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FF Hack APK (auto headshot + Unlimited Diamonds)

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Mar 23, 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

FF Hack APK auto headshot
FF Hack APK Unlimited Diamond Free
FF Hack APK Latest Version Unlimited Diamonds, Money 2022

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Battle royale games are getting clout these days. Free fire is an example of a game that is famous nowadays, particularly among youngsters and teens. Especially in the times of Covid-19, such action-adventure games have engaged a massive audience. Since many players are attracted to such games, developers are trying to refine them daily.

FF Hack APK auto headshot
FF Hack APK auto headshot

Users are searching for easy and valuable strategies to make gameplay convenient. There are many modded applications of the original version of free fire for players’ ease. Among those apk versions, ff hack apk is the most reliable one. However, there are still security problems, so we suggest you enter through a fake username so that there are no chances of getting your account banned from the official site.

About ff hack apk

Ff hack apk offers users tons of cheat codes, free weapons, and unlimited items. It is the most updated version of the Free Fire. You can explore all modified versions here. For all the fans of Free Fire, it is more like a belling in disguise. Due to its immense popularity, users look for applications that make gameplay easy.

It offers new cheat codes to its users, valid for free fire. Applying those cheats allows you to access unlimited free items such as weapons, armor, skins, etc. You can modify your gaming experience using hacks for aiming, safety, life, running, flying, and ESPs if you want to make your free fire journey easier without any hassle, download the ff hack apk to your android devices.

FF Hack APK Unlimited Diamond Free
FF Hack APK Unlimited Diamond Free

Why is ff hack apk useful?

 If you are searching for a valid reason to download the ff hack apk, you have come to the right site. We have listed some ways to ensure it is helpful for the free-fire players.

Aim well automatically

 Aimbot is present in the FFS hack to activate the precise aiming automatically. Shooter video games are about targeting your enemies and knocking them down. If you do not defeat them outright, they will defeat you. So, the aimbot helps you to shoot any other player accurately in the game, taking half of your stress of winning the game. Your chances of winning the game will increase if you apply this cheat in your gameplay.

FF Hack APK Latest Version Unlimited Diamonds, Money 2022
FF Hack APK Latest Version Unlimited Diamonds, Money 2022

Direct headshots

You can target your enemy in just a single tap with the help of direct headshots. However, it requires precise aim. You can choose any weapon of your choice and knock down your enemy. Ffs hack apk makes the process easier for its users. The code ‘auto headshot’ is used to activate automatic headshots in the game. It requires customized sensitivity settings, better skills in crosshair positions, and a HUD layout.

Enhanced sensitivity

 Sensitivity helps users to control the movement of the character. With the cheat ‘Sensitivity (1 to 5),’ players can completely manage their avatar. It is the best way to cope with the issue for those who cannot regulate their nature well. The overall chances of winning the game will increase if you enhance the sensitivity of your character. The most suitable sensitivity for players is adjusting general from 90 to 100, red dot to 90, 2X scope to 85, 4X scope between 70 and 80, range of sniper up to 60, and accessible look to 67. You can follow these instructions to enhance the sensitivity manually.

Trace crosshair

The crosshair in the free fire will help users aim at the opponent’s head quickly. Due to its momentum, always place the crosshair slightly above the location to seek. It will recoil and shoot at the desired aim. To simplify the process, use the game’s cheat ‘draw crosshair’. Always select a brighter crosshair than a dark one as it does not blend with surroundings and aims precisely.

FF Hack App


Enter fake username

Ff hack apk will generate a fake username for you to play the free fire. You do not have to insert your real name and personal credentials. Play under a fake id and train yourself. Get your hands on different weapons and practice. Try different sensitivities to get to know what suits you well. You can create an account with your real name once you master the gameplay.

Increase running speed

 With the cheat ‘Speed Running,’ you can run faster than usual. You can adjust the speed from level one to level three. Therefore, the code is also known as speed running 1 to 3. Fast running will help you chase your opponent, save yourself, collect weapons, and complete tasks. You can also change the sensitivity to increase the speed. Here’s how. Set the general to 100, red dot to 100, 2X scope to 90, 4X scope to 80, AWM scope to 65, and free look to 51.

Double your weapons

What can be better than taking more weapons in a battle? Only well-armed soldier can fight their enemy well. Now get twice the guns as you can in the FFS hack apk. Groza, shotguns, handguns, rifles, missiles, M1187, AK47, pistol, launcher, bow, SMG, LMG, and many other options are available in Garena free fire. Double the number of weapons by using the code ‘Double Weapon.’

FF Hack App

Use teleported car

Teleported cars are available only on advanced servers. It enables users to teleport from one location to another. Teleportation refers to a player’s movement from one place to another without traversing the intervening space. It saves time and helps users to complete tasks faster. You can easily escape a location and reach your destination.


Ffs hack apk is a practical application that helps users get a better gaming experience without the hassle. Besides its users’ remarkable features, it is free of cost and does not require subscription charges. The file size is also reduced so players can easily download it on their android devices. With its friendly user interface, you can easily play your game with access to advanced features since it offers the same graphics, gameplay, and items as in the original version. Download now and have fun.

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