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Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK (Unlimited Money/Coins/Gems)

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Carrom Pool
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Additional Features

Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK Unlimited Coins/Gems

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Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK Free For Android

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Are you a fan of Carrom pools? We have the fairest game if you find a fun virtual carrom game. Experience a vibe like a classic pool. It will introduce you to the same colored tiles with holes on every board. You will win the game if you can finish all tiles first.

The game is simple and addictive. You only need to keep an eye on the black and white tiles. Your goal is to attack them in such a way that they get into the hole in a perfect way. The scoreboard is available all the time. So you can check how much it will take to ace the game. The game has basic controls and a simple user interface. Tap on the screen to throw a tile at a specific location. Slide your finger to make a specific trajectory. When you remove the finger from the screen., it will release the tile in the relevant direction. Win coins in every round to earn money as well. It’s a complete source of entertainment for you so you can beat all your boredom.

What is Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK?

Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK is a multiplayer board game for you all. It has an appropriate content rating for everyone, so anyone can download it. Test your Carrom skills with this game. Invite your friends to this fun game. And revive your nostalgia for playing board games together. Accept different challenges and start playing carrom now.

What is Carrom Pool: Disc Game MOD APK?

Carrom Pool: Disc Game mod APK is a way to access all premium features of the game. You can get unlimited customization options. And start designing the board as you want. Besides, the game will allow users to get rid of ads and unnecessary popups. It will make gameplay easier so newbies can play it with convenience. Carrom Pool: Disc Game mod apk elevate the game to the premium version. It unlocks all in-game items for you.Soe, you can avoid making any hassle of purchasing in-game items. The mod is simple, reduced in size, and yet interesting.

Features of Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK

Following are the important features of Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK. Please have a look at them to know what the game is offering to its users.

Take Part in Various Challenges

You can participate in a variety of challenges. Challenges are fun and make the game more exciting and thrilling. There are various challenges, like a complete streak of winning 5 times in a row. Skip 3 games, adjust the projectile to 180 degrees, and so on.

Invite Your Friends

It is a multiplayer game. You can play with different people available online. Or you can also invite your friends. To do so, copy the invitation link and send it to them. Your friends will redirect to the game when they open the invitation link. Another way is to enter the specific code which the game provides to users. You can also enter your friend’s game by entering the code in the section ‘join a new game.’ It is the best way to revive your nostalgic memories of playing board games together.

Compete With Different Players

Compete with top online players. You can take part in different challenges together. Once you start competing in different challenges. You will improve your rank on the leaderboard. You can also earn several rewards in this way.

Win Big And Exciting Prizes

You can also win big and exciting prizes in the game. The game will grant you several prizes by completing missions and acing at Carrom Pool: Disc Game apk. It will help you to boost your confidence. So that you can rely on your skills in the game rather than focusing on high scores.

Worldwide Glorious Arenas

You can select various gaming arenas in the game. You have to choose game arenas before starting a match. The respective visuals will appear afterward.

Easy and Smooth Controls

The game has easy and smooth controls that will help you control your carrom. You can adjust the angle and position on which you have to hit. You only need two fingers to control the direction. With a simple touch, you can turn the tables.

Realistic Science

The game follows basic physics and uses a realistic approach. There are no such exaggerated visuals and storylines. You have to follow some simple rules and apply them in the game. You must follow basic science and simple geometrical rules to succeed in the game. It will lead you to score at the end.

Variety of Strikers And Pucks

You can choose your strikers and pucks from the library. The game sorts different types of strikers and pucks for you. All you need is to select your favorite color from the library. It is fun and exciting for carrom lovers.

Earn Free Victory Chests

You can win free victory chests by performing well in the game. Victory chests will help players to unlock several trophies. Upgrade your ranking by earning free victory chests.

Upgrade Your Strikers

With premium passes, you can upgrade your strikers with ease. The upgraded strikers will help you to improve your gameplay.

Play Offline

Play games even without an internet connection. There is no need for an active internet connection to play the game. Enjoy thrilling carrom games on days without internet and connectivity issues.

Features of Carrom Pool: Disc Game MOD APK

Features that Carrom Pool: Disc Game mod apk offers are below. Please go through the short description of them.

Activate All Modes

The game has two modes. You can activate both modes with the help of Carrom Pool: Disc Game mod apk. Keep switching between modes so you can play a different type of game.

Unlock all Items

You can unlock all available items through the mod. The mod can redirect you to all in-game items so you can enjoy the game from all aspects.

No Ads

You can remove all ads with Carrom Pool: Disc Game mod apk.

Removes Popups

Remove all popups with the mod. You will find no hindrances while playing the game.


Download the Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK and enjoy different gameplay. Experience a new way of playing board games.

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