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Additional Features

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Alicia is my ten-year-old daughter. One day while doing calculations, she asked to review the calculations. She asked me for the calculator. I told her simple calculator doesn’t show the procedure. She said she wanted a calculator that does math with appropriate sections.
This hit me with the idea of designing such a calculator. The one which has proper analysis shows the steps. This is how they made the Calculadora Alicia APK app.
Calculadora Alicia APK is a functional tool for all basic math problems. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, and many other operations. This app shows the whole procedure of these operations performs.

What is Calculadora Alicia APK?

Calculadora Alicia APK is an amazing tool for parents. It performs the operations in a manual form. It is such a wonderful tool. It assists even if we forget how to do these operations.
The story behind this app design is interesting. Once, the daughter asked her father if she wanted to do fraction practice on the calculator. And the existing one has no such features. The question of how to do this algorithm is still not available in casual calculators.
To answer this question and solve the confusion, Calculadora Alicia is a helpful tool. It gives not only answers but also complete procedures. It calculates addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, and factor analysis.
This app has an intuitive system that shows the complete algorithm. Sometimes we forget the calculations. So this app acts as a help. This is a functional tool for parents as well. Using this app, parents can enhance the performance of their children.
Moreover, for kids, this app is automatic help a tutor to learn. Kids need a tutor who guides them step by step to understand the calculations. This app has solved this issue as well. Now kids put the problem here and get a detailed guide.
This app makes learning easy. It is a useful guide for all math operations. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, and factor decomposition.

How Calculadora Alicia APK Work?

This smart and easy calculator is a helpful tool. This calculator shows the complete guide to the operation. Let’s say in subtraction, it shows complete operation. You can put numbers in many columns and get your answer.
In multiplication, there are many rows. These rows represent a multiplicand and multiplier. And you get the complete manual solution to the question.
This is the same case with the division question. The division performs the mandatory rows and columns management. It takes into consideration the commas of the divisors and dividends. It performs this operation as in manual operation. This app shows the extended version of the division if you want to see it.

How to Practice Homework?

This is a helpful calculator which helps in doing homework. This performs the functions. This app has a proper checking system, which removes errors. This reduces the security of any further operations.
The mistakes correction helps us to avoid repeating the same errors. This shows that if any operation is not correct. To perform homework, you need a guide. And this app is your useful guide.

Operations available at Calculadora Alicia APK:

The following operations are available:


The complete addition activity with a commas guide is available on this app. You have to put numbers in different columns and get a solution.


In subtraction, there are columns to perform this operation. This makes it easier to understand the process.


The multiplicands are present in the rows. These multiplicands got multiplied by the multiplier. It performs all necessary rows arrangement for the dividends and divisors. These dividends and divisors move as we write in manual operations. All the extended division options are also there in this smart calculator.

Square Root:

In the square root one, all the multiplications in rows are like the performed one. It makes the calculation understanding easy to understand.
Factorial decomposition:
The prime number divisions are now easier to perform. This calculator has easy factorial decomposition for users.


Easy Calculations

This app has made calculations easy. You get a guide from simple addition and subtraction to factorial decomposition. This smart calculator helps with algorithms and makes it easier.

Practice Questions

You can practice your questions by comparing. This calculator lets you correct your mistakes by providing the right solutions. This solves lots of parents’ trouble.

No Registration

The best thing about Calculadora Alicia is it has no registration. It doesn’t cost any registration fee before downloading.

Free App

This app is free for its users. There are no premium locks or any such thing. You use the algorithms and operations without paying.

Slot And Card Games

There are a lot of game categories available in this app. Slot games are one of them. You can play these games as well.

No Ads

Ads are the most annoying thing while using the app. Yet, in this Calculadora Alicia APK, there are no ads. You can use the app without ad interruption.

Friendly Interface

This app is very easy to operate. Moreover, its interface is so user-friendly to operate.


Calculadora Alicia APK is a wonderful calculating tool. For people who want to learn calculations, it assists. With all addition, subtraction, multiplications, etc., you get quick and easy help. It is an instant solution for your daily mathematical practice. Install it now and get its advantages.


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