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Facebook lite download apk latest version 2022

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Aug 28, 2022
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Varies with device
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Additional Features

Additional Features

facebook lite apk download latest version
facebook lite download apk latest version 2022 kenya
facebook lite download apk latest version for android
facebook lite latest version apkpure

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Facebook Lite APK is a modified application of Facebook. Facebook is one of the pioneers of social media networking sites. With its popularity, the developers tried to develop apps that have modified features than official applications and can prove to be more convenient for users.

facebook lite apk download latest version
facebook lite apk download latest version

What is Facebook Lite APK?

The modded version offers the same features as Facebook but is even more convenient. You can log in with the same account as on Facebook to synchronize your data on the app. The interface is similar to the original application. You can share your pictures on your stories and feed, update the public by sharing your location, share your thoughts by writing posts, like and comment on the posts of others, participate in live events, and share memes with your friends.

What does Facebook Lite APK do?

Among the thousands of similar applications that provide the same user interface as Facebook, Facebook Lite APK is an authorized client that helps users access this famous social networking site with additional modified features and low storage consumption. The application is a perfect fit for those with a limited internet connection since it saves data.

The app size is approximately 250kbs, which takes about 100 times less storage space than the original application. The modded version offers additional exclusive features too. For instance, it works efficiently on the 2G and 3G internet connections. So, even on a low internet speed, you can easily access your friends. So, it is the perfect application for those who want to enjoy the features of Facebook on low storage space and limited data.

Create your social profile

facebook lite download apk latest version 2022 kenya
facebook lite download apk latest version 2022 kenya

Create your social profile on Facebook Lite APK and add your personal information. Personal information refers to your name, school/university, city, workplace, interests, and hobbies. Although it is a social profile, you can limit its access.

You can control who can see your personal information on Facebook with restrictions. Log in to your existing account by entering your email, address, phone number, or account name and entering the password. If you forget the password, tap to forgot password. The application will redirect you to the page where you can reset your password through Gmail or mobile phone.

Share your thoughts with other people.

Once your account is signed in, you can share whatever you like. Share your memories, photos, videos, and thoughts by creating a post. The post appears on the feed where people can like, comment, and share it further. Talk about what’s happening in the world, share opinions on a public matter, or make an announcement about a big day. It is totally up to you. You can also edit and customize your pictures and videos and change the background of your posts. Choose a template to add spice to your posts.

Participate in live events

facebook lite download apk latest version for android
facebook lite download apk latest version for android

Various digital companies host virtual events on the application. The events can be sold on brands, launch new digital products, esports tournaments, live streaming, etc. Participation in these events is done virtually. Through the live coverage, you will access what’s happening in the event. Brands usually do so to connect to a large audience since Facebook has millions of users. People with similar interests as you participate in such events. You can also share your feedback about the event. Please give it a rating once it is done.

Get to know what’s trending.

You will discover what is favored by exploring the trending videos on the Facebook Lite APK. It will also personalize your feed by presenting content similar to what you like or watch the most. Get to know what’s popular these days. Follow Hashtags to get updated about the content you like. Once you start watching a video, scroll down to watch the suggested videos. It is an unlimited entertainment package where you will never get bored watching videos, funny clips, and memes.

Be a part of the global community.

With the digital revolution, the world has now become a global village. Join Facebook Lite APK and become a part of a global community. Make new friends from around the world. Chat with your friends and remove the boundaries of time and place. Share funny clips and memes with them—tag people in your posts. Share your thoughts on global issues. Comment on the pages of international brands and be a part of a bigger world.

Access marketplace

facebook lite latest version apkpure
facebook lite latest version apkpure

You will find a tab with the store icon on your home screen. It is the marketplace of Facebook where you can sell or purchase items. It works like a site where you can buy thrift clothes, shoes, accessories, used digital gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, computer accessories, utensils, home decor items, and even find houses for sale and rent. It is a convenient option for both buyer and seller without any commission from a third party. If you are a seller, take pictures of your item, add a description and price range and post it on the marketplace, the buyers will automatically contact you through Facebook.

Find job opportunities

Facebook Lite APK is an application where you can find jobs too. Search the job title in the employment section. Top featured jobs will appear on your screen. Tap your desired job and send your online resume via Facebook or attach the CV manually. The employer will get back to you either through Facebook or your contact details shared on your resume.

Moreover, your social profile is also a tool to check your educational background, skills, hobbies, interests, and work experience. Follow the official page of companies to find out whether there are available jobs. Companies often post about the available roles at offices on their feed to share the job opportunity with a larger audience.


Facebook Lite APK is a convenient app that works smoothly on low storage space. You can easily use the application to get entertained and connect with your friends if you have a limited data package. Download now and have fun.

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