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FM WhatsApp APK (Updated/Latest Version) For Android

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FM WhatsApp
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Additional Features

Additional Features

FM WhatsApp APK Updated

FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version

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FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. This application comes with an extensive range of features and modifications. It’s time that we leave our old source of communication and move forward to try innovation. It will not only make the process speedy but will also introduce us to new technology.
So, if you are also struck with old ways, come forward and try something new. If you won’t do it today, then there is a chance that the world will be so ahead of you.
Fm WhatsApp has extraordinary features like hiding statuses, themes, deleted messages, or statuses.
Last but not least, Fm WhatsApp allows you to customize options according to your will. Its privacy features to ensure that you can keep information private. If you don’t want to show anyone. It lets you hide double ticks, online status, and more.
Download this application today if you are also fed up with using old and the same version with limited.

What is FM Whatsapp APK?

FM whatsapp is Fouad Mokdad bestest innovation. It might be the cloned version of the original WhatsApp, but it has better features. Moreover, there are no security issues, meaning you can download and use it on your android phone.

Is FM Whatsapp Online Application?

Yes, FM Whatsapp is an online application.

How to Download FM Whatsapp on Your Phone?

Before downloading this application, you should know it is a third-party application. You can’t download it from the play store. So first of all, open go to chrome and look up Fm WhatsApp name. There you will find an application downloading link.
Download the app. Make sure you have already enabled the unknown resource option from the setting. It has a fast downloading process. So, at most, it will take five to seven minutes.
Now that you have got your application. Open it and put in your number. It will send you the code but in time. Once you have signed in, you can freely use this latest version of WhatsApp.



While using cloned apps like this, every user’s biggest fear is getting banned. Let us break this good news to you there is nothing like that. It’s an anti-ban application. You can download and use it without worrying about getting banned.

Personal Icons:

It lets you alter the icon. Now you can have your personal icons on Whatsapp.


This application is brighter, more colorful, and more cheerful than the original version. There is a variety of themes available. This feature allows you to change the theme, not make the display look more attractive and catchy.

Hide Ticks:

These days our biggest fear is mistakenly opening someone’s chat which we want to ignore. And you have to reply to them because you have seen their messages, and they know it because of the blue tick. To help you out here, hide the blue tick feature. Through settings, you can turn on hide blue features. It will not show a blue tick or whether you have read the message.

Hide typing And Recording:

That typing and recording popping on your screen let others know you are up to something. If you want to catch them off guard, use this hide typing and recording feature. It will surprise them with your message.

Hide Last Seen:

Whether it’s physical or virtual socializing, both consume enough energy. You are only sometimes in a mood; sometimes, we need a break from social media. So, instead of telling others to don’t disturb and sounds like a rude person. You can turn off the last seen. With this feature, your contacts can only see your last seen while you can see theirs.

Hide View Status:

Hiding status features from others is the best thing FM WhatsApp introduced. Now you can hide your status from others without them knowing but be able to watch them.

Call Blocker:

Receiving unexpected calls and messages from unknown numbers is everyone’s biggest pet peeve. But there are still people who need help understanding that. So, to help you out here, this application offers a call blocker feature. You can receive the messages, but it will block the call. It is great news for introverts.


It doesn’t matter how old you are; you have to agree that there is no fun in conversation with emojis. But the limited emojis are enough to describe our mood. That’s why this application comes with the latest emoticons.

Broadcast Messages:

The broadcast messages feature is best for sharing news, announcements, and occasion greeting. You can type a message for 500 people in your contact list. So, this feature will let you send your message to everyone.

Pin Chats:

We usually use this feature to pin essential chats. But in ordinary WhatsApp, you can only pin three very limited chats. So, considering the demand, FM lets you pin a hundred chats.


You can use something other than boring WhatsApp wallpaper. There is are much of beautiful wallpaper, you can choose any wallpaper you want to set on your chat screen.

Anti-Delete Messages:

WhatsApp’s delete for everyone feature might be a lifesaver for some, but it is also annoying. If you also dislike it, try FM’s anti-delete message feature. It will delete the message from the sender’s side but not yours.


We suggest you use this application to keep your images and video quality. It is way better than the original version. It ensures image resolution remains intact.

Anti-Delete Status:

Now you can view deleted status too. If your contact has deleted the status before 24 hours, you can still view it without them knowing.

Hide Media:

Everyone feels uncomfortable displaying their media. For those, hidden media is perfect. It lets you hide media from the gallery.

Share Larger Files And Audio:

Official application is strict and limited in sharing files and data. But sometimes you got an important data to share then, it creates issues. To sort this issue out, the Fm version lets you share over 100 MB or more data at a time.


WhatsApp is the most private application on your phone. Use its app lock feature if you don’t want others to prey. No one will be able to access it except you.

Chat Backup:

It makes a backup of your chats. You can set a time for it too. It will help you access years-old conversations even on a different phone.

Forwarded Tag:

Nothing is more embarrassing than the forward tag on a message you share with someone. It makes the situation awkward and gives the impression you can’t type a message for them. To avoid such a situation, FM WhatsApp presented disabling the Forward tag feature.
Now you can forward unlimited messages without anyone knowing it.

Duplicate Calls:

This feature lets you duplicate new calls. Now you can attend two calls at the same time.

Reaction Feature:

It is life saver feature. If you want to avoid typing a message but want others to acknowledge your presence, then use this feature. You can give an emoji to react to their message.


Being a cloned version with modifications generates suspicion. Fm WhatsApp has come up with new security features to overcome those threats and risks. These features ensure users’ privacy and security.


There is no doubt that this application is a great and privileged version. But like every third-party application, there are also some drawbacks, such as


This version works slower than the official due to the excess features.


FM WhatsApp may ensure users’ privacy from hackers and others. But can they claim that users’ information is also safe from developers? They are reluctant to answer that because developers can access users’ information.


If you want unlimited premium features, FM WhatsApp should be your priority. It has a great many features that even original WhatsApp doesn’t have.
It keeps your information private from others, but Headquarters have access to them. If you have no issues with that, this is a tremendous anti-ban application.


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