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Dr. Driving APK (All Cars Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

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Feb 11, 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Dr. Driving APK Unlimited Gold/Coins and Money

Dr. Driving APK Free Download

Dr. Driving APK All Cars Unlocked

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Luxury vehicles are the weakness of many people. However, not everyone can afford them in life. But you can enjoy them in the world of games. Dr. Driving APK for Android is one of the games which help you explore cars and vehicles thoroughly.

As the name suggests, the game revolves around giving you driving lessons. Instead of speed, you need to focus on technique. Doctor Driving Apk concentrates on strategies such as taking sharp turns, controlling traffic, and preventing clashing. The game focuses on responsible driving. You can consider it as a driving lesson game. So, Doctor Driving has your back if you want to avoid the rush and need some real-life driving lessons.

Dr. Driving APK Unlimited Gold/Coins and Money
Dr. Driving APK Unlimited Gold/Coins and Money


From speed efficiency to fuel control, doctor driving gives you different missions to accomplish. You need to complete these ambitious missions to earn rewards. At each level, you encounter various hurdles. After completing each task, you achieve better and new cars. At the initial level, you are provided with a KOK ugly van. After earning rewards, you can have new cars. Description of some of the missions is:

VIP Escort

One of the missions is VIP Escort. It is not about speeding but responsible driving. It would be best if you drove safely and smoothly, changing lanes, making safe turns, and parking usually. Any crash can cause the failure of the mission.

Speed Parking

This mission requires driving on the road. You need to secure a safe parking point as soon as possible. The traffic rush and hurdles make it difficult. You need to overcome the limitations and find a better parking spot to park your car. The more minimum time you need to park, the more points you earn. Smooth parking is the key to completing this mission.

Speed Mission

Speed mission is introduced in the game to satisfy the speed hunters. This typical mission requires finishing online as soon as possible. A candidate who manages to finish the end line earliest is the winner. However, the mission has sharp turns, obstacles, and other difficulties. Keep all this in mind before competing in this mission.

Highway Speed Mode 

Dr. Driving APK Free Download
Dr. Driving APK Free Download

You need to follow the same technique as in the speed mission. However, there are no unnecessary obstacles and sharp turns in it. You need to avoid crashing other cars. Maintain the speed, avoid hitting and focus on the road. It is the key to being successful in this mission.

What’s New in Dr. Driving APK for Android

Various new features have been introduced in the new upgraded version. Some of them are:

Free training simulator

The upgraded version provides you with a new realistic experience. The graphics and animations are not enhanced, but it is exciting and thrilling. If you are new to driving, it is an excellent way to download and learn from the game.

Easy going driving

Responsible driving is what you learn from the game. The new upgrade will make your driving lesson more comfortable and more accessible. Some more control buttons have also been introduced in the latest upgrade.

More Fun

More exciting and thrilling features have been introduced to the game. The competitive spirit will engage you in the missions. It will improve the coordination between your eyes and hands.

Pros of the game

Following are some pros of Doctor Driving Apk:

Sensitive Controls

The responsive controls of Doctor Driving allow you to drive responsibly.

Assorted Missions

Different missions will allow you to challenge yourself in driving. By completing various tasks, you will get your hands on different styles.Dr. Driving APK

Clearer Vision

The developers of Doctor Driving Apk provide clear graphics and a clear view of the road.

Multi-player mode enabled 

Multiplayer mode helps you connect with your friends and play simultaneously.

Cons of the game

Cons of Dr. Driving Apk are:

Plain and Basic Graphics

The graphics of the game are not appealing. The animations are too simple and are not thrilling. Most users do not find it eye-catching.

Down a Little Bit 

The game is slow for adult users. It is friendly for people of children of young age but is not thrilling for adults.

Absence of Racing Style

No racing options are available in the game. Unlike other car games, the lack of speed mode makes it dull.


Unlike other racing games, Dr. Driving APK for Android is slow and uses patience and controls as the key to success. It teaches you different lessons such as keeping a pace while driving, smooth parking and managing traffic. Earning rewards and gold is accessible in the game. The developer has designed the game for those who focus more on responsible driving than speeding.

Dr. Driving APK All Cars Unlocked
Dr. Driving APK All Cars Unlocked





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