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Episode MOD APK (Unlimited Passes/Gems/Premium Choices)

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Additional Features

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Episode MOD APK Unlimited Passes and Gems

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The Episodes is an incredible game where you can live in your fantasy. The application allows you to build, live, and conclude the way you want. Add love, romance, thrill, action, and adventure to your story. Explore a whole new world through the eyes of a fantastic game.

What’s better than living your imagination? We have often heard that you can never fulfill fantasies. But we don’t believe it. With technological advancement and animations. We can create an imaginative world and see it without natural eyes. Such an example is Episode apk. You can learn how to behave in different situations and react to specific emotions. Life is all about the living moment. Live a step ahead with the Episode apk. It is fun, exciting, and adventurous.

What is Episode APK?

Episode APK is an app where you can enjoy up to 150 000 amazing stories. Please do not confuse it with a reading app. As you will not read stories. Instead, you will live stories. Be a virtual real-life simulating character in the game. Make impactful decisions that will decide your ending. With such interacting stories, you can engage in the game well. Choose from a wide variety of stories, or write your own. You should create your own story if you don’t feel like playing anyone’s story. Through it, you can earn as well. If other players interested in your story, you can be famous and earn money. How cool is that!

What is Episode MOD APK?

With the Episode MOD APK, you can simplify the gameplay. No doubt the game is already simple. But it allows you to access all premium features. You can enjoy all features for free. Besides, you will experience modified features. You can be a student, teacher, lawyer, doctor, etc.

Mod enables you to customize your avatar with unlimited designs. It has limitless designs and outfit choices. Once you decide on the look of your character, the adventure begins. Choose among different situations and look for several ends. Start your exciting, adventurous ride with the Episode mod apk.

Features of Episode APK

Following are the features of the Episode APK. We hope you will understand the gameplay better in this way.

Design Your Character

In the game, you can design your avatar. Select your skin tone, facial features, and appearance. Design your outfit. Create your look according to your character in the game. Wear the clothes according to the event. Pick a formal outfit for a business event. Wear casual clothes at home or at friendly meetups. Decide in your way. You can also design your outfit by using your creative skills.

Socialize With Different Characters

You can make friends in each of the stories. Friends are virtual characters like you in the game. Everyone plays their part in moving the story further. You can visit different places together. Invite your friends over to your house. Or host various parties. It will help you learn how to socialize with other people in a comfortable environment.

Make Impactful Decisions

We have already discussed that the game will let you conclude the story in your way. Your decisions will decide you the story is going to end. Either choose a happy or sad ending. The decisions have an impact on the way you will move forward in the game.

Discover Different Virtual Worlds

Every story has different virtual worlds. You can either plot the story in a high school or at the office. It will help you to play games in different environments. Explore the features of every story. You can also play an episode of a different story without completing the prior one.

Features of Episode MOD APK

We have listed the features of the Episode mod apk below. Go through these features to know how the mod is more beneficial than the traditional application.

Free Access to Premium Stories

You can use enjoy all premium stories with the Episode mod apk. It will help you to access all premium episodes free of any charge. Without subscribing to any membership plan, you can use all exclusive features for free.

No Ads

There will be no more frustrating ads in the Episode mod apk. You will enjoy your gameplay without any restrictions. Remove all ads with the Episode mod apk.

Unlimited Gems

Find unlimited gems in the mod version. The gem will help you to buy in-app items. So you do not have to get worried about buying stuff.

Unlimited Passes

Use unlimited passes with the Episode MOD APK. With its help, you can visit golden places and exclusive hotels and win the game.

Unlock All Characters

You can unlock all characters with the mod version. It will help you to experience diversity while playing the game.


The Episode MOD APK helps you to interact with other players. It comes with lots of interactive visual stories that will surely take your breath away. In this game, You can design your character and choose the story you want to experience. You must select your character’s path wisely so it can easily interact with stories and make friends with other characters.

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