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Evil Nun 2 APK (Immortal/No Ads) For Android

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Additional Features

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Evil Nun 2 APK is your source of all the horror and fear you are craving. What’s more thrilling than playing a spooky game on winter nights? A game with perfect horror settings. So, turn off the lights, switch on your phone and start playing one of the perfect spooky games of the time. Evil nun brings a complete package of fun, thrill, fear, and excitement. A nun will chase you through, and you have no option other than escape. So, set up the most suitable plan for you. The clock is ticking. So, don’t waste your time fearing the evil nun. Start your journey now.

Many users do not like horror games. But the one who does love them to another level. We call out all the horror game lovers out there. Try the spookiest game of all with 3D animations. Your journey will start in the basement of a haunted house. And you will find a nun almost behind you. She is your single opponent in the game. So, try to be at a far distance from her because she will cause nothing but trouble.

What is Evil Nun 2 APK?

Evil Nun 2 APK is a horror game in which you must endure the sight of an evil nun again. Sister Madeline does not give up , so use all the tools you can discover to run off danger in this sequel to the game. The 3D images and audio of Evil Nun 2 apk create the ideal atmosphere for horror in every game. You may go through the new settings using the directional joystick, but be careful not to notice. The nun will watch your every move, so take caution with each step, or she will catch you.

Throughout each game, you must also gather things that you may use to solve puzzles. But Madeline isn’t your only worry this time. You’ll shock by other creatures who will improve your life much tougher. All this occurs both within and outside of the school. In Evil Nun 2 apk, players must also consider that the nun and other terrible entities terrify the school. Because of this, you must flee as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could be too late. Being stuck behind these walls is not a good idea, so we must use all our wits to battle evil.

What is Evil Nun 2 MOD APK?

With Evil Nun 2 mod apk, you can use unlimited tools in the game. Your route to escape the haunted house will become easy after switching to mod. Get rid of unnecessary ads and popups. On the mod version of an evil nun, you can activate hacks. So, there is no need to search for tools, flashlights, or hammers. Apply the code, and you can avail of them at a single tap. Evil Nun 2 mod apk also has less size than the original app. So all android users can download it with ease.

How to Download Evil Nun 2 APK On Your Device?

You need to follow simple steps to download the game on your device. Connect to a stable internet connection and click on the link. Enable permissions and start downloading the file. Once it has been installed, you can then play the game. Sign in with an account to record your points. Or you can also play as a guest player. Either of them is your choice. The game is all set to play. Enjoy now.

Features of Evil Nun 2 APK

Following are the features of the Evil Nun 2 APK. Get to know the app better.

Experience Spooky Settings

You can experience the spookiest settings throughout the game. Horror settings, like a haunted house and relevant dark themes and music, are part of the game.

Fun Adventures

The gale includes various fun adventures. So, you can take part in different activities. By participating, you can win different rewards. The spooky adventures are all you need for this Halloween season.

In-Game Challenges

There are several tasks in the game. You need to complete several milestones for this. Challenges like an escape as fast as possible, hitting nuns 5 times, etc., are part of the game. They are simple yet interesting.

Escape Route

The first thing in the game is to devise an escape plan. You are stuck in a haunted house. Now, you need to execute a plan. Use all available tools. And escape the haunted house without getting the nun’s attention. A nun may attack you from behind. So, always check how’s behind you.

3D Graphics

The game has 3d graphics, which enhances animations. Thus, you will have a realistic gaming experience. The closer a game is to reality, the more it looks like horror. And that element is present in Evil Nun 2. Developers have enhanced the graphical, animation, and resolution quality in the second version.

Features of Evil Nun 2 MOD APK

Following are the features of the Evil Nun 2 mod apk. These features differentiate the mod version of the game from the traditional one.

Unlocks All Tools

The mod will unlock all tools for you. So you can use them anywhere, anytime. The game requires this stuff to execute the success with success.

Activates Hacks

You can activate hacks. So, the nun can’t attack you. Neither can she shoot you, nor can she attack from behind. You can also make yourself invisible with the help of hacks. There will be no chance of you getting caught.

Unlimited Coins

Get unlimited coins with the Evil Nun 2 mod apk. With coins, you can buy several tools. Coins will make your account worthy on the leaderboard.

Activate Dark Settings Anytime

You can activate dark settings in the mod anytime. The dark setting enhances the spookiness. So, if you want to experience a little more horror, it is your chance to delve into a little more horror.

Free Game Items

With Evil Nun 2 mod apk, you will get free game items. They will help you a lot in the game.

No Ads

The mod will remove all advertisements that appear while playing the game. So your gaming will not interrupt. Furthermore, ads also distract players. Get rid of all these distractions by switching to mod.

Unlock Premium

You can unlock premium with the help of a mod. The Premium version of the Evil Nun 2 comes with many free bees and upgraded features. You can get them all.

Removes Popups

The mod also removes popups from the game. So you will not find any unnecessary distractions while playing the game.


We have discussed all the possible features of Evil Nun 2 APK. So you can understand the game well. If you are in horror games, it is the most suitable option available. And if you are not interested in spooky games, trust it. Its compelling gameplay will attract you for sure. There are thousands of downloads of Evil Nun 2 on the play store. Download the game now and try it for yourself.

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