and Me. The first page is the one where you can add pictures, videos, and other documents. It also lets us take photos and videos in Gallery Vault Pro APK. This page allows us to create new folders, rename, delete and lock them by using a certain password. There are three ways to download data from apps. These are: Clicking the share option of the file such as image or video and tapping the gallery vault icon.
Save the file to the device and search for it in Gallery Vault Pro APK. The third page is the one where you can view your account details and storage. It also has a settings option. This lets you change general, security, export and unhide, and other settings. Moreover, you can enable icon disguises, break-in alerts, private cameras, and many more.

What are the advantages of the Gallery Vault Pro APK over other similar apps?

There are many advantages of Gallery Vault Pro APK over other similar apps. It grants its users to take a free trial of three days and get a refund in the trial period. It also gives its new users an amazing discount offer. It supports sub-folders and SD Cards. It can download media: photos, videos, audio notes, documents, and many more. You can install files from any webpage such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. You can also install from apps like TikTok . WhatsApp, and others. It has those features which are not accessible from other similar apps. These include device migration, break-in alerts, fake passwords, shake close, and more. It has the neatest feedback corner. You can write your feedback by first selecting a topic. Then add a description to it, and provide related images to elaborate your feedback.

Features of the Gallery Vault APK:

Dark Mode:

You can enable dark mode to release eye fatigue. It helps its users to a great extent.

 Break-in Alerts:

Gallery Vault APK has the feature of a break-in alert. It means that the app takes a photo when unlocking fails.

 Fake Password:

When your phone unlocks with a fake password, the app shows fake content. With this technique, the one who is unlocking the app cannot get alarmed and your files get saved too.

 Private Camera:

The app has a built-in private camera that allows users to take photos and videos. These photos add to the Gallery Vault APK app by default.


You can upload at most 100 files every month. Any other similar app cannot provide such a large file limit.

 Device Migration:

You can migrate files from your old device to the new one without any data loss.

Features of the Gallery Vault Pro APK:

Hide Pictures and videos

In this pro version of gallery vault, you can hide your pictures and videos from everyone. Many people do not want to show their pics to others. So it is a good feature for them. You can save it secretly.

 No Ads:

You can enjoy an ad-free version. No more ads will disturb you in this professional version.

 No Storage Limitation:

You can add unlimited files. There is not a single kind of restriction for storage limit in the Gallery Vault Pro APK. Users can enjoy this feature only in the pro version.

Pro Unlocked

Gallery Vault Pro Apk is Pro unlocked. This is a good feature for many people.

With Key

You will get the key for the locks in this new version. This is a useful feature.

Shake Close:

You can shake your phone to turn off the device in a hurry. It can save you time and provide you with an advanced level of protection.

 Fingerprint Passcode:

Besides the pattern lock, you can enter a fingerprint passcode in the pro version. It is in itself an amazing update.

 Random Password Keyboard:

You can enable the Random Password Keyboard option. This option shows different keyboards every time the app opens up.

 Recycle Bin:

It has a recycle bin that stores your data after deletion for about 60 days in case you want to undo it.


Gallery Vault Pro APK is a fantastic app. It can hide your photos, videos, and all sorts of files with high protection. It can encrypt your hidden with no data loss. It has a backup and recovery capability. This allows you to retrieve all damaged files. You can install this app if you are in search of a privacy protection app.


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