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FakePay-Money Transfer Prank APK (Free Purchase/Latest Version) For Android

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FakePay-Money Transfer Prank APK is fun and allows the user to have a good time. If your day is not good and you feel down, you can get this app on your phone. This app allows the user to prank his friends and family by sharing fake money details. Here you can share random bank screenshots with your friends and prank them. Tell them how rich you are and make them rub their eyes twice. This app will turn on the heat and let you have a good time.
This app allows the user to fool their relatives. Show them how successful you are by sharing fake bank statements. You can edit the amount on the bank online receipt. Make yourself a fake billionaire, and have fun. Leave everyone around you in shock and let the chaos begin. This app is only for fun and does not harm anyone. Keep on reading this article to know more about this exciting prank app.

What is FakePay-Money Transfer Prank Apk?

This app is an entertainment app. it allows the user to share random money transfer screenshots with friends and family. Leave everyone in shock and enjoy your day by playing this chaotic game. You can edit the screenshot by adding your account number to give it a realistic look. The screenshots that you will create on your own will have the exact original preview.
This app will allow you to have fun while pranking the people in your contact list. You are having a bad day and want to do something exciting and fun. Then download this app on your phone and change the dull day into a bright one. You have to go through no formalities to get this app. You can make your QR codes, Bank statements, Account number, and more. Tell people how rich you are and leave them in shock by using this app.

What is FakePay-Money Transfer Prank Mod Apk?

The modified version of the app contains a lot of exciting features. It is free of ads that will give the user a smooth experience. You can design the screenshots with the element of realism. The free purchase option in the mod version allows the user to buy different items. Like you can get free sample QR codes and much more. Avail of all the free offers in the mod version and have fun pranking the people around you. Impress your friends by sending these screenshots, and enjoy.
The mod version is available for all Android users. You can download it on any of your android versions for free. There is no need to pay for this app as it is free. You don’t have to spend a penny on this app. Enjoy the free fun available in this app and enter a world of chaos. Leave the people around you in confusion. Download the mod version on your phone now and have fun.

How to Download This App?

There are a few simple steps for the installation of the original version. You must search for this app on the browser and click on the first link in front of you. Scroll down the page and press the download button. Follow these easy steps and get this app on your android version.
There are a few changes in the installation steps of the mod version. If you want to download the mod version, you have to uninstall the original version from your device. Search for the mod version and click the download button to proceed with the installation. Allow the third-party sources on your phone and get this app for yourself. This app is free of bugs and allows the user to have a smooth experience.

Features of FakePay-Money Transfer Prank Apk

In this era of chaos and tension, this app allows the user to have a good time. Prank your friends and have fun with this app’s exciting features. Following are the exciting features of this app that makes it the best among all:

Multiple Bank Accounts

This app is for entertainment purposes that allow the user to have fun. Make your dull day fun through this app. impress your family and friends by sending fake money statements. Leave everyone in shock and become a millionaire in their eyes. This app allows the user to have multiple bank accounts. You can create random accounts and edit the amount in them as well. Send screenshots of these accounts and prank your friends. Throw them in a sea of chaos and let them dangle there and have fun.

Fake Wallet

You can create fake wallets through this app. And edit the amount in the wallet to make people mumble in their heads. You can add as much fake money as you want to in it. There is no stop to the addition of numbers in it. Enjoy the gameplay by creating and editing the wallet. Send the screenshots to your family members and make the question you. This app allows the user to become a millionaire within a few minutes with the fake money he creates. Enjoy every bit of this app and kill the boredom by pranking your contact list.

Create And Edit the Account Number

You can create your own virtual account number. Edit that account number as many times as you want to pretend to have many accounts. This epic concept of this app allows the user to have fun with his friends. Show them how rich you are by sending them random account screenshots. These pictures are so realistic that they will believe them. So have a fun time with this exciting app and enjoy.

Edit The Balance of Your Bank

You can edit the amount in your bank within a few clicks. There is no stop to the numbers you want to put in. add millions and billions in your account and change the bank balance. Impress the people around you and let them wonder. This app is for entertainment only and does not harm the assistance of other people in any way.

Fake Credit Card Bill

You can create fake credit cards bill. The element of realism will make those fake bills real ones. And the people will think that you are rich. Download this app now and have fun while pranking your friends.

Fake Money Transfer Screenshots

This app allows the user to create fake screenshots. No one will ever think those pictures are fake because of their editing tools. You can create free and real screenshots to make your friend jealous. So download this app now and enjoy the fun it contains. This app is a little bundle of joy for people who feel down.

Features of FakePay-Money Transfer Prank Mod Apk

The mod version contains the following features in it:

Free Purchase

This app is free to download. And the menu enables the user to purchase free editing tools. You can use these tools to make the screenshots look real. The free purchase option allows users to access all the premium features without spending real money.

Ad Free

This app is free of ads and allows the user to have a smooth experience. You can create fun screenshots with this app without any disruption. So download this exciting app and have fun.

Available For Android Devices

This app is available for all android devices. You can get it on any version of your device. All you have to do is follow the simple installation steps and have fun. This app will not harm your device as it is free from bugs and viruses.


FakePay-Money Transfer Prank APK allows users to create fake payment screenshots and prank their friends. You can impress everyone with fake money and have fun. So download this app by following the easy installation steps and have fun.

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