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FFH4X Mod Menu (Latest Version) ForAndroid

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Additional Features

Additional Features

FFH4X Mod Menu APK Latest Version


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FFH4X Mod Menu APK is a modification to the popular game Free Fire. You must have competency, skills, and experience to survive in the game. The initial levels are easy. But the game gets tough in the later levels. Here we will discuss how FH4X Mod Menu Apk has made the life of Free Fire gamers easy and convenient. Download the app and alter the way you have played the game before.

With the popularity of the game Free Fire, players are finding ways to improve gameplay. One of the solutions to this problem is FFH4X Mod Menu APK. Developers have made this app to assist gamers. It is like a helping tool through which users can get free game items and premium content in an instant. Please take a look at the features of these apps and get to know what they offer. End your curiosity and dig into the article.

What is FFH4X APK?

FFH4X is a simple android application that acts like a helping hand for the Garena Free Fire. Many apps in the free fire gaming community have similar functions like PSH4X Injector, etc.
The application has a simple user interface. Players can have free in-game items, access to all weapons, and many more. Your struggling days in the free fire have ended. Now, all you have to do is to enjoy the game, as you can activate all hacks through it.

What is the FFH4X Mod Menu APK?

With the FFH4X Mod Menu APK, you can use all exclusive premium features. It can convert a noob player into a pro player. Kick off all your weaknesses and double the fun with the mod version of the game. It will help you to use all resources that the game offers. Improve your progress in the Garena Free Fire. Do not delay a whole new setup of the game. Enjoy playing Free Fire without slacking off.

How to install FFH4X APK?

To install FFH4X APK, all you need are two things. The foremost thing is a stable internet connection. And the other is permission from your device to download from unknown resources. Click on the downloading link. The app will download in a fraction of a second. Install the app afterward. Signup with your Free Fire account. Or create a new account to confirm the app. You will then be able to use all the game’s premium features with ease.

Features of FFH4X APK

Following are the features of FFH4X APK. Have a look at the short description of these features. So you can know what FFH4X is offering.

Increase speed

With FFH4X APK, you can increase your character’s speed with convenience. Set the speed by choosing from 2X, 3X, or 4X. Raise as much speed as you can. The increased speed will help you reach your destination faster if you do not find any vehicle.

Activate night mode

Activate night mode in the game. All you need is to change the game’s mode in settings. The environment of the app will change to night conditions.

Avoid all obstacles

Avoid obstacles with FFH4X. The obstacles distract the players from reaching their destination. Players can also miss their shots due to such unnecessary hurdles. Remove all obstacles by using the app.

Damage your opponents

Give your opponents the damage up to 15%. By giving sudden damage, the app will make it easy for you to attack your enemies. You can knock them down in a few shots.

Eat Mushrooms Faster

Players will eat mushrooms at a fast speed after using the application.

Features of FFH4X Mod Menu APK

The exclusive features of the FFH4X Mod Menu APK are discussed below. Check them out to see how the mod differs from the original app.

Unlimited Health

Get unlimited health with the FFH4X Mod Menu APK. Stay strong in your game and devastate the camps of your enemies.

Unlimited Headshots

The mod will let you access unlimited headshots. With such an option, you can shoot opponents from a far distance. Moreover, headshots help to shoot enemies with one bullet.

Unlimited Aimbot

You can access the aimbot feature with the mod. There is no need to put in extra effort while aiming. Never miss an opportunity to knock your enemy with aimbot. It will help you to boost the shooting skills of the players.

2X high Jumps

Jumps are the key tools to survive in a difficult situation. It can help you avoid obstacles and run at high speed. Make 2X higher jumps by switching to mod.

Access to All Skins

Use all skins by downloading the FFH4X Mod Menu APK. Skins make the game’s character, weapons, and appearance funky.


With the autofire feature, you can set your aim and let the weapon shoot your enemies. It will save you time and energy.

Limited Recoil

Limit the recoil of your guns by using the mod. It will make your aim perfect. You can handle heavy weapons in this way with convenience.

Remove Fog

Remove fog via FFH4X Mod Menu APK The fog makes everything blur, and users can’t focus on anything this way. Clear your vision in the Free Fire with the help of the FFH4X Mod Menu APK.


FFH4X Mod Menu APK is a useful application for all Free Fire players. With the help of this app, they can improve their gameplay. It is compatible with a variety of devices and has limited space. So you can download it without any restrictions.

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