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Dawn Break Origin APK (Unlimited Money/Gold/No Ads) For Android

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Dawn Break Origin
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Dawn Break Origin MOD APK Unlimited Money/Gold

Dawn Break Origin MOD APK Free Shopping

Dawn Break Origin MOD APK No Ads

Dawn Break Origin MOD APK Latest Version

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Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK will take you to the Medieval Ages. Want to know how medieval knights used to fight? What was their dress code? What were the legendary weapons? Who was the opponent? You can get the answer to all these questions here. Download Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK and witness the original battle of the Middle Ages. You will experience actual medieval battles here. There are many locations. The enemy is not an ordinary human being. You have to encounter dragons, monsters, and strong bosses. The enemy has superpowers. It will be challenging to win a battle without a skill.

Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK is an action RPG. In this game, you have to play a role of a medieval character. The enemy will attack you from nowhere. There is no time to think and plan your move. You have to be quick and vigilant. You have to defend yourself and attack back at the same time. The enemy is enormous and powerful. Don’t lose hope. You can overcome the enemy. Use intelligent moves. Beware of their blades—Dodge their attack. Attack them back. Use your weapons in time. The battle is yours. You will learn the battle skill as you move forward in the game.

What is Dawn Break Origin APK?

Dawn Break Origin APK is a fantastic action role-playing game. It starts with selecting a character for you. It’s a story from the Middle Ages. When the day of the eclipse comes, a strange lady arrives. A dark shadow reaches the earth. Here begins the epic fight. A fight will take you to hundred levels of adventure. Each level will upgrade your enemy. You will also have weapons and skill upgrades. You have to earn more and more points to upgrade your weapons. You will also win different powerful skills as you move forward in the game. You can use these skills and weapons to defeat the enemy.

What is Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK?

Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK is the modified version of Dawn Break Origin. It is an improved version. It comes with the same graphics and sound as the original version. It has all the features of the original version. It has some extra features too. It has Unlimited Money. It offers unlimited gold and Unlimited All features. It offers free shopping. It is an ad-free version. You can have the All Characters Unlocked feature here. This MOD version is better than the original version in many ways. It would help if you gave it a try. Download and enjoy the thrilling experience of battlefields.


Medieval Theme

The game is on the theme of a medieval theme. You can experience the life of a knight fighting with dragons with sharp blades.

Fight against Huge Monsters

You will witness the scenes of various monsters in this game. They have a single motive in life; to kill you. You have to make quick moves. You have no time to plan and think. You have to dodge their attack and attack them back. You can use your weapons to kill them.

Encounter the Powerful Boss

You have to encounter a powerful boss in this game. To win, you have to equip yourself with the best weapons. The fight is difficult but not impossible to win.

Unique Characters

This game is a fantastic role-playing game. Here you will come across different and unique characters. You will live their lives by playing their roles. And you will encounter some in your battles. Get ready for the unique characters with unique attributes.

Beware of Blades

In this game, the key to survival is to escape from the enemy. Beware of the sharp blades. These blades can kill you in seconds. The only motive in the mind of the enemy is to harm you to death.

Fantastic Graphics

Fantastic graphics will enchant you in this game. The battlefield, the enemy, the weapons, and other details are outstanding. You will feel yourself in the fantastic scenes. But you have to be vigilant enough to cop the enemy.

Thrilling Sounds

The game has thrilling background music. The music of the game increases the heartbeat. It adds spirit to the game. This game has excellent sound effects.

More Than Hundred Levels

There are more than a hundred levels available in this game. You will get more weapons as you move to advance in the game. Each level has its challenges. Success at one level is the motivation for the next one.

Easy Controls

The game has easy controls. You can understand the control buttons on the screen. This game gives side-by-side descriptions. You can read it and act. The simple controls of the game make it more amusing.

Various Locations

There are various locations in the game. You can fight in many places. You can fight your battle in front of a castle. You can also climb the mountain to fight your enemy. There are several other exciting locations in the game. Where you will fight and win.

MOD Features

Unlimited Money

There is Unlimited Money in this version. You can add more weapons and skills with unlimited money. You have more chances to win the battle. You can reach the next levels.

Unlimited Gold

The feature of Unlimited Gold makes you more robust than before. You can have more power with unlimited gold. This version provides you with unlimited gold.

Unlocked All

You can have Unlocked All in this MOD version of the game. It means you can have all features available. You can unlock them without earning certain levels.

Unlocked All Characters

You can have Unlocked All characters in Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK. All characters are available to you. You don’t have to wait for unlocking. They are not locked. You can use them to win your battles.

Unlocked All Things

You will have Unlocked All Things in this version of the game. You can play to your heart. You can have unlimited fun.

Free Shopping

You can avail of free shopping in this MOD version of the game. You can enjoy your free shopping with this game.

Latest Version

Are you getting bored with the old version of this game? Don’t worry! You can have the latest version of the game. Enjoy the latest version.

No Ads

Do annoying ads bother you during the game? If yes, then this version has a surprise for you. There are no annoying ads in this game. You can enjoy your game without watching ads.


Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK is fantastic gameplay. You can enjoy action role-play in this game. You can play it offline—no need to drop your data for this game. Easy controls of the game make it easy to play and win. Different characters, more than a hundred locations, and epic stories await you. Let’s merge in the charisma of ancient times. Let’s face the enemy. Let’s look into the eyes of danger. Let’s feel the spirit of battles. Let’s win the field. Let’s be the champion of all. Let’s download and play Dawn Break-Origin-MOD APK.


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