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Days After MOD APK (Immortality/Free Purchase) For Android

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Additional Features

Additional Features

Days After MOD APK Immortality

Days After MOD APK Free Craft

Days After MOD APK Max Durability

Days After MOD APK Free Purchase

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Sometimes, we become tired of living this boring life and want some action. The best boredom killer is a game! Today games take us to another World where we can enjoy pure action or fulfill our dreams. You can start a hotel, design an interior, farm, or even experience zombie survival. My favourite one is zombie apocalypse survival!
If you are a fan of killing zombies, Days After would be a fantastic choice. In this game, zombies have filled the World, and we cannot see humanity far across. Due to the zombie apocalypse, you can see brain-hungry zombies roaming around. The zombies will also infect you, and you have to save yourself. One mistake and your life will be no more.

What is Days After APK?

Days After APK is a zombie apocalypse-based game. You have to kill and fight with zombies to survive. There are brain-hungry zombies everywhere. You can enjoy a zombie-filled adventure full of action, killing, and building.
Not only that, you will be able to meet the love of your life if you are brave enough to survive. Survival is challenging since you must pass through a dead land full of walking zombies. Terrible challenges are waiting for you.
You have to look up other survivors and make the team. Explore the World of the dead and complete quests and challenges. You can also win prizes and gifts. Conquer locations and save your friends from the zombie infection.

What is Days After MOD APK?

MOD stands for “modification” in a game. So, MOD Days After APK is a modified version of Days After APK. You can get different kinds of facilities in this version. You can do the shopping for free. Free shopping means you shop for anything you want without using your money. There will also be the facility of maximum durability (immorality). Immorality means that you cannot die. So, no one can defeat you.

What Does The Latest Version of Days After MOD APK Contain?

This version contains different atmospheres depending on the upcoming event. You will face more challenges with the addition of advanced players. It has almost no background music. The absence of music makes you realize that you’re alone and makes the game scary at the same time.

How to Survive?

Life is not easy when the enemy is everywhere, especially if the enemy is a bloodthirsty zombie. So to survive, you have to pump your hero to his best. Build your habitant and craft different kinds of weaponry for protection. Travel over the land and kill zombies. Sometimes, you must run away to save your life; killing is not always an option.

Features of The Days After APK

Post-Apocalyptic Theme

Post-Apocalyptic means “after a disaster”. The theme of the whole game is set up as it seems after a zombie invasion. Zombies are roaming around, ready to attack you. So, this theme makes the game a bit more natural.

Massive World of The Dead

Days After APK has a massive World that is full of challenges. It has various locations which you have to clear out. The World is full of different kinds of zombies and complicated infections. You have to survive and kill your enemy.

Zombie Killing And Fighting

Days After APK takes you on an action-filled adventure. You can experience life after a zombie invasion. You are going to target, fight, and kill deadly zombies. They also have a scary look. They are thirsty for your blood and brains. So, you better watch out!

Hunger And Thirst

Sometimes, you have to face difficult situations like hunger and thirst. You run out of resources or are at a place where you cannot find food.

Making The Clans

Find other survivors like yourself and make clans. Finding friends and making clans will help you build a strong team and survive the harsh environment. You can also chat with your allies in the game.

Craft Weapons And Build Houses

You are also allowed to craft weapons. They can range from wooden sticks to professional guns. You can buy properties and build your shelter. The shelter will provide protection and refuge.

Competitions And Regular Events

Days After does not bore you out. It has challenges and events taking place time by time. The challenges are, of course, not easy. You even get gifts if you win the challenges and events.

Love Rescue

All the hard work will not waste. At least you will get to rescue the love of your life. You may have heard that “love solves all the problems”.
Your love will be in the hands of bandits and zombies. You must be brave and save your love before it is too late.

Features of Days After MOD APK

God Mode

God mode is a cheat mode which makes you so powerful that no one can defeat you. You become indestructible, and winning becomes easier.

Unlimited Money

This mode enables you to have unlimited money. As almost everything comes with money, so it means everything is unlimited.

Max Durability

Maximum durability is the immortality mode. In this mode, no one can kill you because your durability will remain maximum. So, you can fight and kill enemies without any difficulty.

Free Craft Max Level

In this mode, crafting is free of any cost. So, you can craft whatever you want. Hence, you will have unlimited crafts

Free Shopping

You can do the shopping for free in this mode.

Dumb Enemy

The enemy will be dumb (for example, stupid bots). Hence, they will not harm you, and surviving will be much easier this way.

Fast And Free Travel On The Map

Traveling on the map will become free of cost and fast.

No Hunger And Thirst

You will face many challenges in Days After APK, and hunger and thirst are among them. This mode helps you overcome hunger and thirst. You will have your ultimate power in this way.

MOD Menu

In MOD Menu, you can turn off the Free Craft MOD. Free Craft MOD irritates you while building shelter. So, it is better to use MOD Menu to turn it off and build your shelter without difficulty.


Days After MOD APK makes you realize the peace that you are living in. The effects that a zombie apocalypse leaves on humanity and land are terrible. Do you want to experience some zombie adventure sitting in the comfort of your home? Go on and download Days After MOD APK.


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