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E-Shram Card Registration APK (Free Purchase) For Andriod

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E-Shram is a welfare scheme. It makes a centralized database of all unorganized workers. It will help those workers by providing them with social security services. It implements and `shares its information with different stakeholders. In this way, they get deliveries of the welfare schemes.
E-shram cards are there for all those workers who register at their portal. This is a developmental scheme of the Central Government. It happened in august 2021 when the Government launched the E-shram portal. It addresses social security.
E-shram Card Registration APK is an application that helps workers register. It is very simple to operate. With the help of this app, you get your e-share card sitting at home.

What is An E-Shram Card Registration Apk?

This is the fastest app to get your e-shram card. In this app, you can do your e-shram card registration. You can also update or get a downloaded e-shram card here.
Indian Government has implemented many social security plans. Many welfare schemes are working for the sector workers and laborers. But, many unorganized workers need to learn these plans. They need to gain knowledge about these benefits. , they miss the opportunity to get benefits from such schemes.
There are lots of benefits to using this app. This app increases the social security of workers and laborers. This card holds lots of benefits. These workers are also eligible for accidental insurance. These insurances are worth more than 2 lacs.
Besides, in any national crisis, these registered members will get help. This help is from the Government. In the future, this portal will provide information. The info is about all other social security benefits.

What is E-Shram Card Registration MOD APK?

This app has newer versions called e-shram card registration Mod Apk. In this mod apk, you got unlimited purchases. To get this app, you must have to download this apk file.
The registered members get so many benefits. They get a keen knowledge of security plans. Besides, they are eligible for the Government’s adoption of social security schemes.

Registered workers will get these e-shram cards. On that card, there are 12 digital UAN numbers. So the workers can apply to different welfare programs at once. They don’t need to apply for each welfare program.

How to Use E-shram Card Registration?

To get your e-shram card in this app, you must install this app’s APK file on your mobile phone. Install it. This app is very easy to use with a user-friendly interface.
This app provides an online portal to apply for the e-shram card online. How will you do this? This is a simple procedure. First, you have to open the app and select the option of “New Registration.” There is a link to the e-shram. Click on that link. The page of registration opens. You get the OTP by submitting the registered mobile number in this procedure.
After doing this, you get the dashboard opened. Fill in the details of that page. Make sure you fill in the correct details. Otherwise, it’ll be trouble. There is a submit option at the end; submit it. This is a labor card application form.
When you finish it, you get the e-shram card. Download this card. And get unlimited benefits from this card.


Social Security

This app executes social security schemes for many workers and laborers. There are many social security schemes of GovernmentGovernment. And most of these workers are unaware of these plans. This app acts as a helping tool for those workers.
In this app, there are almost 12 digital UAN numbers saved. In this portal, there are many plans as well. When the workers register at this site, they will receive an e-shram card. This card offers many future welfare plans.

Welfare Funds

This app lets the users get welfare funds. Most of the unorganized sectors still need this favor. Yet, this portal provides all the welfare funds to the workers and laborers.

Societal Benefits

The registered users get their e-shram cards. Indian Government has run many social welfare schemes. At this portal, the registered users get these benefits. They get sound knowledge of these welfare funds as well.

One Portal For All Welfare Funds

This portal provides information about welfare funds. Most of these schemes remain unnoticed. And most of such workers need to get the information about this. With this app, a user gets all info on one platform.

Centralized Database

The e-shram app is a centralized database of unorganized workers affiliated with Aadhar. E-shram card registration Mod Apk provides a tool for a centralized database. It is helpful to unorganized workers.

UAN Numbers

There are different UAN digital numbers available. For applying for different welfare schemes, you can apply once. You can apply for every plan.

Save Time

This app is a time saver as it has provided all details and registered an e-shram card on its site. So workers can save time by applying this app.

Download Card

You can download a card at this E-Shram card registration Mod Apk. This mod version of E-shram card registration unlocks features. If you register yourself at this, you get your card. Download your card after applying for it.


This E-shram card registration Mod provides welfare scheme awareness. Lots of opportunities are waiting for the users of this app. Register and get your e-shram card. And get to know about welfare schemes.

Benefits to Unorganized Workers

This app is a wonderful opportunity for unorganized workers and laborers. They get their e-shram card registrations. E-shram card registration Mod apk is an amazing tool for them.

MOD Features:

Free Purchases

Unlimited Access


E-Shram Card Registration APK is an amazing tool for card registration. As its name shows, it is an app that lets users register. This app has a separate registration portal and dashboard. Sign in and fill it out to get registered. After registration, you can apply for an e-shram card. Download it and enjoy its benefits.


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