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Bus Simulator Indonesia APK (Unlimited Fuel/Free Shopping/No Ads)

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Aug 7, 2022
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK No Ads

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Free Shopping

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Unlimited Money/Fuel

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Vehicle driving games get the attention of many users. We have found an exciting game for you if you are also into such fun games. Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk is an automobile driving game that offers a realistic experience to its users. About 300+ million users have already enjoyed the game. Manage a transportation company and have fun with your friends.

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Unlimited Money/Fuel
Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Unlimited Money/Fuel

What is the Bus Simulator Indonesia apk?

The game revolves around the administration of a transport company. Being a manager, you have to manage a transport company. Your duties include providing routes, designing trademarks for the organization, and attracting more customers.
First, you will build the offices to operate the transportation company smoothly. You can choose the venue for your office. Cities and countries are also optional. The final step is to schedule the arrival and departure timings of buses. And all set!

Plan your attire

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Free Shopping
Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Free Shopping

You can design your livery. In the Bus Simulator Indonesia, you can select the region, design, and color of buses, the schedule of your choice, and the routes where your buses will run. It will help you enhance your management skills and promote the player’s creativity. Using your aesthetic sense, design your offices so that they can attract more customers.

Effortless and perceptive control

The console of Bus Simulator Indonesia is simple and easy. You can control the buses with different buttons on the screen. On a smartphone, you can drive the buses with the help of a touch screen. However, arrow keys are used in the personal computer to control the direction of buses. Turn on the GPS and follow the maps to reach your destination.

Genuine Indonesian cities and towns

Bus Simulator Indonesia provides you with a real-life experience. Its 3D graphics and animation will make you feel like you are driving a bus in the streets of Indonesia. The cities are named after the original locations in Indonesia. It engages people more with the game.

Indonesian automobiles

There are very cool automobiles in the game. The most updated version has Indonesian buses, which you can buy from the transportation company. Apart from buses, you will find trucks, cars, and bikes in the game. However, buses are only responsible for carrying passengers.

Cool and entertaining honks

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK No Ads
Bus Simulator Indonesia APK No Ads

On the streets of Indonesia, you can experience a fun bus ride by playing Bus Simulator Indonesia. The game has excellent and fun honks. Honks are the horn of buses that help traffic on Indonesian roads. Different choices of honks are available in the game. You can use them to reach your destination.

Great features and comprehensive 3D graphics

The game provides 3D graphics and animations. The improved quality makes the console more engaging for the users. Especially the kids these days focus on such things. They are least interested in games with poor graphics and features. There are many bus simulator games available on the market. Still, Bus Simulator is the best among all because of its exclusive features and quality console.

No promotional pop-ups while driving

While playing the game, you will not experience any ads or promotional videos. Players find it frustrating when they have to watch forced ads. Bus Simulator restricts all kinds of pop-ups while playing the game. You can drive your bus smoothly without any hindrance.


Start achieving rewards and upgrade your ranking. The leaderboard will show the top players in the game. Once you complete daily missions to improve your skills, you will notice the upgrade in your order on the leaderboard. The order also depends upon your craft and how you drive on the road.Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk

Back up online

If you play the game online, your data will automatically be saved to your account. After some time, if you will log in again, you will see that data will synchronize automatically. You will not lose any item, achievement, or reward if your account is active online.

Apply a 3D model with the help of an automobile mod system

Through the MOD system, you can customize your vehicle in the Bus Simulator Apk. For this purpose, choose the proportions of the bus you want to design and then add your customizable design. You can also add additional features to your automobile. However, you have to unlock various items to do so.

Play with your friends online

The game has a multiplayer mode where you can play online with friends. Send the invitation link to your friends. Ask them to copy it. They will enter the same room as yours. Team up with them and have fun.


Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk is fun, adventurous, and thrilling. It will help you to enhance your driving, management, and planning skills. Earn your rewards and build a successful transport company in Indonesia. Download it now.Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk




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